A Mac lipstick and a guest

Hello my lovelies!

So yesterday I went to a big department store, with the purpose of visiting the Mac counter to get an empty 4-eyeshadow palette and, of course, Satin Taupe.

Little did I know that the eyeshadows in the pan form are only available at the Mac free-standing stores :(

So I "settled" with another lipstick that everyone seems to rave about... Hue.

I must say that it deserves every bit of the fuss going on around it! A pretty, no-fail milky pink colour that suits most skintones ;)

But, feeling a little greedy that evening, I strolled around the drugstore-ish floor to look around, and this lipstick got my attention.

It is a Long-Lasting Lip Stylo in the shade #34-Skin Like, by Art Deco. A nice, creamy nude-beige shade. And let me tell you, the rest of the shades were lovely, too- I'll be definitely going back for more! Oh, and the packaging- how sleek and pretty, me I love!

To get a better idea of the colour, here's a comparison with Creme d' Nude:

*** Μay I say that the brand Art Deco is so underestimated! Its products reach the perfect balance between price and quality. I'm particularly fond of their single eyeshadows...

...their Mineral line...

...their MASSIVE bronzing compact that has a different design every summer...

...and my beloved eyeshadow base!

Let me know if you own Hue or any cosmetics from Art Deco ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. I only have one MAC lipstick in my collection, but I absolutely love it! Love their lipglass too!

  2. Oh I haven't tried Mac's lipglasses yet, but I'm sure going to! xx

  3. i'm still looking for the perfect pink-beige everyday lipstic, so i'm gonna check out these ones! thanx for sharing

  4. Oh you're gonna love Hue, I'm sure of it! xx

  5. MAC lipstics are fine, I have MAC R.E.D. and Russian Red lip gloss, I also have a pink fuchsia one, don't remember the shade No now. I'm a huge fan of Art Deco, they're so value for mine. You should try their eye shadows, very pigmented and great colours' variety. I also bought recently one Mineral Eyeshadow from that brands, lasts for hours and hours. And a mini nail enamel in a lovely white shimmery shade. Great, great brand. Haven't tried any of their lipstics though

  6. ooops, I meant value for money above, lol :)

  7. Mac lipsticks are of top quality, but I can settle with a cheaper and decent one any time! This one from Art Deco is really great, I'll be definitely going back for more!

    I'm a big-big fan of the Art Deco eyeshadows, currently I'm on the look-out for some neutral shades- my goal is to get 12 of them and then get the big Art Deco empty eyeshadow palette to fit them in ;)

  8. Love that you mentioned ArtDeco, the eyeshadow primer is prob gonna be my next purchase from them and I saw the bronzer in a magazine ad... gorgeous!!!
    Buut... you know, in order to fully convince us about that lipstick, we need lip swatches...hehe! ;)


  9. The eyeshadow primer from Art Deco is really good value, although mine has dried out to the max and I have to heat it up prior using it :(

    About the swatches, I'm currently working on a flattering lip pose XD

  10. I also have Hue and another fave of mine is Blankety.

    Found your blog today and Im your new follower.

    Please check out mine too.. :)



  11. @❤ilvoeshopping❤, hi!

    Checked your blog and followed ;)

  12. That lipstick colour is great!


  13. Hey I'm a fellow Greek blogger too! :) I love artdeco, especially their eyeshadows and their eyeshadow base! :) I'm your 50th follower btw woohooooo!!!

  14. @Becky, yeah it's so pretty!

    @Stavroula, the eyeshadows from Art Deco must be the best-seller of the brand, so many girls rave about them ;)
    The 50th follower? Yay!!! That calls for a celebration =D =D

  15. I have about 25 of them, if you want any swatches let me know! :) The eyeshadow base is AMAZING!!! I've used up 2 jars already! :) Now I'm using Radiant Eyeshadow Base, which is equally good! :)

    Yep 50th follower!! :D Lucky number! :)

  16. I checked your blog and looked at the two finished palettes with Art Deco eyeshadows... Oh my, I HAVE to have one!

    And yeah, the eyeshadow base is my favourite, too- although I have a question: I've had mine for like a year and it has dried out to the extent I can't use it anymore... Is it normal for an eyeshadow base to dry that quickly?

  17. The pics I have aren't that clear, so if you want more clear pics or swatches let me know! :)

    Mine dried up after 1 1/2 years, so I guess that's the nature of this eyeshadow base! I have no idea if there's any way we can save the remaining product! :(

  18. I'd love to see some swatches!! I'm building a small "neutrals" collection- as soon as I reach 12 I'll get the Magnum Box to fit them in :)

  19. Most of the eyeshadows I got are neutral, earth toned! ;) I'll do some swatches in the next few days! ;)


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