Ikea, baking, late summer nails ramble

Hello my lovelies!

How you've been?

First of all... OMG, IT'S RAINING!!! And I'm so excited! Rain and snowfall are a-l-w-a-y-s welcome by me. Please make me happy by aggreing with me for a minute, I'll feel a lot more of a "normal" person =D

On a second note, my computer is finally back from service- so I'm able to ramble, and ramble again ;)

Randomness from past week:

Browsing @Ikea. Fun times!
These are the edibles we brought home...

Gingerbread biscuits
Fried onion bits
Some cheese, like a sponge at the touch, made by some monks (!?!)
Salami made of reindeer meat. Poor thing...
a Bread mix with lingonberry. This I'm intending to knead and bake, all by myself. Yep!

Then, browsing at my favourite website for dessert recipes made me craving for something sweet. I opted for an old-fashioned apple pie, in an attempt to bring something of the Fall into this unbearingly hot, sticky greek summer weather!

My tip: use Granny Smith apples for the filling- they give a sour kick to the dish, which is soooo appetiting. No recipe used here, just adding ingredients until they reached the desiring sugar levels/quantity.

See, I got a little creative at the top...

Simply delicious! Needless to say, it was gone in no time!

Oh, the rain stopped. Damn it :(
Now I'm left with yesterday's choice of nail colour...

Quite summery, don't you think? Totally out of place!
(Erre Due in #200, a neon colour, something between pink and orange)

So, tell me: What are your favourites from Ikea food?
And, do you enjoy baking like me?
Do share ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. I've never bought any IKEA food myself actually!Too busy with the furniture stuff I guess!Are they any good?

    Your apple pie looks delicious!!Really like the leaves decoration!!

    I love baking too! Actually I made some cupcakes yesterday and they turned out to be really good!hooray!!:D


  2. Nice goodies you got from Ikea. I usually buy a hotdog or an ice cream and some dill potato chips, cookies and whatever catches my eye. I try not to go there hungry because then I tend to buy everything!
    And wow, what an amazing apple pie! Oh, I wish I had a slice now, I have such a craving for something sweet. The site you mentioned seems very good, I think I might try a few recipes. I'll let you know...
    PS: As you read in my last post, I hate this weather!!!! :P

  3. @Lilette, oh you HAVE to try Ikea's food!!! The cinammon rolls pictured at the far right are my favourites! Not to mention the all-famous meatballs...
    Cupcakes, I hear? Ok, now I'm officially hungry!

    @Pasiphae, I haven't tried any of the potato chips from Ikea, must get them next time!
    What drew me to this site is its mouth-watering pictures, it's impossible not to drool, lol!
    If you try anything sweet (just anything!), please post it ;)

  4. the almond pie, you just take it out of the freezer, leave it for 5 min to get to room temperature and voila, instant dessert!

  5. Oh, bummer :(

    I completely forgot to look at the frozen treats! Although I've tasted Ikea's almond pie (and the one with berries on top) at the restaurant area, divine!!! The crust is nothing like the thick and muddy greek pastry crust...


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