... Too jazzy? The dreaded pearly white nail polish!

* In case you're wondering about the title's "too jazzy" part, see this vid from
  Inbetweeners. It's epic. *

Here it is in all its glory, the quintessential pearly white nail polish that dominated all nail polish trends in the 50's and '60's... I know, I know, most of you reading these lines will cringe at its sight; ahhh, if you could only give it a chance!

Putting aside its major significance among fashion trends of the pin-up era (it was THE nail colour to wear back then!), all pearly nail polishes and especially the white version like this one by Revlon (020 Pure Pearl) look ever so elegant and draw attention to the nails with their glistening effect, all while elongating the fingers like no other nail polish finish.

Let me also remind you that Dior included a pearly white nail polish in its best-selling Christmas makeup collection, and it was a hit! (click to see photos and swatches)

    ... It's shiny, alright!

Well, as you can see it's not exactly streak-free!
Despite the 2 coats I applied in the photos above, the colour still looks a bit transparent, though somehow I prefer it this way than looking opaque...

So there, THIS is your true companion to the iconic
vintage/pin-up inspired makeup! Truth be told, it looks a bit grannyish; still, it's a nice alternative to metallic or glittery
nail polishes ;)

Anyone who's in favour of pearly nail polishes? Nope?

Evi   xx


  1. ...i can't stop thinking of middle-aged, around theire 50-60s women wearing this polish. it most definitely isn't my cup of tea, i prefer metallics, bit for some weird reason it looks gorgeous on your nails(omg what am i saying??)

    lovely post doll :) x x

    1. Haha, I know what you mean! When I was little and had English classes, one particular teacher in her 60s wore either a pearly white or pearly pink nail polish :) lol



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