Late night randomness, part 2

Hi loves ;)

Another post with the randomness of the moment!

I've been lacking a lot of energy lately... Bored of studying, procrastinating projects for Uni... I desperately need some sort of vacation!

I've been also uninspired to do my make-up routine. Foundation wise, I'm still trying to use up this bottle from the Body Shop, the god damn thing has an air-tight pump that can't let you loose a single drop from it!

Another thing that kind of let me down is the new Art Deco liquid liner I got last month:

Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent eyeliner...
What I'm not so comfortable with is the waterproof factor. It takes ages to get off and the next morning I'm left with tiny little black flecks of eyeliner under my eyes. Which are a pain to remove :(

On another note, there's something to keep me excited till the end of next week:
I got my first order from Elf!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

During the last couple of weeks I've been literally stalking Elf's website to see when my most-wanted blush&bronzer duo would be available for purchase... So yep, now it's back on stock! And I hurried up and made my order ;)

Oh! One more thing before I'm off to bed:
I didn't write a post for my December favourites, as I made one for the best make-up products for 2010.
2 posts with some "favourites" during the same month was going to be a tad too much...

However, there was a product that I've been using a lot during December and it's the Body Shop's pink Shimmer Waves.


Now that bronzers look a bit "off" on my pale skintone, I've been using this product to brighten up my face- especially during gloomy and cloudy days. It's got a lovely pinky glow that looks lovely both in daylight and nightime!

That's it for now... Man, I can't stop yawning!

What about you, guys?
Share your randomness below, I mean ANY randomness!



  1. glad you got the blush & Bronzer duo :D

  2. Yeah, no Elf order would be complete without it!


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