A small Mac haul

Hello my lovelies!

Last week I did some Mac shopping...

Mac Prep+Prime Eye, Mac Angel Lipstick

I've been meaning to get the Prep+Prime Eye ever since my Art Deco eyeshadow primer completely dried out...
So, here it is! I love the sparkly cap and the pot with the wide bottom- no more scratching the surface with my nails, trying to get to the bottom!!! My neat&tidy self is so excited ;)
I have to play with it a little more to give you a proper review. So far, I have mixed feelings about it. But, we'll see...

with flash

Then I looked at the lipstick counter, browsed around and got Angel lipstick.
Oh my, what a lovely pale pink shade! It brings out my girly, playful me. I love, love, love it!!!
It's officially a favourite!

So, have you bought anything from Mac recently? Share your faves below ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. I super like that Angel Lipstick, but its sad that my MAC counter doesnt have it :(


  2. Really? Oh no, how come? It's not LE or a pro product.

  3. hi...i've been reading your blog lately!i really like it!!last thing i bought from mac was an eyeshadow called "trax"...it's a purple with gold shimmer...still having my doubts about the way it blends but the colour is unique..haven't seen it in any other brand!
    keep blogging! :)

  4. Ha ha, you made me go to Mac's website to look up Trax... Looks so pretty!

    Thanks honey, as long as there's a computer around I'll keep blogging ;)

  5. I'm not a MAC fan (shocking, I know!!), but nice haul! I can't wait for your reviews! :)

  6. I wasn't a Mac fan either- but it's so hard to stay away from the brand because everyone talks about it :(

  7. I'm still strong as you can see :p lol

  8. Keep it up as long as you can, lol! Addicted to Mac can be an expensive little hobby...

  9. Yeah I know and since I love variety, that could be a very expensive hobby! I hate the fact that they come out with a new collection every month!

  10. Great haul!
    Impressions on the eye primer? I may need to purchase one soon, so need your opinion! :) xx

  11. @tina_mbc, well it's been a couple of weeks since I started using it and I still can't make it work- it creases on me! I'll play with it a little more and I'll do a proper review ;)

  12. I'm not sure what I think of it... So far, it creases on me :( But maybe I'm using it wrong? I don't know... I'll play with a little more and then I'll do a proper review ;)

  13. i heard that the prep and prime eye isn't good at all. everyone loves paint pots for bases. xx

  14. Yes, it's pure crap...
    I wish I had read read some reviews first :(


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