Bad costumer service, anyone?

Hello my lovelies!

A couple of days ago I went to this Body Shop store to pick an eyeshadow I've been eyeing for a while- in fact, I wanted to -once more- take advantage of the 20% sale tag that has been going on for the last two or three weeks.

Mind you, this particular store is located in one of the most central shopping areas/streets of Athens (if not the most central...). I have been a regular customer of that shop and up until now, I had not experienced any unpleasant customer service.

I stepped into the store with the intention of purchasing this specific eyeshadow. A sales assistant greeted me and asked me if I wanted any help. I thanked her and replied that I had already planned what I was going to purchase. Saying so, I picked up my product of choice - for the record, it was a matte pink eyeshadow from the Body Shop's permanent make-up collection.

[Note: The Body Shop has a permanent make-up collection and releases four Limited-Edition collections, each one during Autumn, Christmas, Spring and Summer seasons. It is no news that one of the brand's policies is to push the sales of the Limited-Edition products.]

At that moment, the sales assistant noted in a gentle manner that there was a Limited-Edition Christmas palette which contained a similar shade of eyeshadow, and that it would be a bargain to get because, provided the 20% sale, I would be spending 19.2 euros for a palette with four eyeshadows and a blush, rather than spending 7.6 euros for a single eyeshadow. Again, I kindly thanked her and persisted on my initial decision.

I then went to the cashier to pay. The lady behind the counter looked at the eyeshadow I had picked, then paused and stared at me for a couple of seconds, and then said in a strict voice: "Weren't you informed about the Christmas palette?"- I said I was. "Then why did you pick this one?"- I was in a position of justifying myself as if I did something wrong, while there were people waiting in the queue behind me. I felt as if I was being bullied, in a way. I paid and made a promise to myself not to step into this store again.

Now, I don't blame solely the cashier girl for this unpleasant incident. In fact, I could argue that the sales manager/owner of the store must be interpreting the company's policy of pushing LE products to the extreme and forcing the girls at the shop to sell, sell, sell all the LE stock. Whatever the case, I shall be doing my Body Shop shopping at another store, where the girls are much more friendly and discreet.

Have you ever experienced any bad customer service? If so, do share! Maybe it's time we started reporting such unacceptable behaviours until they become a thing of the past.
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  1. μάλλον είναι πολιτική του καταστήματος. πήγα κι εγώ πρόσφατα να πάρω ένα diffuser και η πωλήτρια εκτός του ότι μου έλεγε συνέχεια επίσης για τα χριστουγεννιάτικα, με ακολουθούσε συνέχεια από πίσω και δε με άφησε να χαζολογήσω καθόλου. πολύ πιεστικό αυτό το στυλ. και παρόλα αυτά δε με ενημέρωσε ότι με αγορές πάνω από 50ευρώ εχεις δώρο ένα body butter!

  2. Α ναι, κι εμένα με παίρνουν από πίσω! Και μετά ντρέπομαι να γυρνάω γύρω-γύρω χαζεύοντας...

    Πάντως, πολιτικές τύπου "συνεχές μαρκάρισμα" και "βομβαρδισμός με νέα προϊόντα" είναι τόσο ενοχλητικές που τελικά μπορούν να διώξουν πελατεία. Ευτυχώς για μας, δεν υπάρχει μόνο ένας προμηθευτής για τα Body Shop στην Αθήνα!


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