Get bronzed, honey!

As some of you may already know, the Body Shop has launched a new makeup collection for Summer 2011 entitled "Honey Bronze";

all products contain Community Fair Trade honey and promise to give you that healthy bronzed glow we're all after when the weather gets warm!
Nah, who am I kidding; all-year-round bronzed complexion is what we're really after.

I gotta say, the promo pics got me going...
If I run even the fairest chance to look like the girl above by using this makeup range, I ought to give it a go!

The Body Shop honey Bronze summer 2011

The Honey Bronze collection consists of:

a shimmering dry oil (knock-off for the Nuxe best-seller),
2 shades of the reformulated Brilliance Powder with the integrated brush,
a bronzing gel/stain,
2 lipglosses- a shimmering sand colour and a gorgeous coral shade...

...and what I believe is the star product of the range:

The bronzing powder compact!
Which is 100% matte, has a faint smell of honey and comes in 4 shades-
so that you're bound to find a match for your skintone ;)

I've already read so many positive reviews on blogs about this product, so I went to the Body Shop to have a peek. The packaging looked so gorgeous, as well as the cute honeycomb imprint! But the colours were so... blah.

Nevertheless, I decided to purchase it and see for myself if it lives up to the hype. The sales assistant matched me to shade #02.

I returned home, wore it on my cheeks and OMG...
That's Holy-Grail material!!!

    Chanel Bronze Universel on the left, TBS Bronzing Powder in #02 on the right

As you can see by the swatch, it's a fairly light golden bronzey colour that looks very close to Bronze Universel by Chanel- which I absolutely adore! So, to have a powder version of Bronze Universel is all the better for me!

Colour aside, the compact is slim and stylish, perfect to throw in my handbag to touch up throughout the day. The powder inside is hardly pressed, which eliminates fallout but requires a rather stiffer brush to pick up the product. Other than that, it's extremely blendable which makes it
fool-proof to bronzing amateurs like myself!

This is a video with Karim Sattar (I love this man!) using all products of the Honey Bronze range; at 2.24, he explains the four shades of the bronzing powder:
#01 is suitable for cool skintones,
#02 works on warm/yellow skintones (like mine),
#03 is a neutral shade and
#04 is the darkest colour used for contouring.

Ah, it's been a long, long time since I was THAT impressed with a product by TBS, soon after purchase!

So, what do you girls think of the Honey Bronze range?
Will you be purchasing any of the products?
Me, I have new lemmings for the Dry oil, thanks stella ;)



  1. my question is the following : when u use bronzer on face what is the policy for the rest of the body? cause my problem is that i use bronzer on face/neck, it wont be a great match next to my pale arms/hands....

  2. Well personally my face is always a tad lighter than my neck/chest/arms, so a little bronzer helps to even things out. Have you considered doing a light wash of bronzer just on the cheeks? If you stay away from the jawline and choose a light shade, I think it would work. For ex., the Dior bronzer in shade 002-Honey Matte is a fairly light shade and it's quite popular on the blogging community ;)


  3. I never knew about this until I saw your blog! I used to work in The Body Shop and they never mentioned this coming out! I wanna try it! However I'm not sure whether it'd work well with my skin tone and I'm quite dark/bronzed anyway!
    Great post. xxx

  4. it's kinda of difficult to find a correct shad of bronzer, not too dark/fake/orange so consider yourself lucky, lol!

  5. looks great!!! me'geia! me evales se peirasmo k mena twra!!! :P

  6. I would love to try the gel bronzer:)

  7. Anonymous23/5/11 22:30

    με γειά!!!
    θα ήθελα να δοκιμάσω τα lip-gloss!!!

  8. πηρα και το dry oil και το bronzer! για το λαδακι εχω να πω τα καλυτερα μου άρεσε πάρα πολυ!Για to bronzer, προβληματίζομαι...η πωλητρια μου έδωσε την απόχρωση 1...Ειπαμε είμαι ανοιχτόχρωμη ,αλλά τόσο πια?Αυτή συλλογή μου έκανε "κλικ" και δεν είναι καν φαν του bronzed look!

  9. I might try this - I love Body Shop products!

  10. Seems that you are you addicted to bronzers dear!The packaging looks gorgeuous and the bee inprint is very smart! I like that it has a matte finish though I would choose no. 4 for contouring! how much did you paid? xxx

  11. Hello!
    You're right this is THE most interesting things TBS has come out with for a long time!! I'm really into the dry oil <3! Did you try the bronzing gel? Was it any good??

  12. i kinda lost interest in the body shop eversince they decided to go "mainstream" but this looks promising! :)

    ps. i'm having a blog giveaway, you might want to join! one of the prizes is an oversized satchel style clutch! :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. The dry oil looks great, I haven't tried something similar. I think I'd go for the bronzing gel instead of the powder so I can mix it with my foundation. And something I don't like: nobody thought about spf??? These are summer products, right??

  15. This collection is really something else!!I'm loving the bronzing gel I got!!but powder looks gorgeous and velvety and wants me get this one too hun!!Thanks for the review and the great pictures!!!


  16. Katarxin oli h syllogh einai poli omorfh, an k kata th gnomh mou leipoun bronze/xryses skies! Poli oraio to bronzer kai einai idio me auto tis chanel, wow! Poso kanei k poso proion exei mesa? :) x

  17. These products look amazing, i wish I could get the whole collection! The powder is absolutely gorgeous <3


  18. i like the color of the compact!! not the beehive-imprint though :S

  19. Hello.
    Just to let you know i tag you for an award on my blog:)

  20. i didn't know the body shop had such amazing products. I will have to check these out!

  21. This is awesome! Love your blog. Would you mind checking out mine? If you follow me, I'll follow you!

    Thanks and happy Tuesday!

  22. The collection looks impressive indeed! I have friends who I bet will go nuts over it.

  23. Poli wraio fainetai! Kaloforeto :)
    Poso to pires?

  24. ti fantastikes suskeuasies !!!!!! exw kolima me ts suskeuasies genikotera!! <3 megia !! :D

  25. Gosh, looks so cute!
    Must have a look tomorrow, I must!

    Btw, ArtDeco have made 2 bronzer shades in a HUGE packaging, I'm between those and the TBS one now...
    Decisions, decisions...!


  26. Shoot, somehow I missed replying back at your comments on this post one-to-one! I'm so sorry, girls!

    A few things to be considered:

    To those of you asking about the price- I paid sth around 14E, which is to be considered "affordable" for TBS standards... They usually raise the new products' prices, this is the first time I've noticed they kept the prices lower than expected!

    This bronzing powder is going to be PERMANENT on the Body Shop's makeup line, but this is NOT the case for the rest of the Honey Bronze products, if I'm correct! The dry oil seems to be every girl's favourite, every time I go to the stores it's always sold out!

    Thanks for your patience, girls! Keep your comments coming, I always enjoy reading and replying to you ;)
    Mwah :* :* :*


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