October 2011 favourites

Well, well...
How did 3 Mac products make it to this month's favourites post?!?
It's not like I'm a Mac hoarder or anything...

So during past month I rediscovered my favourite eyeshadow palette, had an utter makeup revelation and came one step closer to fully worship my first ever Chanel acquisition! Read on...

Elf custom palette with TBS eyeshadows: my go-to everyday eyeshadow palette during September. May I just say for-the-zillionth-time that the matte brown shade is my absolute favourite eyeshadow? And that it's discontinued? Hate it when TBS discontinues all the good stuff!!! Aaanyways, moving on...

Mac Paintpot in Painterly: amazing product. A staple! Although it turns out I was using it completely wrong, so one of these days I'll write a review explaining how to take advantage of its full potential ;)

Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base: aka Bronze Universel ;) Ok, so I'm
half-way there on the Bronze Universel how-to... So far, I'm only using it on its own but I'll soon be exploring its versatility to the fullest! The glow it gives on my face is beyond gorgeous!

Mac 130 brush: using it solely to apply my Bronze Universel; I wasn't wowed at first with this brush, but now I'm totally head over heels for it!

Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick: been loving bright lips for my evening makeup cause it takes the least amount of effort to make a striking look! And I'm actually considering wearing bright lips on daytime too-
as I get instantly that feeling of uber confidence/ looking everyone down, tehehe... It's for sure the makeup revelation for 2011. Fact.


Last weekend, my sweetheart surprised me with a totally unexpected present...

     This Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne perfume set!!!

And to think that I actually wanted to buy this perfume but never told him about it! How on earth did he read my mind and went out and got me this particular fragrance, I'll never know...
I love you, Κωστή μου!

So, what were your most loved products during September?
Have you tried any of the products pictured above?



  1. lovely post hun!
    i love the parisienne!!and i love your favourites, Pink Nouveau is gorgeous! wish you did an FOTD with it :) xx

  2. Glad you liked it, dear! Yeah Parisienne smells so nice, it's the perfect "I'm not a girl not yet a woman" kind of scent! xx

  3. can't wait to read your paintpot post! (not too interested in chanel bronzer - it seems really bulky and difficult to apply, even with so many youtube tutorials!)


  4. Teleio post! na se rwtisw evi mou to chanel bronzer kykloforei kai twra sta katastimata giati to epsaksa kai den to vrika... :(
    Yperoxo to YSL...lucky girl! ;)

  5. @Jacq, haha yeah it IS so bulky! I can't take it with me when I'm travelling and I hate that! xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles, ναι αμέ, κυκλοφορεί! Απλά το δείγμα που έχουν τα stands είναι πάααρα πολύ μικρό, καμία σχέση με το κανονικό μέγεθος, και μήπως γι'αυτό δεν το πρόσεξες. Εκτός αν έχεις ρωτήσει και σου είπαν ότι τους έχει τελειώσει προσωρινά- για να καταλάβεις, εγώ το πέτυχα in stock με την τέταρτη φορά στο Hondos Center! xx

  6. LOVE bronze universal but it took me a while to figure out how to make it work best for me!! xx

  7. I'm tempted to get the Chanel bronzer, I have read so many raves about it!
    Please do share with us a paint pot how-to, I'm basically slapping it onto my lids!LOL

  8. Haha I know!!! I've had it for 5 months and still practice only one way to wear it! xx

  9. Αυτό για το κραγιόν το πιστεύω πλέον κ γω! Με ένα έντονο κραγιόν κ μάσκαρα είσαι έτοιμη για έξοδο! Με'γεια κ το άρωμα! Είναι μαγευτικό ε; =)))
    Τι έκανες με το Painterly; Για πες μήπως το κάνω κ γω λάθος!;

  10. @ScrapgalGR, well the Chanel bronzer is great but takes a lot of patience to figure out how to wear it... xx

    @Argyrousa, ε μα ναι, πού να κάθεσαι να τελειοποιείς το μάτι για ένα τέταρτο... Φοράς ένα έντονο κραγιόν και ξεμπερδεύεις! Θέλει μαστοριά το paintpot, θα το γράψω σε ποστ! xx

  11. How sweet !!! Maybe he reads your blog :p

    I loveee Chanel , such good makeup :) I really need to try some TBS shadows xo

  12. Lovely favorites dear!!!! :)
    And what a sweet surprise from your boy!
    You are getting me all pumped up for the Chanel Bronzer!! I might have to pick it up sooner than I thought!

  13. love your favourites. everyone always raves about that chanel bronzer i need it in my life.

  14. αγαπώ Painterly! Ωραία όλα, ειδικά το χρώμα του κραγιόν!

  15. Αγαπω τα favourites!!το paint pot και εμενα με δυσκολευει τελευταία,και μάλλον φταιει το οτι ψιλοξεράθηκε!δοκίμασα της benefit και απλωνόνταν τοοοοσο εύκολα!ηθελα να πεταξω το bare study απ το παράθυρο! Το girl about town το φοράω απ το πρωι,αλλα απλά το πατάω πάνω στα χείλη,ωστε να μπει λιγη ποσότητα! :)

  16. Anonymous2/11/11 22:22

    I looooove this Mac pink lipstick!!

  17. @glittermeup, haha I never thought of that but it makes sense! Sneaky boyf... xx

    @Athina, I 100% recommend this Chanel bronzer, there's nothing like it on the market! xx

    @Donna ♥ Baby. glad you liked them huniii! Yeah everyone raves about the Chanel bronzer for a reason, tehehe ;)

  18. @Βeauty Εditor, ναι ναι- άργησα να ανακαλύψω το Painterly αλλά τώρα το αγάπησα! xx

    @afro, αλήθεια, τόσο καλό το benefit; Λες για το creaseless cream eyeshadow, ε; Noted! Ναι τώρα θα αρχίσω να φοράω τα έντονα κραγιόν και το πρωί σαν stain, ε βαρέθηκα πια όλο nudes και ροζ! xx

    @Ria, I'm glad you like it! I love it, too ;)

  19. ωωω τι γλυκος! να τον χαιρεσαι :D
    φλερταρω και γω με τα duo fibre brushes της mac. μαλλον το 187.

    @afro, χμμμ το bare study και μενα μου ξεραθηκε. εχω και καιρο να το χρησιμοποιησω λογω απιστιας με την βαση της radiant. αν και το bare study μου αρεσει να το βαζω μονο του.
    δοκιμασε να το βαλεις για ενα λεπτο πανω στο καλοριφερ...

  20. Uwaaaa, your sweetheart is such a darling! That's such a sweet and thoughtful present ^_^

  21. @evi, μωρέ ξέρεις ποιο είναι το θέμα με τα πινέλα duo fibre; Ότι βγαίνει μαύρη μπογιά στις λευκές τρίχες κάθε φορά που τα πλένω, δεν ξέρω πώς να το διορθώσω :(

    @Cel, he can be so sweet sometimes... He's always generous like that but this present was completely unexpected, it's not like it was my borthday or we had a celebration/anniversary of some sort... <3 him! xx

  22. kouklitsa na rwthsw kai egw kati.....????
    rwthsa gia to Chanel bronzer prosfata sta Hondos sta Giannena kai mou eipan pws to stamathse h Chanel.....!!!!
    ti ginetai telika to 8elw pa8iasmena

  23. Έλα! Έτσι σου είπαν; Δε νομίζω ότι το έχουν σταματήσει, δε μπορεί... Θα ρωτήσω στα Hondos Center εδώ στην Αθήνα και θα επανέλθω στο θέμα! xx

  24. eyxaristw kouklitsa!!!!

  25. Awesome favourites, very "you"! ;)

    And omg, don't get me started on TBS and the whole LE thing, as appealing as it can be sometimes, it puts me off from shopping "staples" from them... the occassional seasonal "fun" product is ok, but nth more for me, thank you!


  26. I know!!! Isn't that a shame? Honestly, I can't understand this LE thing- one of the reasons I love Mac is that if I'll ever run out of Hue lipstick, I know it's going to be available for me to purchase. Hate it when companies leave me hanging like that, this brown eyeshadow from TBS is my top #1 favourite and it's nowhere to be found, not even on ebay :(


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