November 2011 favourites!

My my, how time flies by!
I can't believe it's December already; it doesn't feel like it, I'll tell you that... I mean, it hasn't rained for weeks and it's not that chilly yet; so when are we gonna get snow? There's no Christmas without snow, dammit!

Ok, rant over...
On to my November favourites:

Seventeen Waterproof lipliner, shade Pure Red: until I got my hands on Russian Red, I settled on this one. By the way, I find the greek "drugstore" lip pencils to be of excellent quality, give them a try if you're in need for one!
(p.s.: oh yes, Russian Red is crossed out of my X-mas list! hehe)

Elf Studio Matte lip colour, shade Natural: a pretty matte nude
"office-appropriate" lipstick that I used a lot in my morning makeup routine. Doesn't feel dry at all, and to be honest it makes my lips look fuller than good old lipgloss ;)

TBS Baked eye colour, shade Sapphire: my go-to choice for a navy smokey eye during past month. The thing is, I came to the wrong conclusion that baked eyeshadows photograph so much nicely than the regular pressed eyeshadows- but, after seeing the latest Pixiwoo vid, I realised it wasn't the baked formula that was to blame but the light coordinating shade blended in the crease. I urge you to try this method instead of blending the dark lid colour with your usual light brown shade, you'll be amazed by how much nicer it looks in photographs!

    Swatches from left to right: Seventeen lip liner, Elf Matte lip colour,
    Elf Celebrity eyeshadow, TBS Sapphire baked eyeshadow duo

Elf Mineral eyeshadow, shade Celebrity: when I first opened this little pot, instantly a contemporary makeup icon came to mind: JLo. This is THE most perfect shade to achieve that JLo look- both in terms of colour (golden light brown) and shimmer (sparkly but not glittery, almost metallic). Like all loose pigments, it creases after a good 5hour wear-
but who cares? Seriously, everyone should own Celebrity!

Dior Amber Diamond shimmer powder: my precious... My collection of highlighters is complete with this baby. Although after using it a lot the last couple of weeks, I noticed it looks "too much" for daytime wear- but it has that depth that enables me to pair it with a nice bronzer and just skip blush altogether.

I also popped into H&M and among other things, I bought these cute lipbalm tins with Disney's Bambi on the front- love the packaging and their scent, hate to admit that they dry out my lips so bad! Thank goodness for Apivita balms, they always come to my rescue...

So, what have you been loving during November?



  1. aaaw these cute lip balms. Not moisturizing at all true but soooooo damn cute. I found the hand cream of this set much more moisturizing gladly and with the same cute themed bottle.

  2. Great post love!!I have an elf mineral eyeshadow in Socialite and I love it. This colour looks amazing as well!!And I see you are still loving your Dior Amber Diamond...!!:)
    I bought the H&M perfume with bambie on the bottlei(i think it is called Sugared Fig) and I love it.

  3. @smugnificent, yeah I'm always falling for the packaging of H&M lip balms and each one I've tried so far seems to be made of the same stuff that dries out my lips! Fail :(

    @Athina, I was blown away by the quality of this Elf eyeshadow, should shop some more shades and Socialite is on my list! hehe
    Can't blame you, for buying the H&M Bambie perfume, they're so affordable and cute! xx

  4. Dude, I've been looking for the H&M balm in creme brulee in 3 stores. And it was nowhere to be found. Pfff.
    Is the Elf Studio Matte lip colour good wear wise? I want to get one but if it lasts 2-3 hours I don't think it'll be worth it.
    Great post as always!

  5. omg i love your blog <3 why didn't I find it sooner?:)

  6. Really pretty colors!

    My favorites are same old and not as pretty as yours... LOL.


  7. @Ria, I managed to get these lip balms from the new H&M store at Ermou street, it was only a couple of days since it opened its doors and it was all stocked up with these cuties! Well the Elf matte lip thingie is not the most long-lasting product out there but I do like it, I'm planning to get the rest of the shades! xx

    @Passing fancy, hehe I'm glad you like it, huni! I love yours too! xx

  8. @bee., hehe I'm sure I'd find your favourites as pretty as you find mine! xx

  9. great post!!!!I fell in love with the ELF lip matte colour!!!

  10. I love the seventeen eye pencils, but strangely I haven't tried any lip pencils. I'll have them in mind though. The Dior has been on my list forever but I ain't buying it any time soon, I have too many similar unfinished products... As for the HM balks how come I haven't seen them??!! U can use them for nail cuticles

  11. @Selehna, oh I'm glad you liked it! ;)

    @stella, yeah I was pretty satisfied with this Seventeen lip pencil, now I want to get me some eye pencils too! Lol I could probably use the H&M balms for my elbows too! xx

  12. what beautiful eye colors!


  13. The elf es looks nice.I got a new pp by mac,trasure hunt,its light gold and it looks good paired with mascara.I've forgotten that seventeen has great lipliners, I have to check them out.The balms from h&m are too sweet for me, but their bronzer is a favourite of mine.
    You could try a tutorial or fotd with your new stuff.Great post

  14. @jas, I know, ain't they lovely? ;)

    @andreana, oooh Treasure Hunt PP looks stunning, enjoy it while it's still new and creamy! I have to check out the H&M cheek products, I'm always falling for their lip balms and eyeshadows (which they suck, by the way) and I forget to look around for blushes and bronzers! xx

  15. The shop assistant told me to store the pp upside down, so it won't dry out

  16. Great, I can use this tip with my Painterly! Thanks for sharing! xx

  17. lovely faves hun! and of course i am impressed by the dior highlighter as always!! love the champaign e/s as well.

    now as far as hnm lip balms go, yeah they're the worst and dry out my, already dry lips, but i always pop one in my shopping bag because of their cute packaging!!! how sad is that :P xx

  18. Haha I know, I keep buying lipbalms from H&M although I know beforehand they're gonna dry out my lips! Maybe sometimes they'll change the product inside, we can only hope! xx


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