Blogging made me do it!

And what I mean by the above statement is that blogging initiated me into a whole new world of word-of-mouth HG makeup products, which the editors of the greek women's magazines weren't so foresighted to integrate in their beauty columns...

Or in other words:
I've been naughty again and my wallet hurts!

    First it was Mac...

      And I'm glad I caved in, since the quality of the Mac lipsticks is unbeatable!

     Then I had an pocket-friendly lapse into Elf products...

      Can't wait for my second order to arrive!

    And finally last week, it was time for some Chanel...

Oh, I blame the Pixiwoo sisters!
The 100% rave reviews on Blogger!
...The bad weather, ha ha!

Has blogging made you rush out and buy those over-hyped makeup products that you wouldn't purchase otherwise?
Let me know, loves ;)



  1. I look for inspiration in blogs so inevitably I get carried away and buy stuff but I have not regretted for a thing.I think blogs are a great help, as information is coming from a humble consumer and not by a company that wants to sell. Your haul looks amazing by the way...If only I had those lippies on my hands..(although I don't know about their colours;how much a mac-fanatic can I be :P :D).I am curious about your stuff, make a post about them ASAP!!! :DDDDDD

  2. omg!!! did you get the soleil tan de chanel?eeee?ooooh.I can't afford it, but i'm dreaming about it.
    I used to get carried away by beauty blogs-yt, but nowadays I'm just reading rewies and don't change my skincare.The mac LEs are cute, but I can't follow them anymore.I bought a fiew overhyped products, especially mascara and concealer,till I found my HGs.
    Please review the chanel product!

  3. blogin - facebook- you tube are the three main reasons that my card's billow has stopped to come with 0 number! I still try to avoid passing by Hondos- I chance my usual way at home but e-bay should be banned to my pc! cannot wait the channel review I hope you enjoy your new purchases don't you deserve a gift sometimes ha?

  4. @makeupattitude, oh I only got one thing from Chanel- will review it after I come over the "don't touch it!" phase I'm into right now!

    @andreana, damn girl, you're good!!!
    I'm not that into Mac LE collections too- I think it's a nasty marketing "thing" that keeps customers hanging on with the brand...

    @Demi, ha ha we sure deserve a treat once in a while! Man, if there was a Hondos Center on my way home I'd be bankrupt! How do you manage?

  5. isn't it annoying ? after considering : "I have more than enough, i don't need anything beauty-related" ... i watch a video on youtube or a blog post and ... mmm but i need to try it .... omonoia hondos is 5 min walk from the house! aaaaaaaa

  6. It happens to me all the time :D some i regretted buying because it doesnt look nice on me but some are really great buys.


  7. Anonymous15/5/11 10:34

    I don't read magazines anymore for beauty inspiration when I have you and other bloggers. If you think about all the swatches, reviews, etc. that everyone does and we can read blogs for free. Rather than spending up to £4 for overhyped magazine that contains at most 4 beauty pages of products that an editor has chosen. It's a no brainer for me. And yeah maybe I do spend more money but I'm also better informed.

  8. It happens to me too!! I have too much makeup and nail stuff but yet today I bought another concealer and 2 nail polishes! The only thing that saves me is that I try to buy affordable brands, no Mac or high-end. Which of course is a shame because some products really deserve the price.

  9. ti kalaaaa!
    den eimai i moni pou to pathainei auto loipon!:P
    fwtografies me swatches please!
    kalimera! =)

  10. @Anastasia, ha ha I'm constantly craving more makeup thanks to Youtube! It's growing into a serious threat- to my bank account, that is ;)

    @Raech ❤ilvoeshopping❤, yeah blogging can be a great source for information on makeup and skincare products ;)

    @Skin Scrubs, oh girl, you just spoke my mind in a way I couldn't express! I feel exactly the same, I'm never going back to buying 2-3 magazines each month just for their beauty pages!

    @Natalie, well you may get your money's worth from an expensive product- it's just so hard to constrain yourself to a single purchase, when you can spend the same money on say, 3 products of the same kind...

    @Argyro, οκ κορίτσι, έρχεται ποστ με φωτογραφίες!

  11. Nai exw agorasei mpolika pramata logw tou blogging!! Alla m'exei glitosei k apo kakis poiotitas kallyntika to blogging, opote den paraponiemai! :)

  12. Hell to the yes!!!
    Aaand I have to keep track of all the products I see-and-have-to-try on a separate beauty wishlist, cos they're so many on top of it!!!
    Still though, I love it all! ;)


  13. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, ναι κι εμένα το blogging με έχει γλιτώσει από πολλή σαβούρα! Ειδικά στην κατηγορία skincare ;)

    @Tina, ha ha, I keep a same wishlist that grows bigger and bigger every month... The more beauty blogs I read, the bigger the list!


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