A Shout-out to Kandee

Hello my lovelies!

Disclaimer: This post wasn't meant to be "boring"...

I sat in front of my computer with the intention of writing about some eyeshadows that I've been collecting, but I didn't have the appropriate state-of-mind. I'm in a really bad mood today so I couldn't write about something that concerns my vanity or consumerism issues, it just wouldn't feel right.

Instead, I'd like to introduce you to Kandee.

To those of you unfamiliar with her, Kandee is a celebrity make-up artist based in Los Angeles. Two years ago she started uploading make-up tutorials on Youtube that made her popular and successful on Youtube community- today she has approximately 200,000 subscribers! She's gorgeous, has a bubbly personality- plus she's extremely talented, she can accomplish an everyday make-up look, a dramatic smokey eye or a theatrical make-over, all of the above in an equally perfect manner.

But most importantly, she is a single mother with three kids, she has been through a lot of difficulties in her life but she is a fighter and won't let anyone or anything stand in her way and she just keeps going. Through her blog, she posts daily words of loveliness and encouragement. I'm quoting these:

...the most amazing people have been through the most heartbreaking situations... like I always say, "it's the broken and shattered mirrors, that give off the most sparkle and light"...

...if your heart is hurting or sad... just know that you are wonderful, everything you've done in the past can be washed clean, and everyday is a fresh start to enjoy and change your life...

...you are more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, and more loved than you can imagine...

At first, all these posts of hopes and dreams seemed to me a bit "cheesy". I thought, what's the point of writing the same stuff every day?

Now that I'm not feeling so well due to some "special" circumstances, Kandee's words spoke to my heart. It's funny how the words of a total stranger made me feel better... I trully respect and thank her for that.

In case you haven's done so already, please check out her youtube channel and her blog.
By the way, this is a photo from her latest avatar-inspired make-up tutorial, isn't that inspiring?

Anyway, enough with the ramble... I hope you're all well!
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!


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  1. I love Kandee, she is amazing :)

    Love Christine ♥


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