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Hello my lovelies!

I was browsing etsy's website looking for natural skincare products; it was one of those "little" searches that turns up to a whole 3-hour business! Anyway, I particularly looooved the handcrafted soaps- there were some cute and luxurious, some organic or vegan-friendly, some funny or even bizarre (there was a soap looking like your grandmother's dentures- eeeek!), but all of them very-very interesting! These were my absolute favourites:

La Nuit Shea Butter Soap, by sweetpetula

Berry Lemonade Soap with Shea Butter and Blueberry Seeds, by FlourishBathBody

Pure Bar Soap wrapped in Vintage Children's Book Pages, by OwlNaturals

French Macaron Collection Gift Set, by KcSoapsNmore

Baby Cinammon Rolls - 6 Pack Goat Milk's Soaps, by soapopotamus

Sandalwood Vanilla Handmade Cold Process Soap Bar, by LippincottSoapCo

The Trio (Small) Tumbled Turquoise Soap, by amethystsoap

Marie Handmade Elagent Soap Vegan, by sherrifairy

Celeste Limited Edition Sweetheart Soap, by capricornsoapco

So, what do you think? Aren't they cute, to say the least?

Me, I'm redeeming myself with this lovely white jasmine soap. Seriously, if you ever come across a Zara Home store, you should definitely check out their bath&body line- especially this jasmine soap; it has a delicate, powerful yet light scent of jasmine, it's so, so... Oh well, my descriptions won't do it justice. Love, love, love it ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. can i eat them all!!u'll admit me in later on for food poisoning but i will have a moment of happiness!!love it!!

  2. great finds! the thing is i've never ordered soaps or bodylotions from etsy because (if they're sent outside the EE) i'm pretty sure they're gonna be blocked at customs.
    i also like the L'occitane square small soaps, so vintage, not really sure how natural they are though

  3. Great stuff! I'm obsessed with the Zara bath/body line too! They smell amazing! Plus they are pretty cheap ;)

    Here's a little something that I'm into lately, it's not exactly a soap, it's a bath bomb! Fizzy and relaxing!


    They rock!

  4. @Nells, lol some of them are too cute to be used- there were loads of cupcake soaps, brownies, donuts and carrot cakes... Yum!

    @stella, really? Great, now I'm depressed :(

    @This Is Me, oh don't get me started on Lush, their stuff are so indulging! I hope they can be shipped here though, I wasn't aware of customs strict regulations.

  5. Oh yes, I know... Lucky me, I have friends that bring them when they travel to Greece!!!
    All Lush products smell so unique and you just want to eat them :P

  6. Oh wow! I didnt realise Zara did a bath and body line!! I LOOOOVE Zara for everything else so I am sure I will love it.. must try and find! hee hee x

  7. to tell you the truth, I looove seeing these things on Etsy, I want them all, all, all :)

  8. @This Is Me, ah you're lucky! As for me, I'm gonna have to console myself with Fresh Line products; that until I make a strong friendship with a Londonier ;)

    @freckles love and laughter lines, they're available at Zara Home stores. For me, the products have the perfect balance between price-quality, I think you'll love them too!

    @Pink_Fish, yeah it's my "thing", too... I love browsing around for cute stuff that I'll probably never goin to own- but heck, they're lovely to look at!

  9. wow! these soaps are amazingly cute!

    usually i don't use soaps, but i like to put them inside my drawers, they make my pyjamas and undies smell like heaven!

  10. Oh my that Berry Lemonade Soap and Baby Cinammon Rolls soap looks so yummy!

  11. @efi, your tip is brilliant! I'm going to store in my closet the next soaps I get- one bar in every drawer!

    @Delance Fashion, yeah so cute I'd wish they were edible, lol! Nice photo ;)

  12. sou rxete na ta fas....ine ola toso iperoxa...

    latrevo to etsy!

  13. Ναι, το etsy έχει τόσο χαριτωμένα πραγματάκια! Κρίμα που δεν αποστέλλονται όλα εδώ :(

  14. ^^^tip: μου εχει τυχει να μην κανει αποστολη στην ελλαδα ενας πωλητης. του εστειλα μηνυμα και αμεσως το αλλαξε!

  15. Αχά!!! Δηλαδή έχω ελπίδες να παραγγείλω κανά σαπουνάκι, χμμμ...


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