Art Deco Eyeshadow Base

Hello my lovelies!

This is the Art Deco Eyeshadow Base.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with eyeshadow primers, if not with the particular product. They all claim to prevent eyeshadow from creasing, lasting eye make-up, etc... But, do they deliver?

It is a pot filled with a beige, slighly shimmery cream with a hard texture. I like that because it means that it won't melt under the high mediterranean temperatures! It has a strong scent, I would describe it as a men's cologne (!) - it doesn't bother me, though! Contains 5 ml of product.

This is a heavy application on my hand- notice the shimmer on the second photo where it is blended into the skin? That is probably the only downside, apart from that it holds my eyeshadow in place for a long, long time. I have to point out that eventually, all eyeshadows crease regardless of applying eyeshadow primer or not - especially when they are applied on hooded eyes like mine... No eyeshadow can last for up to 12 hours and still looking intact!

This product performs very well. When I return home and look myself in the mirror (I do that, I have to remove my make-up in front of a mirror, see? it's not vanity, no it's not), the eye make-up looks pretty decent- it's not the best option when I want to play with matte eyeshadows, but I'll manage ;)

What are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried any other eyeshadow primers?
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  1. that was a good and cheap primer, but mine got so dry after a couple of months, i had to throw it away. didn't bother to buy it for a 2nd time

  2. I agree with you, it does tend to dry out!

    I've been using mine for the last 6 months now and I can definitely tell that it has "solidified" somehow...

  3. I use soft ochre paint pot from Mac and the Elf mineral eyeshadow primer. I like them both, they last long (well long enough considering I have oily lids) and they do not have any shimmer to them. I'd love to try the Urban Decay primer potion but WE DON'T HAVE U.D. IN GREECE, DO WE??? (Ouff ekneuristika twra! lol!)

  4. Ha ha, of course we don't have Urban Decay because that would be a progress!

    Seriously, I remember the days when Sephora was starting out in Greece, there used to be some UD stuff in store but the greek customer couldn't get accustomed with the brand... So naturally enough, Sephora stopped doing business with UD!

    If it is any consolation, we have the Too Faced Shadow Insurance! By the way, soft ochre paint pot is next on my to-buy-list ;)

  5. To exw k gw auto to primer, omologoumenws einai apo ta kalitera pou exw dokimasei. To xeirotero einai ena tis Seventeen, pou apla einai ena diafano gel k einai asta na pane....


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