Korres Materia Herba; my experience

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As you may already know, Korres has released an organic skincare line called "Materia Herba". This is what the Korres website refers to:

An organic certified skincare line Based on the Korres pharmacy experience and the extensive knowledge of

herbs, we have developed all our formulas based on a

clinically proven, highly efficacious combination of

actives, oils, extracts, distillates and concentrates, from

natural origin.

• the formulae composition is 95-100% natural. The

remaining 0-5% synthetic content adheres to an extremely restrictive standards list with no parabens or harsh


• product efficacy is based on the action of organic certified ingredients, in the form of advanced formulas suitable for different skin types.

• each development/ production stage - from ingredients

and raw materials, processing, packaging, labelling,

transportation and storage to energy and waste – is

ECOCERT approved.

Additionally, through the introduction of FORMULA

FACTS table on the packaging of each product, we aim to

make extended reference to the formula itself and its

contents of natural origin, while also addressing

frequently asked questions on health and environmental


Materia Herba benefits:

• Restructuring action through anti-ageing benefits
• Advanced moisturising action
• Maximum compatibility with the skin

Ecocert certification / High quality standards:
Materia Herba product line carries the seal of the

independent certification organization ECOCERT, which ensures the use of organic materials and production

processes that respect the environment and care for

sustainable development.

The Materia Herba line consists of two products for cleansing (foam and emulsion), two moisturisers (one for combination and one for normal/dry skin type), two anti-ageing moisturisers (again, different formulas for each skin type), two eye creams (a moisturising and an anti-ageing) and a nourishing anti-ageing night cream for all skin types. This is my review on the products I've tried so far.

Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam

It is a liquid packaged in a bottle with a special pump that turns it into a fluffy and silky foam. Did I like it? Actually, I like the convenience of a "ready-made" foam, but it doesn't work for my skin type. I have a combination to oily skin that needs deep cleansing, this product didn't do that. But it is very gentle and fun to use, so I reckon that it can be used on sensitive skin with no worries of irritations.

Materia Herba 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion

A milky cleanser for cleansing, toning and removing make-up for both face and eyes, it can also be removed with water. What makes it different from the average cream cleanser is that it has a "runny" texture- while it can be spread easily on the face, it can be easily absorbed as well! What happened with me is that, the minute I applied it on my face to remove my make-up, I would have to immediately work it on the skin and then remove it with a cotton pad, otherwise my skin would absorb it along with the day's make-up to make a horrific mask on my face... Overall, it is a product of good quality, because of its absorbing properties it would work excellent for dry skin before the application of moisturiser.

Materia Herba Moisturising Eye Cream

A standard moisturising eye cream, it has almost a rich texture but it absorbs quickly. I didn't notice any major improvement on my dark circles or the fine lines around the eye area, but then again few -so, so few!- eye creams actually deliver what they claim! I believe that moisturising the skin under the eyes helps to prevent the formation of NEW fine lines- dark circles and existing lines, they're here to stay... I'm just happy when an eye cream is moisturising and not showing through concealer. This is a nice product that I would repurchase.

Materia Herba Moisturizing cream, normal to fry skin

This is the only product that survived for picture purposes ;) It is a brilliant moisturiser but a bit heavy for my skin type. I thought that due to winter I could use a rich cream on my face, but no... When the tube is finished, I'm going to purchase the Materia Herba moisturiser for combination skin. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely product- I would recommend it to anyone with normal to dry skin!

Overall, I found the Materia Herba line very interesting as a whole; wherever I read labels such as "organic" or "minimum synthetic content", I'm instantly converted! The packaging is minimalistic and hip as always, most of the Materia Herba products are scent-free, they have gentle and mild formulas...

The thing that puts me off is the price tag- I'm reluctant to spend 20 euros on a cleansing foam or 28 euros on a moisturiser- a KORRES moisturiser, that is! The Body Shop has released an organic skincare line but the products' prices are pretty much the same with the rest of their skincare lines. Oh well, the things you do to satisfy your consumeristic appetites...

Oh, and another thing; to me, choosing organic products over the regular ones mostly reflects the support in organic cultivation rather than choosing something more effective. I think that
the actual percentage of natural extracts, both in organic or regular formulas, is so little that it makes no difference on the effectiveness of the final product.

Have you tried any of the Materia Herba products? I'd love to know your opinion on organic skincare in general.
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!


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