THE perfect coral nail polish!

Hello my lovelies!

Lately I've been in search for the prettiest coral nail polish; it had to be not too light to be mistaken as an orange, not too dark to fall under the big "red nail polish" family, and it had to be... well, cheap ;)

Once again, I opted for the old favourite and trusty brand Seventeen. I went and literally studied each shade in the red/coral/orange family; I stayed for so long that I'm pretty sure the girls at the store shared a giggle at me... Hey, I couldn't help it- I wanted to get THE perfect coral! So, here it is. The perfect coral nail polish from Seventeen, #219!

You like? Me, I love it!!!

Seriously, my lovely greek readers; if you step into a cosmetics store, go straight to Seventeen's stand and get it with no second thoughts! You can thank me later ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. what a lovely color, suits you very nice :) But...I'm skeptical when it comes to Seventeen. Their nail polishes are cheap not only in price but also in quality. They wear off too easy :(

  2. It's true, they wear off easily- the only reason I keep coming back το Seventeen is that I've been using them since my teen years and it makes me happy wearing them today (πώς λέγεται η "υπεραξία" στα αγγλικά...)

    Oh, and I love the colour variety ;)

  3. Perfect color for the summer, I love it!

  4. Oh, what I lovely colour!!!

    Love the new shades they came out with recently as well, I 've picked up a teal one, gorgeous!

    Lol@the Seventeen counter behaviour, but I 'm exactly like that as well, I need to make sure that I get the best of the bunch, lol!


  5. super! it reminds me of my coral, opi the tasmanian devil made me do it.
    seventeen always have a great variety of colors, i like them too

  6. @meraldia, yeah no summer can be a proper one without coral nails ;)

    @tina_mbc, exactly! When I get home, I hate the feeling that I've picked the wrong colour, I want to be 100% sure that I got what I was looking for! Freaky, I know...
    Oh and I browsed at the new spring colours, so glad that Seventeen came out with bold and "unusual" colours like teal, dark green and grey!

    @This Is Me, yes it is! yes it is!

    @stella, I'm afraid that Seventeen nail polishes don't stand a chance compared with OPI, but what the hell... They're cheaper ;)

  7. Wow that really is thé perfect coral colour!


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