The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues

Hello my lovelies!

Let's say that it's hot summer days, you're out and about in the heat when you realise that your face shines beyond "pretty"... What would you do? You could use a compact face powder and blot those shiny areas- but the result on your face, if not overly powdery, would be an unattractive dark orange all-over veil. What happens with most powders is that the talc they contain oxidizes under heat/humidity and darkens the shade of the powder. Oh, I've been there so many times!

The best solution? Blotting tissues! My God, how didn't I discover those earlier?!? It's been only a week I've been using them and they've already become an utmost necessity for touch-ups during the day. The way to use them is fool-proof: you take a tissue, you press and roll it to any oily areas on your face, and you're done! The stickiness of the tissue absorbs only the excess oils on the skin, leaving your make-up intact. Genious!

However, there's some bad news: so few companies have this kind of product in their make-up range- after a little search on the web, I found blotting papers from Art Deco, Shiseido and a company named Boscia- never heard of it before... The good news? These Tea Tree tissues cost me only 4 euros!!! For me, it's a definite re-purchase.

If you've tried any such product of another brand, please let me know! It's a new thing to me and I'd love to try more ;)

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  1. nice!

    agorasa tin kenouria tous sira me lemoni kine iperoxi....telio aroma...

  2. Ναι, τα είδα την τελευταία φορά που χάζευα- μυρίζουν τέλεια!

  3. Body Shop has also that kind of tissues and I can tell that they do their job! They absorb unnecessary oiliness without ruining make up. I think also Sephora brand has also a product like that

  4. wow den hksera pws uparxoun sto body shop tetoia k exw k egw auto to provlhma polu suxna!

    tha paw na ta parw opwsdhpote!!

    kalws se vrhka ((:


  5. @Pink_Fish, hey I missed the Sephora's website on my little search, thanks!

    @Zoé, ναι είναι τόσο χρήσιμα το καλοκαίρι!
    Καλώς ήρθες ;)

  6. those really saved me during heatwaves+humidity.
    i also like the sisheido ones. never bought them, but every time i go and buy my favorite compact powder i always ask the sales girl to give me blotting paper samples!

  7. Ha ha, that's a wicked trick!

    I used to buy a lot of Shiseido's skincare- haven't yet tried any make-up products. Lately I've been reading a lot of good things about their sun make-up range in the blue packaging, I've got to try them out ;)

  8. OMG so glad I found you TODAY!A few hours ago I was in class trying to remove the shine and oil from my nose with a tissue! I never in my life experienced shine on my face before and of course never heard of body shop having these!
    You re god sent my dear! :D

  9. I'm glad you found it helpful! Using a powder to blot excess shine usually leads to an orange-face, so these little beauties come in handy ;)


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