What's in my summer makeup bag?

As I will soon be leaving for my summer vacations,
I had to sort out my makeup and pick out "the besties" to take with me while I'm away...

I don't know about you girls, but this little "project" took me like a week
to put together!

So here's what I collected for my summer makeup bag:

    Far from packing light, eh? lol
    Wrinkly skarf: H&M

    Detailed info:

    TBS Moisture foundation, TBS pressed powder, Mac Painterly Paintpot,
    Art Deco Perfect Teint illuminator- love this stuff!, TBS concealer pen

    TBS Bronze shimmer waves, Erre Due blush #410, Elf Warm bronzer,
    TBS blush #04, TBS Honey matte bronzer #02

    Eye products: Elf quad with TBS eyeshadows, TBS shimmer cubes warm,
    TBS Baked eyeshadow #07, TBS Eye shimmer #08,
    TBS brow set #02, Biotherm liquid eyeshadow,
    Art Deco mineral kajal liner #98, TBS shimmer pencil #10,
    Art Deco liquid eyeliner, TBS Carbon black pencil, TBS mascara,
    TBS brow gel, Elf Coffee cream eyeliner, TBS single eyeshadow #07,
    Elf cream eyeshadow duo in black licorice

    Elf Luscious Liquid lipstick in Baby lips- cause it's minty and cooling!,
    Mac Suntint from Surf Baby LE collection, Elf lipstick in Runway pink,
    Mac lipsticks in Hue and Impassioned

    Make-up brushes and tools: Elf powder brush, TBS blush brush,
    TBS blending brush, TBS brow/lash comb, Art Deco duo fibre brush,
    TBS travel blush brush, TBS tweezers, sharpeners by Kum and TBS,
    lash curlers by Elegant Touch (aka Eylure)

A notable absence from Chanel Bronze Universel&Mac 130 brush-
too bulky, still haven't got the hang of it, too complicated to mess with...

Wishing you the best summer holidays ever, girls!
Lots of hugs and kisses xx



  1. The tbs pressed powder is one of my favourites:)

  2. Yeah, the pressed powder from the Body Shop is quite decent! Totally unexpected from the brand ;)

  3. oh!I think your summer make up bag contains more than all the make up that i own! :)

  4. poli wrea , kales diakopes :) xo

  5. too much stuff for me but I understand you it's difficult to choose the rights things have good vacation

  6. TBS bronzer might be the best beauty product I bought this summer..I'm also taking it with me for my vacation..:)
    What's your take on the Art Deco duo fibre brush? Any advice?kales diakopes!x

  7. I can tell you love TBS products and neutral colors (not so hard to tell!). I always carry so much make up when I go on vacation. But I don't mind the extra weight. Make up and shoes are two things I can't live without!!! I hope you have a great time and you get to wear all your bronzers and eyeshadows, creating different looks! xxx


  8. lovely post! ha it seems that i'm not the only one who takes AGES to sort out what cosmetics to take on a holiday! love the products you mentioned! xx

  9. Have fun! Everything looks great! Use them "με τρέλλα"! :P xx

  10. A eisai dikia mou esy! Egw na deis posa pairnw mazi mou! Bebaia katalhgw na xrhsimopoiw 1/3 alla auto den exei shmasia :P

  11. have a gorgeous ,amazing, happy vacation doll!!and loved your picks-post!!!


  12. καλες διακοπες! μολις γυρισα και παλι χρησιμοποιησα τα μισα απο οσα προιοντα πηρα. κλασσικα! :)

  13. So many products!!! love that! ;)
    kales diakopes!

  14. Ήμουν σίγουρη ότι θα έπαιρνες το TBS Bronze shimmer waves, πρέπει να πάρω κι εγώ ένα επειγόντως!! Εγώ αποφεύγω να παίρνω πολλές σκιές μαζί μου γιατί απλά βαριέμαι να τις χρησιμοποιήσω, βάζω λίγο μπλε μολύβι και μάσκαρα μόνο. Στις διακοπές μόνο αυτό, όλο τον υπόλοιπο καιρό προτιμώ τις σκιές. Περίεργο, ε; Το Elf Luscious Liquid lipstick in Baby lips έχει γίνει αγαπημένο μου, αφήνει ωραία αίσθηση και άρωμα!

  15. Really like the summer shades of the pressed powder and the bronzer stripes....I like to compliment my skin with these colors usually.organic lipstick

  16. how r u getting on with the TBS Honey matte bronzer? I am looking for a matte bronzer and I was considering buying this one. :)

  17. ti omorfa lipstick k gloss!!! polu wraia pragmata!
    episis m arese to scard me ts nekrokefales!

  18. Thank you ladies for all your kind comments! I promise I'll get back on each one of you in the new posts ;)

    Thank you for commenting and sticking up with me during summer! Lots of kisses xx


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