Layering... hair products, too?

Hello my lovelies!

That's right, layering your hair products will actually help building up volume.
Obviously, I'm not talking about layering shampoos, conditioners- that would be silly, but I had to clear this out :)

What I've found out from experimenting is that if you put some mousse on wet hair, then blow-drying it as usual, and then styling and spraying it with some hairspray, the volume achieved is so much more than using plain hairspray, and it's more likely for the hair to stay "big" for hours.

What probably happens is that the hairspray, after the mousse application, has some kind of a base to stick to, rather than clinging on fresh and crisp hair.

Currently I'm using a cheap Palette hairspray and a Got2B mousse- nothing special, except from the fact that the mousse smells of orange- hence the orange bottle ;) By the way, every Got2B product has a scent+packaging colour match- the red mousse has a strawberry scent, the pink hairspray smells of watermelon and the yellow maximum hold hairspray is matched with a citrus scent. Cute...

So, yeah... Layering does not always address on clothes!
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. You know, I've always heard mousse was good for volume but I've never used it. I'm definitely gonna give your method of layerng a try now - makes perfect sense! xx

  2. Do try! And let me know what you think ;)


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