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Hello my lovelies!

I hope I'm not the only one around going crazy about travel-friendly packaging... Wherever I see mini versions of products I like, I'm all for it!

See, I'm on my way to becoming the NOF [Next Organizing Freak]- I can't help it, it just comes from within naturally!

As most of greek girls know, Apivita is one of the biggest Greek skincare brands- I would say that it comes second in popularity, after Korres obviously! The company aims at creating simple and natural formulas with the least amount of preservatives and additives, while inspired by propolis, an ingredient that is evident in most (if not all, I'm not sure) of their products.

Most importantly, Apivita carries a special line that consists of travel-friendly products: their face mask sachets are the most popular! [Below is shown the old and the new packaging of the face mask sachets]

My favourites from this "Express" line are two products that are a staple in my travel cosmetic bag. I usually throw in a face mask sachet but I don't have a specific that I keep buying, I just alternate between the range.

1. the Everyday Face Scrub with Apricot [old packaging shown above]- it's a double sachet with 10ml of product in each, a nice and effective face wash that wakes up my skin and makes it so soft and glowing! I can't get enough of the smell of it and the little orange beads that exfoliate my skin, I love it! It's my baby... Each Apricot sachet lasts me for 7-8 washes (14-16 in total), AND is takes up so little space in my cosmetic bag, AND I don't have to carry a bottle with my exfoliating lotion plus the cotton pads to apply it with because this scrub sachet does all the exfoliating I need!

2. the Cleansing Tissues 3 in 1 with chamomile [old packaging shown above]- each sachet contains a super moist and soft cleansing tissue that smells as sweet as baby wipes and is pretty good at removing the day's makeup. They are so convenient for my short trips, it means that I don't have to carry with me a big package of make-up wipes when I would only need to use 2 or 3 wipes, not to mention the fact that the big package's wipes eventually dry out.

Recently, Apivita changed (for yet another time!) their "Aromatherapy" line (the basic line with face and body products based on aromatherapy), while at the same time supplying some central shopping corners with mini versions of some "Aromatherapy" products. What a better way to test them out! Yesterday I got this new face wash with propolis (of course...) and citrus which is suitable for oily skin. So far, so good- it cleanses and leaves a squeaky clean face! I'll be probably getting the rest of these mini little products, they're so cute...

Oh! and another thing; if, by any chance, an Apivita salesperson or employee is reading this little post, please please please, spread the word to any of your superiors to refresh Apivita's website with the new products! It's just ridiculus, there are so many new products from Apivita that I'd like to read about and they cannot be found anywhere in the web! Please, refresh your website ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. the face scrub with apricot is one of my favorites too! I also got another one,the "peel off exfoliating and radiance mask with papaya" but i haven't tried it out yet!

  2. Papaya?!? I haven't heard of that one before, it must be part from the new collection. But it sounds sooo enticing, damn I have to go downtown to check it out!!!

  3. thumbs up for the apricot scrub, too
    this winter my skin felt really dry, so i tried the honey mask. really great as well!
    but the red one for the legs and the blue for the decollete area, were a waste of money

  4. Oh I know the feeling- I have tried this eye mask in the green sachet and it did the opposite of what it claimed, I'd have to rub my eyes really hard to take it off.

    But the honey mask, I'll check!


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