Korres Thyme Honey scrub + mask review

As you can see, I've made good use of this little duo-
so now I can put my thoughts together on a review:

First off, I'd like to point out that my skin type is combination to oily,
with a medium to high sensitivity level;
these two products are marketed for normal to dry skin,
so please bear that in mind when reading this post ;)

Thyme Honey scrub:

the smell: well naturally, it smells of honey!
the texture: it contains bamboo and walnut stone particles; they're fairly big and rather sparse in the scrub formula, which ensures a gentle exfoliation and eliminates the risk of red skin.
my verdict: to my skin, it feels so gentle that I can safely use it daily. The honey smell is not my favourite, however I'm thinking of getting a little tube of this scrub for my holidays to replace my usual facial wash!

Thyme Honey mask:

the smell: now that's odd... I could swear it smells of bitter almond! Seriously! It definitely smells nothing like the scrub. Just sayin' ;)
the texture: it's a white moisturising paste with a silky texture- not like a hard body butter or a runny body lotion. After I washed it off, my skin was soft and moisturised.
the verdict: hmm... If it was given to me as a gift, I would use it up for sure- but I'd rather try out a mask for oily skin, instead. Still, it should work brilliantly on dry skin.

Two more things that ought to be mentioned:

the 10ml tube packaging: hygienic, travel-friendly and it won't take you ages to finish a tube and move on to another scrub/mask!
the price: if I'm correct, it's 2,90E for each tube- bargainliscious!

Have you tried any of these little tubes before?
Which is your favourite face scrub+mask combination?



  1. I had actually bought the 'rodi' full size before these came out and i feel like its really worth it. The Masks on the other hand by Korres never seem to do anything for me.

  2. S euxaristw gia ts plirofories gt i8ela na ts agorasw!!! :D

  3. You tempt me to buy that mask... Currently I'm loving my pomegranate scrub by korres, I have combination/oily skin too. Lately I feel my skin kind of dry around my mouth, so I think I'll buy that mask to try it out. Does your skin get dry in winter ? Last winter I was totally dried out :\


  4. @glittermeup, yeah I had tried the pomegranate scrub long before these 10ml versions! I agree, it's worth it ;)

    @FashionSugarBubbles, haha, no problem!

    @Anastasia, my skin gets a little dehydrated during winter- it never flakes, though. You really can't gowrong with 2,90E, it's worth trying it out!

  5. Σε ευχαριστω για τα καλα σου σχολια! Σε ακολουθω κ γω!

  6. Thx sweetie! Love your blog ;)

  7. the scrub sounds intresting...well I don't know if I would use it daily though! The price is a real bargain!!!

  8. Nice blog! :))

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)


  9. the scrub is nice. the honey smell also reminds me of summer and home (just take a small tube of this when you are away) but like Demi, I wouldn't use this daily. the grains are not that soft. tempted by the mask but in the winther though.

  10. I like everything with honey on it. I just love the smell

  11. I have the mask and I think it's pretty decent..but the smell..I love it!x

  12. Anonymous13/7/11 15:01

    Dead Sea Magik Mild Exfoliant and Dead Magik Mud Mask are one of my favourite mask and scrub combos!

  13. @Y, όλες μας αγαπούμε τον Κορρέ! Αν και μας απογοητεύει πού και πού...

    @Demi, yeah it's a steal! I'm so glad Korres makes these mini tubes ;)

    @Sara, hi girl! I love your blog ;)

    @λειντι ντι, personally, I find the grains fairly soft on my skin- I like hardcore face scrubs! lol

  14. @Beautyshades, ha ha then you'll love these!

    @iliana, yeah I prefer the bitter almond smell than honey- my all-time favourite body butter from the Body Shop was the Almond, but it's sadly discontinued :(

    @Skin Scrubs, ooooh! Must google that, they sound enticing! Thx for the recommendations, girl ;)

  15. An kai exw lipari epidermida, ta sugkekrimena proionta ta exw dokimasei kai eimai arketa ikanopoiimeni.. Eidika me to scrub!! Auto pou xrisimopoiw omws einai apo thn Avene alla den eimai kai ksetrelameni!!


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