Best of 2010!

Hi lovelies!
This is a list of my most loved & used make-up products of 2010.

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Onto the products...

Art Deco magnetic eyeshadow palette: As I'm organizing-obsessed, I love anything that gives me the option of neatly storing my make-up. This palette can hold up to 12 single Art Deco eyeshadows, can't wait to fill this baby up with some neutrals, sigh! (I hope the colours I'm after are going to be available to purchase. Soon enough.)

Art Deco duo fibre brush: this was my take on last year's trend of Mac's 187 lookalikes. It wasn't as cheap as I thought a brush from Art Deco would cost (I paid aprox. 18 euros), but I don't regret a single cent I spent on it! It gives a flawless finish and works for everything- foundation, powder, blush or bronzer. And I love the short handle! Anything that can fit into a small travel make-up bag makes me happy ;)

The Body Shop blending brush: Since I tried this brush, my eyeshadow blending skills have been improved! Now I'm looking forward to get Mac's 217...

Kum sharpener: need I mention this again? It's probably the best cosmetic sharpener you'll ever come across, for a decent price!

Mac Angel lipstick: I got into Mac during 2010; this lippie has to be my favourite! I think I've had it with nudes like Hue or Creme d' Nude, a nice girly pink lipstick can do so much more to brighten up my smile ;)

Art Deco longlasting lipstick in #40: a layer of this combined with some Jasmine lip butter, it's been my favourite daytime combo for lips. Pretty pale pink lips are foolproof, right?

Korres Jasmine lip butter: this product is the exception to my rule "no lip balms in a pot". Dipping my fingers into the pot to get some product isn't my favourite, but its colour and texture compensates for it! It has rightly become a favourite among Youtube beauty gurus and bloggers.

The Body Shop lip&cheek stain: I'll never, ever get bored of this stuff. It gives the most natural flush on the cheeks and it stays on all day! If you have combination/oily skin and cream blushes don't really suit you, try this one instead and you'll be hooked with it for a lifetime!

Seventeen #79 nail polish: quite a dark colour, it's not for everyone's taste but personally, I feel more comfortable when wearing this shade on my nails! I hope Seventeen never discontinues it, as it must have been brought out a long, long time ago...

The Body Shop #04-Granite eyeshadow: this colour has been my trusty friend during days I'm in a hurry/ don't know what eyeshadow to pick. Every make-up bag should have at least one dependable eyeshadow which you're 100% sure it matches your eye colour. This is my top choice, followed by...

The Body Shop taupe eyeshadow from Shimmer Cubes #06: it's the most perfect shimmering taupe, ever! I'll probably never run out of it (as this little cube weighs 4 gr. of product!)- but if I do in the future, I won't have any problems purchasing the whole palette again (despite the fact I'm not really using the rest of the shades).

Art Deco eyeshadow base: it's not included in the photos because I'm out of it :(
Still, it's a decent eyeshadow primer and it's worth a try if you can get hold of it.

Have you tried any of the above products?
Let me know which were your 2010 favourites ;)



  1. I have the Korres lip butter(oxi, pou 8a mou 3efeuge) and it is Heaven!
    I've been twice the past year in a Body Shop because of that stain and both times they were out.And of course every other time I was like 'meeeeh, I don't want it' they had it.Next time I plan on getting it.Does it have any flavour/scent?And the nail polish will be bought tomorrow, sice I was looking for a dark shade, to fit my mood (ax auth h e3etastikhhhhhh)...
    Smooches koukla!

  2. Hello,
    You made me go to body shop again, but I bought shampoo and a bodylotion, xaxa.
    I couldn't find the kum sharpener so I got the one from h&m,it's ok.
    My 2010 favourites are the art deco eyeshadow base, mac pro longwear lipcreme in sweet ever after,l'oreal mascara double extension with re-novation serum(=mega volume), the two korres bronzers and mac viva cyndi lipglass.
    The stain looks nice, I'll have to check it out.

  3. Lol for the stain!!! Yeah get it next time, it's the stand-out from all the Body Shop's make-up range. No flavour, no scent whatsoever. Note that I only use it on the cheeks, though ;)
    Awww good luck with the exams, doll!

  4. @andreana- ha ha, I hope I'm not encouraging any excessive shopping sprees!!!
    Ah so you tried the new Mac lipsticks? I've never given them a glance at the store, must check those out next time ;)

  5. i am tempted to buy art deco. how much are they? nice products

  6. happy new year!!wish you the best...!i had also bought (5years back)a limited shimmering cubes palette!that palette includes my favorite eyeshadow (also a shimmering taupe!)and also a green and a purple! If i had to keep one a only eyeshadow i would choose that one(not even mac satin taupe compares!) Unfortunately i'm running really low and on my attempt to find the perfect dupe i have accumulated several eyeshadows!Now i have to check the one you recommend!

  7. my best for 2010 (bought-tried-loved in the past year) are :
    korres guava lipstick #34nude,
    sephora mascara lash stretcher (use it along with my max factor masterpiece),
    the body shop baked colour eyeshadows
    and my fresh love, mac club eyeshadow.

  8. You have some lovely faves there. Apart from the Art Deco e/s primer which I tested on my hand and found it to be very sticky. Maybe it works as a primer but it's texture kinda put me off! xxx

  9. @λειντι ντι, the Art Deco eyeshadow base must cost sth like 7 euros. Their eyeshadows vary from 5 to 7 euros. Lipsticks about 9-10, eye pencils 6, eyeliners around 13 euros ;)

    @afro, ah so you're a fan of Shimmer Cuves, too? Aren't they so pretty? I didn't want to use them when I first bought them, they looked too cute to ruin with my make-up brushes, lol!

    @evi, oh I've bought myself a baked eyeshadow from TBS, it's the Moonstone duo. Excellent product, I'm gonna get every single shade of the range! I've been also wanting to get Club eyeshadow, it's such an unusual and fun colour!

    @Arietta, yeah it's sticky alright... It's great value for its price, though. Are the paintpots by Mac less sticky?

  10. Hi! New follower here! I had the Art Deco eyeshadow base but I didn't like it very much. Paintpots are not sticky, I've tried Painterly(beige/skin matt colour). I'm using the e.l.f. eyelid primer now and I'm really happy with the product!

  11. Hey girl!!!
    Oh shoot, if only I knew the Elf primer was of good quality before I made my order... Oh well, better luck next time ;)
    Then I must really try out the Paintpots, everyone seems to like them!

  12. Great selection! And the colours you've picked are classic ones!
    I should prob take some more time at the Art Deco counter soon! ;) xx

  13. Yeah Art Deco carries some nice products, I recently got a Mineral kajal pencil in an off-white colour which is fab!



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