Kerastase Elixir Ultime review

...An extraordinary blend of beautifying oils for ultimate softness and shine...

So last month I was sent*** this cult beauty product to try out, and these are my thoughts on it!

First off, let's get a couple of things out of the way before we get to the actual synthesis of the product:

For this intricate ottoman-esque pattern on the packaging, Kerastase collaborated with designer brand YAZBUKEY- aka two sisters from Egypt with a flair for unique and funky jewelry. It's the first time Elixir Ultime is dressed up in a Limited Edition bottle- and righty so, because such hair oils that have been used by women in all Eastern civilizations for centuries are back in fashion, so this new arabesque design gives the product a more "down to the roots" feel.
And you know me, I'm the last person to favour anything LE- but, since the product inside is the same as it's always been, I sure don't mind a mere change on the label!

As for the scent, OMG... Think of an expensive amber floral perfume, that's what is smells like! Honestly, if there is a proper perfume on the market that smells like Elixir Ultime, it shall go straight to my wishlist!

Now, for the actual formula inside:

Kerastase markets Elixir Ultime as a multi-tasking product that can be used on all hair types, wet or dry hair, etc.; and if you look at the ingredients list, you can see why:

Containing both oils and silicone, you get the best of both worlds- the nutritive values of 4 oils (Argan, Camelia, Maize, Pracaxi) with the lightweight texture of silicone.
While on the subject, I don't see any problem applying makeup or hair products containing silicone- as long as they're used in moderation.

So, which are the ways to apply it?

Before shampooing: tried that method and wasn't impressed, purely because all its gorgeous scent got vanished after I washed my hair...
After shampooing: leaves my hair conditioned, shiny and smelling fantastic!
Before styling: makes my hair straighteners glide like a dream! Needless to say, Elixir Ultime has become an indispensable product in my styling routine. That is, when I actually decide to style my hair...
As a finishing touch: so as to give emphasis to some locks and make them shinier.
Throughout the day: I can imagine this method working a treat on dry/coloured hair, but mine are fairly healthy so I omit this application, too.

In the end, would I recommend Elixir Ultime?

Well, Elixir Ultime is valued as a cult product in the haircare market and if you do spend much time on your hair, you have to try it out. Personally, I hadn't used any oils/silicones before as I thought it was unnecessary, but now I seem to keep reaching for this one all the time! It might make it to a permanent fixture in my haircare routine, we'll see...

What are your thoughts on Elixir Ultime?
Have you tried any Kerastase products?

***I was contacted to receive this product by Kerastase. I wasn't asked to write a review and I wasn't compensated for it. These are my honest opinions; my loyalty is to my lovely readers!



  1. The packaging alone is GORGEOUS!I have dry hair so I really need some hydrating boost and I would definitely consider buying this one, it's Kerastase after all! Too bad I've already ordered a Moroccanoil!

  2. Lovely review hunnie! I've seen this in the beauty community but didn't really have the chance to try it. Now I get except for the Moroccan Oil, I'm getting this one as well :) I need some moisture back into my dry hair!

    Also i have tried a few shampoos and conditioners by Kerastase and I've been pleased with the results so i see no reason why i shouldn't spurge on that! What is the retailing price?

    :) xx

  3. Oh I can imagine Moroccanoil to be fantastic! My hair is not dry (yet) so I don't want to load them up with heavy oils and stuff... This Elixir Ultime is just perfect for me ;)

  4. @fashion written with a lipstick, it should retail around 30-35E, I'm not exactly sure. It's definitely worth the splurge though, a little goes a long way and may I say once more that it smells sooo nice? haha xx xx

  5. I have this and i ADORE it! I use it everyday for everything, it's my best styling product yet. The scent is amazing, and far better than Biosilk :)

  6. Ah I'm glad you like it, too! Now i don't need to try out Biosilk, hehe xx

  7. Me ha encantado la presentacion

    Besotes suiteros.Estamos de sorteo

  8. I love Kerastase products. I haven't tried this one yet though.


  9. Κerastase δεν εχω χρησιμοποιησει, ειναι λιγο ακριβα.
    εγω χρησιμοποιω το chi το λαδακι οταν ισιωνω τα μαλλια.
    ακομα παντως ψαχνω το τελειον προϊόν για λάμψη.
    Miss Starshiny

  10. I feel like I can almost smell it from here. Thanks for bringing it to my attention as I'm a sucker for hair products!

    Maria xx

  11. @la suite, gracias sweetie! ;)

    @MaviDeniz, oh you should def try this one too! It's so worth it ;) xx

    @Miss Starshiny, πού είναι τα Chi? Δεν ήξερα ότι ήρθαν στην Ελλάδα! Thx for sharing! xx

    @Maria, hehe I'm happy you found it helpful! I'm not a massive haicare shopper myself but after I've tried this product, I think it's worth shopping around for a good-quality hair product. xx

  12. I couldn't wait till christmas and bought it.It is great before and after straightening my hair, but I get the same effect with silicone.I will not repurchase it.Maybe I try myth oil.Another oil I use before shampooing is from le petit marseillais with argan oil and it's amazing.
    But you are right the elixir smells divine.

  13. Really? I haven't yet tried pure silicone on my hair, so I wouldn't know any differences between that and Elixir Ultime... Well you win some, you lose some! It does smell divine! xx

  14. Ive heard so man good things and today even someone was talking to me about it.. i really should try it out!

  15. για τα chi εχω ακουσει κ εγω κ κυριως για το μεταξι που εχουν. νομιζω τα πουλανε σε κομμωτηρια, ξερω κ ενα eshop ελληνικο που τα πουλαει. δεν ειναι δυσκολο να το βρεις στο google (μην κανω κ διαφημιση τσαμπα :P)

    kerastase δεν εχω δοκιμασει τπτ. θελω αλλα γμτ αυτη η τιμη...ευτυχως που δεν εχω κπ ιδιαιτερο θεμα με τα μαλλια μου κ βολευομαι με τα ευρειας.
    για λαμψη μονο αν καποιος εχει να προτεινει κτ. για τα gliss εχω ακουσει καλα λογια.

  16. @Tali, you should try it out, doll! I'd love to see what you think of it cause I trust your opinion! xx

    @evi, α τώρα κατάλαβα! Εξ ου και το "Chi silk infusion", έχουν στ' αλήθεια μετάξι- nice! Ναι η τιμή του Elixir Ultime τσιμπάει αλλά αισθάνομαι ότι το προϊόν ανταποκρίνεται στην τιμή του! Τόσο που αν (λέμε τώρα αν) μου τελειώσει ποτέ, σκοπεύω να το αγοράσω! xx

  17. Oh let me know if you try it out, girl! ;)

  18. Great review girl, very organised!!! PS: I think u got me covered for the most part, hehehe!


  19. Thank you huni! I'd love to read your thoughts on it xx


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