Elf review: Hypershine Gloss

This is the first review on the Elf products from the first batch I got some time ago.

Before I go on with the product, I'd like to point out that since Elf is sold only online, all those bloggers' reviews on the Elf products can help heaps a potential buyer/customer to decide on which products to order. The more blog posts on Elf products, the better- me thinks!

So girls, if you've made any reviews on Elf products, do let me know by sharing their link in the comments section below ;)

Enough with the small talk,
I'm going straight to the point of this review:

    Elf Hypershine Gloss in Bubblegum

I like this gloss.
But please read why:

* first and foremost, its price! It costs 1,70 euros, or 1,50 pounds in the UK, or 1$ in the US (!)
* the packaging is pretty decent for the price
* the twisting mechanism ensures that you don't waste a single drop of the product
* it has a light-feeling texture, no "sticky feeling" on the lips whatsoever.

* it contains mineral oil- so if you're staying away from petroleum-based ingredients, stay away from this product!
* it has a strong, sweet scent. It doesn't bother me much though, but some may find it sickening...
* although you don't waste product with the twisting mechanism, it only contains 1,5 ml of gloss!
* it's so sheer on the lips that it looks almost clear... Personally, I don't have a problem with this, as I can make it work aplying it over my nude lipsticks. See the swatch below...

And I particularly chose this shade (bubblegum) because, after all the blog posts I've seen on the Elf Hypershine Glosses, this one seemed the most pigmented of all. So you can imagine the pigment pay-off from the rest of the shades...

In the end, would I recommend this product?

Yes- but only if you're looking for a sheer gloss to add some shine on top of lipsticks. With it being so dirt-cheap, you can easily throw it in your handbag and not worry in case you lose it; let alone the fact that sometimes, you just don't want to ruin an expensive gloss by wearing it to the local open market, lol!

But if you're looking for a well-made and pigmented lipgloss that can be worn on its own, skip this product.

Also, please bear in mind that the Elf products are made in China, hence their low prices- so the compromises you get from them are a matter of course and well justified.

So, what do you girls think of the Hypershine Gloss?
Do you have any favourites by Elf? Let me know ;)



  1. Latreyw ta review sou pragmatika!
    Eksairetikh douleia k auth thn fora..!
    Exw merika pragmatakia apo ELF,
    tha proteina sigoura to pinelo gia thn skia..to xrhsimopoiw synexeia..k to All over cover stick,kremwdes concealer..
    Polla filia

  2. Ωωω σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ, Αρτεμάκι!!
    Θα εννοείς εκείνο το πινέλο με τη λευκή λαβή, παντού διαβάζω πόσο καλό είναι. Χμμμ...

  3. 1,5 ml of is not a lot of product... Thanks for this review, the texture looks lovely, but I prefer more pigmented glosses x

  4. I love your reviews, you are always so specific and you cover every little aspect! :)

  5. @G A B Y, yeah it's so little product in there! I'll probably use up this tube really fast...

    @dimitra, thank you honey! I'm glad you enjoy them ;)

  6. I have E.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in Vixen, it's a watermelon red(no shimmer or glitter) and I like it. The E.l.f. Hypershine Glosses are not their most pigmented lipglosses, I think they're maybe the least pigmented. I have Plumping Lip Glaze and Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 and they have better pigmentation. :)

  7. Alright, so then it's ok for the Hypershine glosses to look sheer on the lips, since there are other lip products by Elf with more pigment pay-off. Nice!

  8. this lipgloss looks so similar to stila's lip glazes :D but minus the stickiness of stila of course!

  9. Yeah, the packaging is identical! I'm glad I haven't branched out to Stila's lip glazes- sticky lipgloss is one of my pet peeves...

  10. noticed your new banner ;) me likey!!

  11. Yeah, decided to change it... This one with the nude nail polishes is better than the previous black one, I think ;)

  12. Sounds like a great deal, but I was sad to read it had mineral oil in it :(

  13. It's a bummer, I know... I'm guessing that they keep the costs down by adding mineral oil :(

  14. I love my hypershine gloss. Great for on the go as well. I also love my ELF powder brush(the one from the studio line) and a mineral e/s(socialite) and blush(coral) I have. These are my top 3 recommendations! ;)

  15. I absolutely loooove the studio powder brush, too!!! Must do a post on that, as well ;)

  16. Yep, it's pretty cute ;)

  17. Never tried their hypershine lipglosses, so thank you for the review! :) I have tons of elf reviews on my blog, I've even done a top 10 lol! Yeah I'm an elf-addict ;) x

  18. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, ha ha I've read them all, girl! I also got the studio powder blush which I absolutely adore!!

  19. Isn't it a great brush? ;) In my opinion it's a must-have! x

  20. It's definitely a must-have, I'm amazed! It performs just as well for anything- liquid foundation, powder, blush... Excellent value for money ;)


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