Elf recommendations, pretty please ;)

Hey girls,

so I was thinking of making an order on Elf!

See, Elf products are all around the beauty blogging community and... I got jealous, couldn't help it!  =D

After browsing around the website, certain products cought my attention:

Blush and Bronzer Compact

Complexion Perfection

Cream Eyeliner

Single Eyeshadow

Mineral Lipstick

Mineral Lipgloss

Minty Lipgloss

I'd love to know if any of you have tried these products and your opinion about them-
I hear that shopping Elf cosmetics is a hit&miss thing.

Or if you have some favourites from Elf, post them below too!

It's going to be my first online purchase and I really, really want it to be a nice experience ;)



  1. They are def hit or miss...
    The blush & bronzer compact is great, I've only heard good things, also same about the minty lipgloss. I wasn't a huge fan of the cream eyeliner but I tried it in the olive shade and just didn't find it to be pigmented. It was really oily!
    My favorites were the eyeshadow quads, specifically the Day2Night one, the single cream eyeshadows, the liquid liner and their regular line brushes. Very nice! :)

  2. I've only heard about the 1st products, and I've heard great thingS! Actually, Irene from blushingloves has done a review of this!
    I haven't tried all of my new products yet, but I am satisfied with the eyeshadow brush and the party eyeshadow palette. I didn't really like the foundation...

  3. I haven't tried the lipsticks and these lipglosses so I can't recommend them. I got a super glossy lipstick which is a bit sticky but nice. As for the rest on your list I totally recommend them and if you've noticed I have been using them almost every day in my looks. Also, the studio flat powder brush is amazing for foundation, the mineral eyeshadow base is very good, the HD powder is great, and I liked the brow gel thing (double ended with a clear and a brown gel), but go for a darker shade cause the swatch is not very true to color. Steer clear from the eyelash curler, it's terrible!
    Hope this helped sweetie! xxx

  4. @Cydonian, oh I hope you didn't like the cream eyeliner because of the colour alone- I recently saw a vid on Youtube where the Pixiwoo girls mentioned they liked it a lot (the black one).
    Going to check your recommendations, thanks girl!

    @ElenaKat, I know about Irene's review, it actually contributed to my intention of making an order at Elf! Shame that the party palette is Le, though ;)

    @Arietta, yeah I've noticed that you use Elf a lot! So they must be good since you're the pro on make-up ;)
    Flat top brush, HD powder, brow thing, check! Thank you, thank you hun!

  5. I've done a top 10 on elf products on my blog honey, check it out if you want! ;)

    @Cydonian I haven't tried the olive one, but I have the black, the blue and the brown and they're really nice! ;)


  6. the blush and duo bronzer is great! Also their 11pc brush set!


  7. E, (hope it's okay to call you by this LOL)

    skip the 'professional' line of the brushes (the ones with white handles), unless you want your face to bleed, lol their bristles are soooo damn coarse and hard to work with :( Instead, go for the studio 11-piece brush set!

    i'd also recommend studio blushes, the NARS look-alike, the Beauty Encyclopedia eyeshadow palette, the blush/bronzer compact is raved by so many so i think it's a must-try too! well if one side of it doesn't work at least you have another side that works XD weird logic i know!

    mineral eyeshadow primer, and if you like, nail polishes too (costs only a dollar omg)

    let me know what you ended up getting xoxo!

  8. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, I just read it, girl- wow the more good reviews I see, the more I want to buy! Not good for my budget!

    @Raech ❤ilvoeshopping❤, thanks Raech! That blush and duo is going to my shopping bag, for sure!

    @Jennifer, ha ha, E is good! I'm definitely going to pick sth from the studio brushes, everyone is raving about them, oh and the blushes, that too... Gosh, my list is growing and growing!

  9. ok so DEFINITELY you need-them-in-your-life-kind of thing:
    Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
    Studio Warm Bronzer
    AND if you like to really bronze up your skin as in not to contour GET the Golden bronzer as well.

    alright, that's it i suppose xD i hope you like the things you'll get from elf :) xx

  10. Oh thank you, hun! Those bronzers look inded fabulous!
    I'm hoping I'll sort a shopping list soon, given the budget of 50 euros. Man, now I have to do a lot of homework, lol!!

  11. Well, I have zero experience with this brand, but I 've been looking into their cream liners lately..


  12. Yeah, I want to try a couple of Elf cream liners! In case they're crap, they might work as a eyeshadow base ;)

  13. ΕΜένα δε μου άρεσε καθόλου το bronzer από το Blush and Bronzer Compact. Δεν απλώνεται με Τ-ι-π-ο-τ-α!

  14. Αλήθεια; Κρίμα, εμένα μου αρέσει πολύ! Το χρησιμοποιώ βέβαια μόνο για contouring, όχι για all-over-bronzing.

  15. i love the blush and bronzer duo!!!!
    i hated the minty lipgloss!
    ok the complexion perfection powder!


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