Eye Make-up Remover Update #2

Hello my lovelies!

Over the last couple of days my left eye was puffy and sore, so yesterday I went to see my ophthalmologist. The good news: it is a minor eye infection that can be cured in a period of two weeks with some eye drops and a topical ointment. The bad news: I guess I must avoid eye make-up until my eye is completely cured (damn!), and maybe I should start taking some extra effort disinfecting my brushes and eyeshadows...

Before I left, I asked him about those oil-based lotions for removing eye make-up. Should I be using them, are they nice and gentle to my eyes? His answer was a clear "no". To make things worse, he mercilessly continued by saying I should avoid lining my water-line with pencils, because this is the most common case of causing eye infections. WHAT?!? No sir, I'm sorry but me can't do that...

Anyway, I've decided not to purchase oil-based eye make-up removers ever again- I'm a bit dissapointed because those tough guys remove eye make-up so easily! Oh well, what can you do... Now I'll have to switch back to my Yves Rocher cleanser. As for lining my waterline, I will continue to do so. I can't help it. My eyes are demanding that kind of definition. The best thing to do is sharpening my pencils before each use.

So, this is my take on eye make-up removers: water or gel-based formulas from now on.
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  1. although i wear contacts, luckily never had any major infection.
    when you have to avoid eye make upm you can focus on the lips. think red :)

  2. Ha ha! Didn't think of that...

    It's a good excuse to wear bright lipstick, I'm going to dig through my make-up case and pick a couple of them!

  3. I agree with both of you! Sharpening your eye-pencil makes them good as new and a bare eye with a red lip is oh-so-chic!

  4. Exactly, a red-lip look can be so eye-catching without looking "trashy"!

  5. Πολύ ενδιαφέρον ποστ! Ελιχα και εγώ διάφορες περιπέτειες με τα καθαριστικά ματιών μέχρι που κατέληξα στην Avene είμαι ευχαριστημένη. Η λύση που προτείνει η Στέλλα είναι όλα τα λεφτά!

  6. Thanks, Meraldia!

    Yeah, browsing around for eye make-up removing lotions can be a tricky business until you find which product actually works while not causing any irritations...


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