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This is a bargain-alert, people!
Feel free to share the good news ;)

During the Easter holidays, I made an order on pharmacy4u.gr-
to those of you who haven't heard of this site before, it is a greek online store where you can find any product (non-prescripted) that is sold at pharmacies; it provides you with lots of pharmaceutical cosmetic brands like Vichy and Avene- and of course, Korres.

Let me tell you this: the prices are out of this world!
To give you an example:

Wild rose moisturiser- 12.63E

Lip butter- 4.65E

Cherry lip gloss- 6.98E

Sunflower eyeshadow- 7.76E

Monoi Bronzing powder- 14.36E

Shipping costs for Greece is 3E on orders under 49E-
if you go past that limit, shipping is free!!!
International shipping is 9.99E on every order, taxes included.

Among the others things we ordered, I got this shower gel for 5.43E...
Can you believe it?

However, I have to point out that it took more than a week for the package to arrive- which is relatively late for a greek online store shipping locally;
what's more, a couple of Korres products I ordered were missing- apparently they were out of stock, but I would appreciate it if there was a notice beforehand for that matter.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend pharmacy4u.gr just for their ridiculously low prices;
from now on my contact lens solution, diet supplements and Korres goodies are all going to be purchased from this e-shop!

What's your experience on shopping online for cosmetics?

Ps:  no one payed me to write this post nor I was compensated by pharmacy4u.gr with products. My honest opinions, as always ;) 



  1. thanks for the recommendation doll!!monoi oil bronzing powder for 14??I got it 20€!!!going to have it on mind next time for my Korres purchases!!


  2. Oops, that's a significant difference in price! Greek pharmacies, take note...

  3. I was actually wondering about this online pharmacy! ;) I've only shopped at http://www.pharmapoli.com and I'm really pleased so far, they even give you money back with every order you make. I think I'm gonna pharmacy4u.gr next time I need something, thanks for sharing your experience with it! :) x

  4. ναι οντως σε σχεση με αλλα online φαρμακεια εχει απο τις πιο χαμηλες τιμες αλλα..το customer service χωλαινει. εχω κανει δυο παραγγελιες αφου η διαφορα με το φαρμακειο της γειτονιας ηταν καπου στα 15 ευρω συνολικα. η δευτερη ηταν οκ, ηρθε σε 3 μερες και ηταν ολα οκ. η πρωτη ηταν περιπετειδης (αν κ εφταιγε λιγακι κ το κουριερ). το κακο τους ειναι οτι δεν ενημερωνουν ουτε το site για το στοκ του μαγαζιου κ αν δεν υπαρχει σε ποσο διαστημα θα το εχουν. ασε που εχουν ακομα στο καταλογο προιοντα που δεν κυκλοφορουν πλεον.

    για αγορες (απο ορισμενα συνεργαζομενα) φαρμακεια υπαρχει κ αυτη η καρτα http://www.advancehealth.gr/el/content/13-card-advantage-pronomia
    ειναι καρτα ποντων σαν αυτη που εχουν κ ορισμενα εμπορικα καταστηματα.

    κ ναι ηταν ενα ακομα τεραστιο ποστ....:P

  5. I feel stupid! I was looking for online pharmacies, checked out this one looking for sunscreens and they were really cheap! About 30-40% off!! I thought no way! Something's wrong here! I'm glad, I was wrong! I'll definitely buy from it in the future!

  6. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, ah you mean something like rewarding customers' loyalty? That's interesting, I'll look it up!

    @evi, ναι κάτι τέτοιο συνέβη και με τη δική μου παραγγελία... Ήρθαν τα μισά από αυτά που παράγγειλα, με καθυστέρηση. Αλλά λες άντε, δεν πειράζει, η επιχείρηση είναι στην αρχή ακόμα και με τον καιρό θα δουλεύουν καλύτερα!

    Α δεν ήξερα ότι υπάρχει τέτοια κάρτα! Βρήκα κι ένα φαρμακείο σχετικά κοντά μου, βρε τι ωραία πράγματα μαθαίνει κανείς, χι χι!!!

    @Natalie, that's right, it's for real! I only wish they were a bit more consistent with their orders...

  7. nai nai analoga me tin aksia tis paraggelias su exeis k antistoixh epistrofh ;) episis kapoia proionta dinoun megaliterh epistrofh apo alla antistoixhs aksias. tsekare to ;)

  8. kala apisteuto to lipgloss k to bronzer!! k den to gnwriza!! ti uperoxa pragmata!!! :D
    flk :D

  9. I've bought stuff from this website 6 times- funny fact:my 7th time was a few minutes ago, before i read this post!! wow!
    In fact what really impressed me-apart from the prices- is that my orders always arrive in 2, 3 days tops! I was very pleased with that, so hopefully your order taking so long was just a coincidence :)

  10. i've bought so many things from this site! i bought sunscreens which if i had bought from my pharmacy here i would have paid twice their price! love it!

  11. @FashionSugarBubbles, ναι ναι οι τιμές είναι απίστευτες! Και όχι μόνο για τα προϊόντα Κορρέ!

    @dimitra, ha ha, what a coincidence! Yeah, maybe they were waiting for some stock to arrive, in my case...

    @Anastasia, oh great! I'm going to shop my sunscreens at pharmacy4u as well!

  12. hehe i like strawberrynet! but not anymore XD

    thanks for your link! am checking out that pharmacy now hehe

  13. Unbelievable prices, even if you add shipping!!!
    I knew of pharmacyonline.gr, but this is way better!
    Thank you hun! :)

  14. He he, sharing good stuff as always!

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