Vlog: a trip to Thessaly

Hey beauties!

Here are some photos from last weekend's trip to central Greece with
the boyfriend ;)

I'm loving this photo; the old red truck in front of Thessaly's flat landscape!

Other than that, the roadtrip was pretty tiresome...

This is Karditsa's Pausilipon park. Sigh...

I'm so, so envious of the city's inhabitants- they have the privilege of
walking around this park every single day!

There's also peacocks strolling freely inside the park.
Regal creatures, ain't they?

Then we went to Trikala and the famous "Manavika" district-
we ordered some delicious local delicacies...

...accompanied with retsina wine, naturally!

Yours truly with dirty hair (hence the fedora) and no makeup on...
Eh well, the best pose under the circumstances!
Can't believe my arm looks so fat in this photo, damn...

The hotel in Kalambaka where we spent two nights-
boyfriend's choice, cause of the swimming pool :/

The hotel's view of Meteora rocks...

It's amazing how this little city developed in such a short distance from these awe-striking mountain tops...


Homemade cakes and pies for breakfast-
a hearty accompaniment to start our return back home!

So, how did you spend your weekend?
Any little vacations you had up till now?



  1. Ωωωω τα λατρευω αυτα τα ποστ πραγματικα!
    Εχεις ταλεντο στην φωτογραφια αυτο ειναι σιγουρο..
    Το ξενοδοχειο μου φανηκε μια χαρα κ με πισινα κ με τετοια θεα!

    Δεν μπορεις να φανταστεις ποσο ευχομαι να ειχα κ εγω ενα παρκο καπου εδω κοντα...αχ..

    Α επρεπε να σε δουμε ολοκληρη! Και please τι ειναι αυτα που λες για τα μπρατσα σου??? Θα με τρελανεις εντελως!

    Το fedora ειναι απαιχτο! Ολο θελω να παρω κ ολο το αμελω!

    Ευχομαι πολλα ταξιδακια ακομα!!

    Πολλα φιλια!

  2. oh no, you came to my place! to my district (central Greece) to be more specific! i hope you enjoyed it! if you want to believe it i have never visited Karditsa, only for a stopover for a few hours. it's like the most indifferent Greek towm in my mind.
    have a nice, less hoottt, summer!

  3. @Artemi, χα χα! Βρε άσε με να πιστεύω ότι έχω λεπτότερα μπράτσα! I'm on denial, lol

    @evi, oh I had no clue you lived around Thessaly! Yeah, Karditsa has only this park to boast about... Oh, and the lake Plastira, too! I had been there when I was a kid, the sight was magnificent ;)

  4. Teleiaaaa!euxomai na perasate kala sta meri mou!teleies oi fotografies su!

  5. That looks great! Meteora is actually close to the village my grandparents come from.

  6. haha i was there a month ago at my boyfriends sisters house she lives in kalambaka below the rocks exactly !! you should have went to a taverna called 'o aleksandros' it is known for cheap and good quality food, its just outside trikala :) Oh Trikala is so good for shopping i couldnt believe it !! xo

  7. Didnt spend it that way and I have to say that I'm jel..doll!!what goreous pictures there,though I'd love to see you too in them!haha you know!!


  8. υπεροχο παγωνι !!! τελειο το καπελο !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. exeis dikio. to parko einai panemorfo katharotato episis. exei mia tasi gia gkourme fotografies pantos. ta edesmata den leipoun pote kai ta kaneis na fainontai laxtarista...

  10. e loipon, ena exw na pw! snif, snif kai ksana snif. mou leipei i ellada. skliri gynaika, me kaneis k ypoferw! :P

  11. I love Trikala since I have spent lots of weekends many many years ago...they are also great for shopping and fro TSIROUROKATASTASEIS!!! The view from Meteora is socking did you visit any monastery as I can rememeber Varlaam's monastery had a lot of stairs but the silence the hamblenees of the monks is something I 've never forget...KONTOSOUVLI looks yummy!!!!

  12. @Reaction, ω ναι, ήταν πανέμοφρα αν και με κούρασε το ταξίδι πήγαιν' έλα!

    @BeautyLoves, oh how nice! You and your parents are lucky ;)

    @glittermeup, ah man I went there completely uninformed about the good stuff! I'm not complaining though, we had some lovely food...

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece, ha ha until I figure out a nice and flattering pose! Thx doll!

  13. @Mairyliscious, ωραία τα παγόνια αλλά σκούζουν άσχημα!

    @λειντι ντι, χι χι είναι επειδή λατρεύω να μιλάω για φαγητό! Και να το φτιάχνω, και να το τρώω!

    @Y, ωχ σόρρυ! Κάνε τα στραβά μάτια, κορίτσι!

    @Demi, well we didn't have time to visit any of the monasteries- and even if we did, I hadn't packed a proper skirt to wear- cause I loathe it when you're forced into those degrading skirts they give you before you enter a monastery :/

  14. Lovely pics! I wish we had more parks in Athens...

  15. Ah I feel exactly the same, girl!

  16. Poly wraies fwtografies..m'arese polu ayth me to retsinaki!cute! Kai to ksenodoxeio fainetai polu wraio..auto me to 'fat arm' tha to afhsw asxoliasto! :P x

  17. Thx girl! Περάσαμε ωραία! Είχα καιρό να πάω σε αυτά τα μέρη!


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