The Body Shop 20% sales!

That's right, my fellow Greek readers:

If you're thinking of popping into the Body Shop for some make-up or bodycare goodies, hurry up and do your shopping this week...

They're currently having the most anticipated (by me at least!) 20% sales tag on all items!
Ummm... Did I ever say about a 25% percentage? Apparently, I was wrong...

For the record, the sales have been going on since past week but I only found out about it last Saturday :(
Provided that they usually last for 2 weeks, the sales should probably end on Saturday 22/1.

And what do you know?
While I was there, I did some shopping!
Wow, that is so unlike me...

Here's my little loot:

Bronzing Powder in shade #03
Brow/Lash comb
Brow/Lash gel
Eye Definer in Vibrant Emerald

And these are some products worth looking into:

Watermelon lip balm: the Body Shop makes great lip balms but if I had to choose only one from the brand, this would have to be it. It has a soft, gel formula and it gives a pretty pale pink effect on the lips. And it tastes like watermelon, yum!
Shimmer cubes eyeshadow palette: apart from the beautiful shades of this quad, it's of great value too: you get 16 gr of eyeshadow, which is huge! They are a little pricey though, so now is the perfect time to buy them ;)
Bronzing beads: as with the above, it's great value (28 gr!!!) but a little pricey. As for another illuminating bronzing powder, you can look for the best-selling Shimmer Waves.
Concealer/highlighter wand: excellent product and great value! You get 3 ml of product when drugstore brands give you only 1,5 ml for the same price...
Lip/Cheek stain: need I rave about this again? Go get it!!!
Baked duo eyeshadows: I recently found out about these eyeshadows, they have the most beautiful shimmer! Definitely worth checking out ;)

So, if you happen to pick anything from the Body Shop sales, let me know!



  1. That's great news! I passed the other day outside a BS and didn't notice it! =/
    Thanks for sharing!!! =)

  2. wow! are their stuff that great :)?? i shall look into them next time!

  3. Mmm endiaferon!
    Dystyxws den mporw na agorasw auth thn fora..
    Me geia osa phres!
    Polla filia

  4. @Argyro, oh I know, they don't advertise it that much... Thank you sweetie ;)

    @Jennifer, yeah some products definitely stand out from the rest of TBS make-up line! Especially the cheek stain and the bronzers, I couldn't be without them ;)

    @Artemi, δεν πειράζει καλέ, όπου να' ναι έρχεται ένα tiny giveaway ;)

  5. thank you for mentioning it! i want to try out some of their brushes.

    was i the only one disappointed by their concealer? i prefer the mac select cover up. 10ml of product in about 16 euros.

    oh and thumps up for the baked duo eyeshadows!

  6. i think the brow gel is excellent. a true classic.

  7. Well, the product you're referring to is something like Touche Eclat- a bright illuminating liquid with low coverage for highlighting the face... But I won't argue, the Mac concealer comes cheaper when compared to Lightening Touch by TBS.

    Their make-up brushes are great! Although I didn't see a lot at the store, they were probably snatched by other sale stalkers! The blending brush (eyes) and the powder brush (face) are the best, IMO ;)

  8. Hey leinti nti! Yeah I'm starting to like the brow gel a lot, it makes a huge difference to my brows' shape!

  9. I never tried the cosmetics line from the body shop but stylesuzi on youtube seems to be always using it, and i'm intrigued!!! Just from first glance on your post, I'm interested in lip/cheek stain!

  10. Yeah, the lip/cheek stain is a must-have in my book; if I had to pick only one item from TBS make-up line, this would be it. Seriously!

  11. Ekana stock sta body butters mou! Agapaw idiaitera to fraoulistiko.

  12. oh yes you were absolutely right for the blending brush!
    i also bought the line shoftener and the lip/concealer brush but i looved the blender!

    thank you!

  13. exw kero na pao body shop!!k 8elo anefodiasmo!
    panda ta kalitera mas deixneis!!

  14. Thanks for the heads up. Mou aresoun polu ta proionta tou Body Shop opote 8a frontiso na peraso mia bolta. Super to mini haul sou, mou aresei polu to emerald molubi, polu omorfo xroma!

  15. Hello!
    aurio paw body shop, na dw to lip stain.eida se ena palio sou post oti 8eleis to L'Oreal Lash Serum.To phra mazi me thn diplh mascara , pou einai super, alla to serum einai xalia.etsouzan ta matia mou kai to prwi htan poly prhsmena. ta matoklada mou omws elampan, lol.

  16. @Froso M., ε τα body butters από το Body Shop, κλασική αξία! Το αγαπημένο μου ήταν το Almond, δυστυχώς το κατάργησαν :(

    @evi, oh I'm glad you liked the blending brush, honey! See, see? Brilliant stuff...

    @Nells, χε χε τα καλά νέα (βλ. εκπτώσεις) γίνονται ακόμη καλύτερα όταν τα μοιράζεσαι!

    @Cel, το χρώμα του μολυβιού είναι πανέμορφο- το μόνο πρόβλημα είναι ότι δε μπορεί να "γράψει" πάνω στο waterline :(

    @andreana, ουπς... Σοβαρά, τόσο χάλια το σέρουμ; Με έσωσες από μια κακή, πολύ κακή αγορά! Δε θέλω να σκέφτομαι τι θα είχαν πάθει τα μάτια μου! Περαστικά...


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