Korres, we have a problem...

Hello my lovelies!

I'm writing this post to address something to you:

My body skin is in the worst state ever; feels very dehydrated, even flaky on areas, looking old and I hate it. I tried exfoliating in different ways, didn't work.

For the past few months, I've been using the Korres body milks after my daily shower (religiously). First it was a bottle with Citrus, now it's the Mint tea one. And I believe they have a lot to do with my skin's condition. Mind you, my skin was never dry at all. My face is very oily and my stomach area and back (body parts I don't put moisturiser on) are perfectly healthy.

So I stopped using body moisturiser- it's been a week now and my skin, although not 100% healthy again, is definitely in a better condition.

To Korres defence, my skin was already dried up from another body cream prior using the Korres body milk. But, after using Korres it got a lot worse!

So I'm asking you: have you ever experienced a similar problem with Korres body milks? And, if you know any home remedies for baby-soft skin, I'd be so grateful if you shared it with me. Thanks ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Never tried it but with a name like body milk they sure fooled me because it sounds promising!

  2. They fooled me, too! Anything with the tag "milk" in it sounds so promising :(

  3. I have tried one but it was so many years ago I can't even remember if I liked it! I don't recall a reaction though. But since I have a sensitive skin I usually go with something like Vaseline Intensive care which has always been good for my skin. You can try using Bepanthol creme (from the Pharmacy), which smells a bit awful but it's very good. It really calms irritated skin and it moisturizes too. :))

  4. I used to love Vaseline products a long time ago, thanks for reminding me! Might switch to that, from now on :(

  5. maybe you should try a dry oil or body shop's body butters

  6. I might do that, well if a dry oil won't work then I don't know what else will!

  7. i have the most terrible skin ever (both face and body) and i started using around 8 months ago Bepanthol body milk (its a little lighter than the creme but smells better (in my opinion) and more easy to use everyday.

    + non-oily, no-parfume, use your parfume on top no-worries, absorbed quickly-get dressed immediatelly, no annoying redness or anything on the skin (its hypoallergic)

    - someone will see good results at least 2 weeks after everyday use (me thinks), price vs everyday use, and because its light you will have to use a lot...

    ***tip:apply just after the shower on damp skin and go to bed and have a good-night-sleep, next day the skin looks great!

  8. Oh thank you so much, great informative tips!



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