Elf review: Plumping Lip Glaze

For me, this review is very easy to put together because simply, I'm not liking this product at all.

Apart from its price (1,70E), there's nothing really positive to write home about... You can read on the facts and see for youself:

* there's way too little product in there! Only 0.9 gr on each side...
* the shade I got (Peach Passion) is nothing like the name or the image on Elf's website suggest: in fact, it's a warm medium pink which looks ok, but I was expecting something peachier!
* as with all Elf lipglosses I've tried so far, pigmentation is very sheer.
* the sparkly white base STINGS!!! You're supposed to apply it on dry lips before the coloured gloss, but to me it's unbearable... After application, my lips hurt for 15'- and if that wasn't enough, it smelled like Vix.
* the "plumping" claims are only a visual effect caused by the white sparkles of the "plumping" side.

     Too little product! Exhibit A: when the applicator is removed,
     the vial containing the white base looks half-full...

     Exhibit B: you think you get a good amount of gloss, until you look
     at the base of the tube... Too much plastic and less room for gloss!

Overall, I'm turned off by the ever so little amount of lipgloss and the stingy white base. I'll still use it though, but I'm not repurchasing.

Has any of you tried one of these Plumping Lip Glazes by Elf?
Do you trust in plumping lip products?



  1. too bad it didn't workout for you... I haven't tried this one out yet.

  2. oh that's pretty bad..i really like the liquid lipstick from elf! it's super plumping! i havent tried this one but now i wont:p

  3. Ah it's a shame it's rubbish, I've had good results from lots of ELF products but admittedly never tried this, and now I probably won't!!x

  4. Και σκεφτόμουν να το αγοράσω για να το δοκιμάσω!! Πάλι καλά που έκανες το review :)

  5. I really want to find some lip plumber stuff that works! None of them work on my lips for some reason :(


  6. I have a plushglass by mac and a volumizing by essence.They are defintely not plumping my lips, but they are not hurting them either.It's like having peppermint oil on your lips.I liked their shades, but read afterwards about the effect.
    How is the score on the elf products?what is good and what is bad?Are you going to order some more ?

  7. Thanks for the review, I had been curious about this lip plumper but will give it a miss now I think x

  8. @bee., eh well, no big harm done! I would be frustratred with myself if it cost more than a tenner ;)

    @Anastasia, the Elf liquid lipstick is my favourite, too! Love its applicator ;)

    @Celia, yeah me too, some Elf products turned out to be great! This one was a total fail :(

    @Claire D. T, no no κοπέλα μου, μείνε μακριά! xx

  9. @Noora Katariina, well I reckon the high end lip plumpers should do the trick but I'd rather spend my money on Mac lipsticks instead! xx

    @andreana, oops I didn't know the Mac plushglass was meant to be plumping on the lips! :/
    Well I'm definitely going to order some more Elf products in the future, though not everything I got so far was actually worth it... If I had to pick the top 3 of the Elf products I own so far, they would have to be: the Studio powder brush, the Studio blush&bronzer duo and the Mineral eyeshadows. I would recommend these 3 to anyone! Hope I helped! xx

    @Stefany, yeah it's definitely meant to be passed by... xx

  10. I only trust LipFusion for any lip plumping action. Yes, they cost a LOT but there's a ton of product there (takes me about a yr to finish the clear tube and I almost use it every night b4 I go to bed), not to mention they don't sting the lips at all (unlike other lip plumpers)!!!


  11. Had a little online search for LipFusion, now that's the REAL thing! This Elf so-called "lip plumper" is going straight to the bin!


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