Yves Saint Laurent Noël 2011 makeup collection

Last week in Attica Department Store, an interesting event took place: Fred Letailleur, European makeup artist for YSL, presented the new Yves Saint Laurent makeup collection for this Christmas, notably named
"Look Noël".

And I must say, I was charmed.

First and foremost, the makeup collection itself is indeed so inspiring; it captures the essense of the iconic YSL black tuxedo and all the fine fabrics that create different shades of black. Me, being a total-black-outfit fanatic, I fell for it right away.

The most exciting product of this makeup collection is the LE Black Tuxedo eyeshadow palette that contains 4 variations of black and a shimmering white in the middle. Wrapped around this palette is a black YSL "belt" that you can actually wear as a wrist cuff ;)

Other LE products in this collection: the White Tuxedo palette (complexion illuminator with silver, pink and violet hues) and the Black Manicure duo (one matte and one glossy).

The Noël makeup collection is completed with a few products from the YSL permanent makeup range, as shown below:

Personally, if I was to grab just one product from this collection, it would have to be the Black Tuxedo eyeshadow palette (slightly biased cause of the black wrist cuff, can you blame me?); the White Tuxedo didn't catch my fancy- I'd rather have a golden highlighter than a cool-toned powder. And I think I can dupe the black manicure shown on the promo pics with cheaper nail polishes, hehe

As for the rest non-LE products, my eyes were drawn to the new Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks- if you're a lipstick lover like me, let me tell you that you won't find such bold and yet sophisticated shades at Mac, and that's a fact; see, I could easily imagine a mature lady wearing the YSL #39 purple lipstick, but in no way could she go out of the house wearing Mac's Violetta...
I decided to wait for everyone else in the blogosphere to have their go on the Rouge Pur Coutures, so then I can do my homework with their swatches and pick out my favourite ;)

Fred Letailleur was so lovely!!! I wasn't expecting a world renowned makeup artist to be so down to earth and kind with all the inquiring people surrounding him and just... cute! Only thing I wanted was to pinch his cheeks! Aww...

He did 2 makeup looks on gorgeous models Adela and Katerina; I managed to take notes of his invaluable tips, so here they are:

* It's best to start with the most dramatic aspect on your makeup- be it a dark smokey eye or a vampy lip, so that you can adjust the rest of the makeup accordingly without overdoing it
* To make a smokey eye look more modern, it's best to bring the focus to the eyeshadow shape dragging it towards the temples, than to apply lots and lots of black eyeliner around the eye
* For an understated cheek, all you have to do is to use a darker shade of Touche Eclat to contour under the cheekbones, and apply a shimmering powder high on the cheeks in a "C" shape
* And as for lips, plum is the new red for this season (so true!)

All in all, it was an enjoyable event and I did get closer to the brand- although I have to say I feel like I've betrayed myself for enjoying a LE makeup collection... No, my feelings haven't shifted 180 degrees- I'm still not loving the fact that you can't repurchase a LE product, but I came to realise that such makeup collections are there not only to sell-sell-sell, but to inspire as well.

It's the same as with high fashion shows- you may not always be able to afford all the outfits worn at the catwalk, but they sure serve as a style inspiration. Non?

So, what are your thoughts on this YSL makeup collection?



  1. wow thanks for this post, i love YSL makeup, i wish i was there haha! I want that dark purple lipstick, i need it! It seems so pretty!

  2. I was drawn to that lipstick, too! Hate to say it but it tops off Violetta any time ;)

  3. Join the club, girl! haha ;)

  4. Ωω φαινονται ολα υπεροχα,ειδικα τα κραγιον..
    Τωρα ασε με να ονειρευομαι την στιγμη που θα αρχισω την συλλογη μου απο YSL προϊοντα :P

  5. Χα, εγώ δεν το βλέπω να κρατιέμαι και να μείνω στη σκέψη- με τρώει το χέρι μου να ψωνίσω κανένα YSL κραγιόν! xx

  6. oh...i m in love with YSL packaging...and i 'm not even a fan of gold! Anyways i cant really spend that amount of money on a single product,although i do realize that it s always better getting less things of higher quality!i want that purple lipstick so badly... :D

  7. omg!!!! the lipglosses rock!!! and the black tuxedo palette?? ????? F***ing hot!! HAVE to purchase one IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  8. Really liked the tips! Generally I think highly of ysl make up (as opposed to Christian Dior ...)

  9. Evala stoxo t kragion to mov k t mov lipgloss!!!


  10. I love this collection too much, I work opposite the YSL counter and eye up the lipglosses and smokey eye palette every day! I think I'm going to have to treat myself. I bought two of the Rouge Pur Couture lippies for my mum and boyfriends mum for christmas, have a blog post coming up on those. XxX

  11. εμένα που μου άρεσαν τα βερνίκια νυχιών πειράζει;;;
    blame the good marketing! πφφφφφφφ!
    γιατί προφανώς τα βρίσκεις και στο 1/5 της τιμής!

  12. ενδιαφέρουσα συλλογή. θα ήθελα να δώ το σμόκι άι με την παλέτα ιν άξιον για να καταλάβω πώς χρησιμοποιεί τους διάφορους τονους του μαύρου. δεν ήμουνα φαν, αλλα τις τελευταίες σεζόν βγάζει πολύ ωραίες συλλογές ο οίκος. θα έλεγα όμως πώς επειδή το λουκ είναι αρκετά μυστηριώδες και σέξυ, πρέπει να το υποστηρίζεις και κατάλληλα, δηλαδή να σου πηγαίνει. σκέφτομαι πώς το μαύρο μάτι/βιολετί στόμα θα ταίριαζε ιδανικά σε μια ωραία μελαχρινή, όπως η μαρία ναυπλιώτου ή η μαρία σολωμού. προσωπικά δεν ξέρω αν θα μπορούσα να βαφτώ τόσο φαμ φατάλ. μια παρατήρηση για τα γκλος - δεν μου αρέσει το βουρτσάκι + η μυρωδιά γεύση που αφήνουν. είναι σαν έχεις φάει φέτα με ρίγανη. not too YSL.

  13. a fantastic post!
    that make up palette looks amazing!!
    I am following you back on bloglovin :)
    i look forward to your posts! :D


  14. Looks like a great event!! Great pics!

  15. This collection is really impressing!
    I want to try the lipglosses! They look adorable!

  16. I'm very intrigued by the ysl xmas collection and their products never seem to fail me so i guess i'm gonna check them out some time this week :) xx

  17. I need THOSE nail polishes! Great collection by the way :) x

  18. Absolutely stunning! Especially the black Tuxedo palette is to die for!

  19. @afro, I feel exactly the same; seeing all those lovely YSL makeup products inspired me to save my money and buy less products but of better quality xx

    @makeupbymarias, haha I totally agree- the Black Tuxedo palette is so gorgeous! Puts me into temptation ;)

    @stella, oh but I do love Dior makeup products, the Amber Diamond powder is one of my fav purchses of 2011! xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles, ναι και τα lipgloss ήταν όλα πανέμορφα, the grown-up version of Dazzleglasses! xx

  20. @Emily Has Dimples, oh I'd love to read your post! Looking forward to it xx

    @ChangeTheCut, ναι κι εμένα μου φάνηκε πολύ έξυπνο το ότι έχουν μόνο 2 μαύρα βερν. νυχιών- ούτε κόκκινα ούτε ροζ! Thumbs up for that ;)

    @λειντι ντι, χαχα όχι βρε lady και φέτα με ρίγανη! Εγώ τα δοκίμασα και μου άρεσαν, και το πινελάκι καλό ήταν. Πάντως, ο Fred Letailleur χρησιμοποίησε το ίδιο μοβ κραγιόν στην ξανθιά μοντέλα μαζί με χρυσή σκιά και της πήγαινε πολύ! Αν θες να δεις την παλέτα σκιών in action, δες εδώ: http://isfashionart.blogspot.com/2011/11/yves-saint-laurent-look-noel-2011-how.html

    @Jen Umm, thank you sweetie, I'm glad you liked it! xx

  21. @Tali, yeah I had a great time there! xx

    @Supergirl, the lipglosses are fab ;)

    @fashion written with a lipstick, oh do let me know what you think of the products if you see them in stores, luv! xx

    @M, I know, the nail polishes are so pretty!

    @Cel, I've fallen for this palette too! I love its concept- lots of black shades and a shimmering white. Brilliant! xx

  22. Ooooh, lurvely pics hunni!!!
    And luuurvely products of course!!! The lipglosses, lipsticks and manicure duo look amazing (though I agree you could dupe the look for much less)!
    YSL have stepped up their game even more I think; atm I'm incapable of picking just 1 Rouge Pur Couture shade!!!


    1. I was thinking exactly the same- YSL makeup is starting to stand out from other high-end brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder, etc. This particular collection is the most interesting I saw back in Christmas! I'm actually thinking of getting a Rouge Volupte cause I can't get over its amaaazing packaging! xx


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