The Body Shop Shimmer Waves

Hello my lovelies!

Don't they look enticing? I'm always fascinated with this kind of make-up product - a big compact powder with lots of different colours that can be used for highlighting, contouring, as a blush or even as an eyeshadow palette...

These are the Shimmer Waves from the Body Shop. As you can tell, they're supposed to be a Shimmer Brick "dupe"- they may be cheaper than the Bobbi Brown powders but they're relatively pricey for Body Shop products. But anyway, they looked far too pretty to be passed by!

01- Bronze

#1 (left to right)- a shimmering champagne colour
#2- a deep golden shade
#3- a dark bronzey shade
#4- a dark neutral brown. Fear not, this isn't as pigmented as the rest of the shades!
#5- a shimmering light golden shade

Applied altogether with a brush: a beautiful, very flattering dark bronzey colour! Personally, I think it looks best during summer, on top of a matte bronzer or on its own. I love the fact that it reflects this beautiful golden glow while having a deep bronzey base- I hope I'm making sense ;)

02- Blush

#1 (left to right)- a dark rosey colour
#2- a shimmering champagne colour
#3- a light rosey shade
#4- a light bone beige shade that is not as pigmented as the rest :(
#5- a shimmering white with lilac-pink duochrome

Applied altogether with a brush: a subtle and light rosy shimmer that can easily be worn during the day- unlike the Bronze and the Peach that -for me- can look a "too much" thing at daytime. This powder is so finelly milled that it won't ever accentuate any pores, how cool is that? The only downside (if I can count it as such) is that it clashes with bronze/brown eye shadows, which I use a lot...

03- Peach

#1 (left to right)- a light golden colour
#2- a shimmering peach shade
#3- an orange shade
#4- a very light shimmering peach
#5- a shimmering champagne colour

Applied altogether with a brush: an intense peach-to-silver-to-gold shimmer (you can tell the different shimmers by looking from the left to the right). It is obvious that this compact is the most pigmented of all three... Colour-wise, I would say that it is the most easiest of the three to wear. However, it requires a veeery, very light application as you can look like a discoball within seconds! Plus its shimmering particles are the "biggest" of the three (well, you have to look really closely to notice that), so that it can make any pores on the skin more noticeable.

By the way, did you notice a "shimmering champagne colour" going on all three compacts? That's because these colours are IDENTICAL and they make a beautiful inner-corner highlight! So whenever I'm using a compact, I opt for the champagne colour for my inner eyelids and I'm done :D

What's your favourite highlighting product? Are you tempted by these palettes?
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. These palettes look lovely! For some reason, I can never get enough of highlighters!

  2. OMG those are so pigmented that when I looked at your pictures without reading your post, I thought they were eyeshadows LOL.

  3. STILA has a very nice highlighter, a pinky one. I use it rarely because I have pores and it doesn't look so nice. I like the Clinique palettes for highlighting too. One thing also: applying a little amount when make-up is finished, creates a nice (and cheap I must say) highlighting effect

  4. @Hope- I know, applying highlighter really makes my day so it's hard not to love them all!

    @Gaby- That's what I love about them, they can double up as eyeshadows while saving so much space on my travel makeup bag!

    @Pink_Fish- Yeah, you have to be careful at choosing a highlighter if you have pores, but if it's finelly milled and applied lightly there shouldn't be a problem ;)

  5. These are all so beautiful!!

  6. Glad you enjoyed the post, hun!

  7. i have a similar product by clinique. it's like the first one but has only three shades instead of 5. i usually wear it during the summer.

  8. Great post dear! And great swatches!
    I 'm really liking the look of the second one (but I should really stop buying makeup, lol)! :)

  9. Oh thanks!!!

    I always enjoy looking at posts with swatches, I hope mine are interesting too ;)

  10. Ohhhhh the first one is gorgeous!!! I like the second one as well! :)


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