YSL Parisienne, a review

Last month, my sweet boyfriend gave me this perfume as a present
(love you Κωστή μου!); and it came in perfect timing as I was in need of a nice grown-up scent for 2012 ;)

Parisienne is aimed at the woman who is too old to wear adolescent sickly-sweet perfumes like Aquolina Pink Sugar, but still too young to embrace bolder and old-lady scents like Chanel no5.

The Parisienne woman is best encaptured in the new ad with French fashion model Marina Vacht, and I must admit I prefer her loads over Kate Moss- sorry Kate, I love you and always go crazy over anything you put your face on, but in this case you failed me... Your Parisienne ad can't compare to this one:

Because I'm no expert on describing scents and words may fail me, I thought of borrowing Katie Puckrik's spot-on description of Parisienne:
a light, sweet, raspberry rose, fruity but sophisticated. It's interesting though that in between the official notes (cranberry, blackberry, damask rose, violet, peony, patchouli, vetiver and musk), other reviewers have detected notes of vinyl and lacquer, scents that one can find in stiletto heels or a cosmetic bag.

As far as describing the perfume's bottle, YSL says that the irregular striped glass evokes the complex Parisian stone-paved streets that are still wet from last night's rain and gleam during the early hours of the day. To me, it looks as if the design refrains from anything linear and predictable, but with keeping the preppy curvy volume of the older YSL Paris perfume. Rebellious and yet classy. I like that.

Now, my boyfriend chose the Parisienne gift set over the plain eau de parfum, and to be honest I usually prefer to own the perfumes' original cardboard boxes- but who am I to turn down the matching body lotion and shower gel? hehe :)

However, in case you're interested in buying perfumes packaged as gift sets, here's a couple of cute options for this Christmas:

    YSL Belle d'Opium

     YSL L'Homme Libre
     Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose perfume +Mascara Hypnose Drama 
     +Le Crayon Kohl

     I saved the best one for last: Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb gift set
    is packaged in a doll house!
So, are you a fan of YSL fragrances?
Which ones are you planning to haul for this Christmas?



  1. this sounds gorgeous (I love having matching shower gel/lotion). Also love the flowerbomb gift set - how cute x

  2. Δεν το έχω δοκιμάσει το συγκεκριμένο αλλά θα το επιδιώξω τώρα στις γιορτές!! :) Όσο για μένα δεν έχω σκοπό να πάρω κάποιο καινούργιο άρωμα γιατί έχω ήδη δύο σχεδόν στην αρχή τους!
    Πολύ όμορφες και οι επιλογές που δείχνεις..

  3. LOVE your review as i generally like Parissiene! and i'm sooosooo lusting over Flowerbomb's xmas set it's so beautiful. Flowerbomb is my signature scent for the past 6 months so u guess i need the xmas set in my life xD xx

  4. @Beauty Balm, oh I know, this layering products of the same scent works like a charm! xx

    @Claire D. T, εμένα μου ήρθε κουτί- ό,τι μου είχε τελιώσει το παλιό μου άρωμα και ήθελα ένα καινούριο! xx

    @fashion written with a lipstick, ahhh Flowerbomb is lovely too! If only my boyf got me this gorgeous doll house gift set! I'm not complanining, though ;) xx

  5. i really like ysl's baby doll!

  6. Πολυ ωραίο άρωμα!!Δεν το ειχα ποτε αλλα ειναι παντα στη λιστα μου.. Οσο για την Kate γενικα συμφωνω μαζι σου αλλα στη συγκεκριμενη διαφημιση τη βρηκα θεα!
    Και για το παλαιομοδιτικο Νο5...την εκανα την κινηση:-Ρ για βραδυ κ στο στυλ ψεκαζω κ απλα περναω απο μεσα, το βρισκω πολυ ωραιο

  7. ta pio agaphmena mou arwmata einai toy ysl...to paris einai ayto pou foraw sxedon ka8hmerina k to rive gauche se pio kyrilokatastaseis!

  8. I've never had an YSL perfume.
    The bottle is nice and the whole present cute!!!
    Miss Starshiny

  9. @efi, oh I've never heard of this one! Gonna give it a sniff next time in stores ;)

    @sofi, η φωτό με την Kate είναι τέλεια, το promo video ήταν αυτό που με χάλασε... Σαν να φτιαχνόταν με ένα τριαντάφυλλο, not chic... Κάποια στιγμή θα το πάρω το no5 της Chanel, είναι από τα κλασικά αρώματα! xx

    @kot-itsa, έλα, κοίτα σύμπτωση! Το Rive gauche είναι το άρωμα που φορούσε στα νιάτα της η μάνα μου και τώρα ο καλός μου φοράει την ανδρική έκδοση! χεχε

    @Miss Starshiny, I know, isn't the bottle so lovely? xx

  10. I actually prefer getting prefumes as part of a gift set, it usually work out a bit cheaper and you get extra products thrown in!


  11. Ahhh if only there was the perfume box throwed in the girt set! That would be so neat! hehe xx


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