Products I regret buying; the Body Shop

Hello my lovelies!

This is a post about products from the Body Shop that I've tried and wouldn't recommend to anyone! Obviously, what doesn't work for my skintype/features/taste may work wonderfully on someone else- nevertheless, the products mentioned below don't fall under this category; they just don't perform!

1. Lip Scuff
There was a lot of positive feedback on the web about it, so I bought it. When I got home and opened it, that thing scared me... It's a green bullet with a mint flavour that has a yucky sticky base with a few relatively big granules; it supposedly "...evens the surface of the skin to better absorb Lip Colour". On the contrary, it made my lips even more sensitive and prone to chapping. People, stay away from this little devil!

2. Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash
First of all, there's a lot of corporate confusion about the right way to use this product; at the US site it is listed under the once/twice a week exfoliators, while at the UK page it's among the everyday face washes. Either way, it's plain rubbish; it doesn't foam, the exfoliating particles are way too little for a decent clearing of the skin- let alone eliminate blackheads, as it claims to achieve!

3. Tea Tree Facial Toner
This toner is actually a clear green liquid with a tiny amount of corn starch to absorb excess oils on the skin- you just shake the bottle before application. I'm overlooking the fact that it's loaded with alcohol, the real problem is elsewhere; this whole Tea Tree line of products is addressed to oily skin with imperfections. However, it's a proven fact that cornstarch clogs pores, so where's the good in adding that to the toner's formulation?

4. Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer
"The product features a sophisticated delivery system with clear active essence suspended in a special core structure". Yeah, don't buy that... Honestly, there's no place for a so-called "active essence" in a concealer, it only thins down the product and alters its composition. For covering spots, opt for the old and trusty Concealer -my favourite so far- and for brightening the under-eye area, the Lightening Touch is just fab.

5. Lip and Cheek Stain in 02-Bronze Glimmer

Personally I only use this kind of product on my cheeks, I find that it can be very drying and uncomfortable on the lips. While I simply adore the original shade 01-Rose Pink, this one is totally... wrong. Let me explain myself- here are the photos of a sheer application on my hand:

Oh yes, this is the same application on different angles, not two swatches from different products! This stain has a rosy matte base AND a coppery-golden shimmering coat, it seems like these two tones get separated on application and be visible as two mismatching products piled together.

So these are the products from the Body Shop that were a complete waste of money!
If you have a same experience with a product, please let me know or even make a post about it; I always enjoy reading this kind of posts, they discourage any excessive shopping urges ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Anonymous21/4/10 21:46

    Polu kalo to regret review!
    Hmmm na skeftw..sigura dn tha agoraza xana to YSL Touche Eclat,petamena lefta enw eixa akusei TOSO kales kritikes!oute MAC vernikia nuxiwn i to concealer tous,polu light..

  2. Αλήθεια; Όντως, παντού διαβάζεις καλά λόγια για το Touche Eclat! Τελικά το πιο ακριβό δεν είναι πάντα το καλύτερο...

  3. I totally agree with you! I mean ... 100%! I have bought all these 5 products and they really sucked! Especially the lip scuff and the Tea Tree line. For sure, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone! Body Shop has some good stuff, but -really- very few.

    I also agree with littlestylist, MAC's nail products are so watery,overpriced... nothing special! I have only bought one and I will NEVER do the same mistake again in my life!

  4. Yeah, this whole "natural" feel of the brand always get me and I end up buying a lot of crappy products!

    I haven't yet tried and nail polishes from Mac but I'm sure I won't be doing any time soon, after your trusty comments ;)

  5. I don't go again for MAC nail policies either. They were watery indeed, even after 3 (!) coats the color sucked and they flaked off really quickly. I also remember having bought years ago MAC Compact Make Up, after a while the make up became like a stone (really!), I couldn't use it and I don't know why it ended up that way. Also, another product from Sephora (I have it in my bag today):Sephora's lush flush, a cheek/lip stain, it's really dry and you have to put many-many coats to see the color. Aw, and Bourjois nail polishes. A really bad product, it only lasted 1/2 (!) day. If I remember anything else, I'll come back :)

  6. Ha ha, Mac has a significant share on this post! I've tried a lot of Bourjois nail polishes and yes, some of them chip very easily.

    As for the Sephora lip&cheek stain- I haven't tried it but usually that kind of product goes a lot sheer. The Body Shop's stain in Rose Pink is a favourite of mine and one I would recommend. Or maybe a cream/mousse blush would work best for you ;)

  7. Pote den exw dokimasei kanena apo ayta ta proionta (eytyxws), opote me glytwneis ap' to na thelw na ta dokimasw...!
    Tha symfwnhsw gia to Touche Eclat, to eixe xrhsimopoihsei h YSL makeup artist panw mou otan mou ekane to makigiaz mia fora, kai proswpika den mou arese katholou!!!


  8. κανένα προιόν του body shop δεν με έχει ξετρελάνει...ακόμα και του κορρέ που όλοι τα βρίζουν, μου φαίνονται καλύτερα.

    το touche eclat δεν το έχω δοκιμάσει, αλλά έχω δοκιμάσει τα αντίστοιχα dior και estee lauder και μου φανηκαν αδιάφορα.γενικά τα highligher μου φαίνονται άχρηστα συν οτι κάνουν το πρόσωπο να δείχνει κάπως αφυσικο...

  9. @tina_mbc, ναι τέτοιου είδους post σε γλιτώνουν από περιττά έξοδα! Λατρεύω να τα διαβάζω από fellow bloggers, καμιά φορά είναι χρήσιμο να διαβάζεις και το τι δεν αποδίδει...

    @efi, χε χε είναι πολλά τα προϊόντα του Body Shop που δε μου άρεσαν, εδώ έκανα μια επιλογή των χειρότερων ;)
    Και πραγματικά, το Touche Eclat είναι λίγο "αφύσικο"- μια φίλη μου το φοράει και φαίνεται σαν να έχει δυο φωτεινούς κύκλους γύρω από τα μάτια!

  10. i never liked the tea tree line either, although the girls at the store always strongly recommend it when i say my skin is oily. but what can you do, beauty products are like the lottery, sometimes you win sometimes you lose

  11. Exactly! Buying products that don't deliver is almost inevitable, but personally I don't mind- I like this "trying-out" process of the good and the bad ;)

  12. I know this post is old but I saw the lipscuff icon and had to read! I have been meaning to buy it for a while but now I'm glad I didn't, I bought a different lip scrub instead, see the review here if you're still interested! http://emilyhasdimples.blogspot.com/2011/09/lush-review-1-lip-scrub.html


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