A make-up look; attempt #1

God, I hate my camera...

During past weekend, I thought of playing with my eyeshadows and see how they photograph with my digital Pentax.

I did a brown smokey eye (really dark and dimensional in real life) and all my camera picks up is this:

    Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer!

It's like I'm wearing a cream eyeshadow!
Which I'm not :(

On the other hand, the blue liner I put on the bottom lashline pops up...

    It looks way more vibrant in real life, though... 

    Oh, and excuse my shiny dace. Didn't put any foundation/powder!

    And a shaky pic because I love them!

These are the products I used, all from the Body Shop:

   The second swatch is the Shimmer eyeshadow in #07 on top of the
   shimmering blue pencil

It was a great lesson of how my beautiful make-up can look like "blah" in photos...

[But, I see all those girls with gorgeous, stunning make-up and I wonder; what is it that they do and it photographs so well?]
Oh, and please leave me a comment saying you like my eye, lol!
I'm very, very self-conscious about how I look on pictures (because the digital cameras alter the actual proportions of the face), let alone publishing them on blogger!

P.S.: The day before I saw "There will be Blood" with Daniel Day-Lewis. It's been a long time since an American film blew my mind, this one definitely did. Daniel Day-Lewis' performance was a masterpiece- he didn't just play an oilman, he was the oilman! Excellent direction, screenplay with few dialogues signifying a lot, rough scenery that added to the plot... Great, great film that made me think a lot. I recommend it to anyone ;)



  1. Girl, I've been meaning to ask you: how is your makeup always picture-perfect? Mine looks so washed out!

  2. I think it looks very nice! Do you have a macro function on your camera? That helps to get more crisp photos. You have to hold very still but it def helps... also, I've found that the best light to take colour accurate shots is in natural light indoors (so a couple of windows open) and flash. Being outside tends to wash mine out!

  3. Beautiful eyes, beautiful eyebrows and nice eye makeup, especially the pop of color on the lower lashline! ;)


  4. @Cydonian, wow thank you so much! I didn't know about makro function and the natural light+flash combination, I'll definitely try it next time! Thank you, thank you!!!

    @andreana, ha ha thanks! I know it was completely unrequested, lol!

    @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, aww thank you doll, you're so sweet! Mwah :*

  5. I think you should stop being self concious and concentrate on practising with your camera! Your eyes are beautiful and the make up is lovely. You just need to take lots of pics before you can find the perfect spot and lighting. And don't bring your camera too close to your eye. Take a picture a bit further away and then crop it. Bringing it too close washes the colors out. I'm no expert in photography but I have a crappy camera too and try to make it work! xxx
    And more Make up looks from you please!!! :)

  6. Attempt? It is perfect!

  7. Even without foundation, I can say that you're face looks lovely and flawless.


  8. Love the neutral with a touch of colour combination! ;)

    You should do more makeup looks you know!!!!! ;)

    I 'll second what Arietta said about the photography, if we're talking about a point&shoot camera, that is the way to go. Also, try with different settings/lighting and you 'll see what works you for the best! ;)


  9. Hello there!!! Poly kalo blog! I love the eye look too! I often use a lighter pencil/eyeshadow beneath my eye!!! Just became a follower....
    visit my blog, hope to see you there:

  10. @Arietta, yeah I guess I need to do some homework on my camera settings... Thank you lots for the recommendations!!!

    @Froso M., aww thank you sweetie!

    @Raech ❤ilvoeshopping❤, oh then I probably shouldn't blame my camera that much, my skin is far from flawless! Thank you, hun ;)

    @Tina, well I might do some more looks once I find a way to photograph them, currently my camera gives me the blues :(
    I'm not giving up!

    @L.M., thanks girl, you've got a lovely blog and I've followed ;)

  11. E, i loveee your eye! the shape is perfect :)!

    happy Christmas to you in advance since i'd be away for a week, take care and stay warm too <3!

    p.s. i got Korres goodies (lip butters, glosses) LOL but i wanna try their skincare...

  12. Awww sweetie I missed your comment!!!
    I was out of Athens with no dsl service :(

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it!
    Happy holidays to you too, I wish you a great-great time and lots of pretty little gifts, lol!



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