Cherry on Top Award

Hello my lovelies! Long time no see...

I've been given the Cherry on Top Award by the insert-your-expression-for-gorgeousness-together-with-brains Greek blogger This Is Me! Thanks so much girl, it made my day ;)

So that's a lovely opportunity to share with you 3 things about myself:

1. My love for darker shades of nail polish grew because of a small accident that I've had in the past; I managed to pinch my thumb in the door of my friend's car (ouch!) and it has left me with a black stain that doesn't grow off the nail. I still do the french manicure, but whenever I'm in public I meticulously hide my thumb :(

2. I'm a big lover of desserts and sweets and baked goodies, I can eat anything! Well, anything but rice pudding... You see, I had a big trauma back in the days of kindergarden- it was served so often to us kids that the smell made me want to throw up!!! I remember all my friends sitting at the round tables and eating happily their rice pudding, while I was alone at the other side of the room because I couldn't bear that smell near me! I still loathe it...

3. I own two dogs, Cookie and Rocky! We found them 4-5 years ago roaming loose in our neighbourhood, it was raining that day and they were so little and cute! What I enjoy the most is their opposite different personalities; Cookie needs a hug every 5 minutes while Rocky is a free spirit- born to be wild, man!

On a sidenote: although receiving awards from fellow bloggers makes me ever so happy, I'm not as equally content about the so-called "rules" of the award. I particularly don't like the obligation of selecting and publishing a number of other blogs. I am totally against this kind of selection, every blog is interesting and equally exciting!

So, to comply with the award rules, I'm picking Shopping Therapy (because it was the first greek blog I read!) and ThxThxThx- but there are tons of bloggers that I read and enjoy. If you're interested, just click on the "about me" page or the rest of my "interesting sites" located at the bottom right of this page ;)

Oh! I almost forgot, I also have to post one of my favourite pictures! I'm taking this as an excuse to post a teaser of my ramblings to come:

Guess where I was for the last three days, looking all serious? I'm actually absorbed in playing Sea Battle on my cell phone, lol...

Feel free to post any randomness, maybe your worst flavour/smell ever! That would be interesting ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. oh...I can't stand rice pudding too, I hate it! And I also love all kinds of pastry :) I also hate melon's flavour, I think I ate melon once in my life and I wanted to throw up. Nice thing you adopted these two dogs, good girl, good girl :)

  2. Congrats for the award hun!! ;)

    Now following Shoppiong Therapy as well!


  3. To skiniko mou 8imizei Salonika!
    Haha I laughed with your facts! Kindergarden leaves the biggest traumas!

  4. mou aresei poli to blog sou :)

  5. @Pink_Fish, ah I could die peacefully eating just pastry desserts! And I'm so proud of my little ones, maybe I'll do a post about them in the future ;)

    @stella, I think your blog deserves a thousand followers!

    @tina_mbc, thanks!!! Stella's blog rules, I envy her way of writing and her sense of style ;)

    @Marietta, αχμμ το βρήκες... Έγραψα ένα post γι'αυτό, λατρεύω τη Θεσσαλονίκη!!

    @live and love, ω σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ! xx


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