I got my first Elf fix ;)

Forgive this short and unnecessary post,
my excitement from opening the Elf carton box can't be described and I wanted to share it with you!

So, my Elf order is here, yayyy!!!
It was my first-ever online purchase and I gotta say,
it can be addicting...

Paying by debit card, forgeting about it and then getting the box delivered days later, it almost feels like you're getting a present by a secret admirer!

This is what I got:

All over colour stick in Pink lemonade
Brightening eye colour in Brownstone
Hypershine gloss in Bubblegum
Blush and bronzer duo
Cream eyeliner in Coffee
Mineral lipstick in Runway pink
Studio powder brush

A little talk about delivery and customer services:

After I made my order, it took 9 w.days for it to arrive. Considering the Sign-for delivery service, which I opted for, supposedly takes only 3-5 w.days, it was a significant delay.

That said, the customer services were brilliant; I got 3 replies in total, the guy who wrote them was very helpful and kind so, despite the delay, I can't fault them...

Oh, and another thing:
I thought the Sign-for service meant that the postman would deliver himself the goodies to my doorstep, hence the increase in delivery costs. Instead, I got a notification to pick up the package from the Post office... Oh well, I've still got a lot to learn about online shopping :(

I'll do a proper review of the products after I've played with them for a good amount of time...

Do you own any of the above?
What was your experience from shopping at Elf's website?



  1. Hello!!!
    I had the Mineral lipstick in Runway pink at my last order from E.L.F. as well!!! It is great!!! But if you have dry lips put some balm on first!;)
    I was as excited as you receiving my first online order!!!

  2. I know!!! Last time I got that excited was when I bought my first Mac lipstick!
    Yeah, the lipstick is so pretty! And great value, too ;)

  3. woohoo! Εγώ διαλέγω την πιο φθηνή επιλογή και μου έρχεται ειδοποίηση να πάω να το πάρω. Ίσως να ήρθε και να μην ήσουν σπίτι γι'αυτο να άφησε ειδοποίηση.
    Enjoy your goodies, I'm sure you'll love them all!!

  4. Megeies koritsi, kalws ta dextikes! Egw exw to all over colour stick, to
    blush and bronzer duo, to Cream eyeliner in Coffee kai to Studio powder brush. To all over color stick einai poly sympathitiko k volevei gia ena apalo k grigoro makigiaz, apla epeidi einai kremwdes den krataei poly sta lipara dermata. Ta ypoloipa proionta einai apla teleia! Ta xrisimopoiw synexeia. To cream eyeliner mporw na sou pw oti einai kalytero k apo tis mac. Exei anteksei mexri k klamata!!! Entypwsi mou kanei pou argise na erthei giati synithws erxontai grigora. Alla kalytera na dialegeis to aplo delivery giati opou mplekei to elliniko taxydromeio...asta! Anamenw reviews k photos me makigiaz! xxx

  5. περιμένουμε εντυπώσεις!ιδιαίτερα για το πινέλο και το eyeliner! ειναι τα δυο προϊοντα που με βάζουν σε πειρασμό! :)

  6. @nataliedouka, α ωραία!! Απλό shipping την επόμενη φορά ;)

    @Arietta, αχ τι καλά! Χαίρομαι που τα προτιμάς γιατί αυτό σημαίνει ότι θα είναι τέλεια. Και στο κάτω-κάτω, τι ελάττωμα μπορείς να βρεις όταν είναι τόσο φθηνά; Ναι, δοκίμασα στο χέρι μου το cream eyeliner και δεν "έβγαινε" με σκέτο νερό! Απίστευτο για 4 ευρώ!

    @afro, εννοείται ότι θα γράψω reviews για όλα τα προϊόντα!


  7. Me geia!!! :D To powder brush k to cream eyeliner einai ap'ta agapimena mou prointa. Otan mporeseis kane se parakalw review k swatch to Pink Lemonade ;)

    Oso gia tin kathisterisi periergo mu fenete, exw paraggeilei polles fores apo elf me signed for k pote den exun argisei... pantws ap'th stigmh pou feugei to paketo ap'tin elf einai ypo tin eu8ini tis royal mail k twn dikwn mas elta, aftoi ftaine gia opoies kathisteriseis. Ypotithetai to sistimeno sto fernei o taxydromos spiti, ektos k an einai vary/ogkodes/den eisai spiti, opote afinei eidopoihsh. Alla mou xei tyxei distixws arketes fores na mu afisi o taxydromos eidopoihsh gia sistimeno, an k imoun spiti k itan enas sxetika mikros k elafrys fakelos... :/ Einai analoga ta kefia tus loipon ypothetw!


  8. That's a fabulous haul. I cannot believe I don't own any elf products yet, everything looks very very interesting!
    Oso gia tio thema tou taxudromeiou dustuxos i ka8usterisi ofeiletai stin elliniki pleura. Kratane ta demata sto teloneio arketa kai e3artatai se poion 8a pesei to dema I guess. Kai kanonika ontos o taxudromos eprepe na to ferei stin porta sou. An 3anasumbei na diamarturi8eis sto taxudromeio tis geitonias sou. Ego to ekana kai tora mou fernei ola ta demata stin porta mou kai afinei xartaki mono ean leipo.

  9. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, μην ανησυχείς κοριτσάκι, θα το κάνω μόλις κατασταλάξω στο αν μου αρέσει τελικά ή όχι. Χα χα, οι Έλληνες ταχυδρόμοι είναι ό,τι να'ναι...

    @Cel, α ώστε έτσι, δεν εκπλήσσομαι που καθυστερεί στην Ελλάδα κι όχι εξαιτίας του Royal Mail... Την επόμενη φορά θα ξέρω τι να κάνω. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις πληροφορίες!!!

  10. So nice set.
    I want this gloss ;D

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  11. aww hope you're doing fine!! I sometimes make short MIA on blogs and comments too, but i'm too lazy to catch up with the old posts sometimes XD

  12. @lady_flower123, yeah the gloss is pretty ;)

    @Jennifer, I'm feeling a lot better, thank you honey! Me too, sometimes I just "forget" to check on old posts! XD XD


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