Kiehl's: some product reviews and an extra announcement...

For today's post, I thought of putting together some short reviews on the samples I got from Kiehl's two months ago ;)

Starting from my least favourite product and going up to my favourite...

Yerba Mate Tea lotion: please don't get me wrong, it's a lovely moisturiser for oily skin- it didn't break me out and it provided just as much moisture without my skin feeling greasy or tight. However, I can't find it on Kiehl's website so it might be discontinued, hence it's getting the first place of this countdown :(

Over-Night Biological Peel: I remember Lisa Eldridge mentioned in her skincare video that she loathes face exfoliants with scrubbing beads and that she herself uses an over-night exofiant with lactic acid from Dermalogica. This Biological Peel by Kiehl's is on the same line. It's meant to be used before bedtime and you're supposed to sleep with this on your face- but I guarantee you won't feel any itching or tugging or any kind of discomfort. This 5ml sachet lasted me for 10 generous applications and when I was through with it, my skin was a lot calmer and even in tone- plus I noticed a significant difference on my pores' size!

Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped body butter: omg, that's pure lush... I can't think of a better way to describe it! Its texture is really whipped, you can see the air bubbles in the jar! It applies so rich and silky on the skin- and its scent, oh goodness... Just addicting! The 226 g jar may be pretty expensive for a body moisturiser, though the "you get what you pay for" quote couldn't be more appropriate: this body butter feels expensive and smells expensive. In a good way, obviously ;)

Now for a special announcement:

I've been informed that Kiehl's is going to host a Christmas party at Hondos Center Kolonaki where all proceeds from sales will be going to charity! Yes, all proceeds; in this case, Kiehl's will be donating the raised sales' fund to the "Eliza" Society for the prevention of cruelty to children. AND the sales assistants of this event will be no other than hip personas like Giorgos Karamichos, Dimitris Skarmoutsos, Eleni Psychouli and my fave- Alex Kavvadias!!! AND if this wasn't enough, there's even going to be a choco-fountain!!! *drools and searches kitchen cupboard for leftover chocolate*

          Click to enlarge for more info!

I'm so gutted I won't be able to make it as I'm taking an early Christmas vacation (hehe), I'm depending on your feedback from this event! And if you do get to see Alex Kavvadias, please take some extra pictures for my behalf ;)

So, who's planning on going to Kiehl's Christmas party?
Are there any products from Kiehl's you'd recommend? Do share!



  1. Oooo the sound of the soy milk and honey sounds amazing!!!! I need to get a sample of that ASAP! xx

  2. Hehe I'm sure you're gonna love it, huni! It does smell and feel luxurious! xx

  3. i like kiehl's ultra facial cream (and the creme de corps lotion - not tried the butter)...

    the ultra facial cream is too heavy for weather in Hong Kong, but I love it when I am on trips to drier places (e.g. Europe or Mainland China)..

    I like beads in my scrubs :P

  4. Hehe, I like scrubs with beads too! This Kiehl's treatment was a nice change, though. I need to try their Ultra facial cream, thx for the recommendation! xx

  5. kiehl's and Nars are the 2 brands that i want to try so badly...grrrrr

  6. I want to try Nars too! Such a shame it's so hard to get :(

  7. my mums got me creme de corps for christmas and i've been loving it so far!!!
    lovely review love :) xxx

  8. I know, isn't that lush? One day I'll decide to fork out the money and get it! xx


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