November favourites!

Hi lovelies!

Once again, it's the time of the month for some favourite products!

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I hope you'll enjoy ;)

The Body Shop Glow Enhancer: the foundation I currently use is a tad too dark for my skintone and looks quite matte. I mix a drop of this stuff et voila, problem solved! I think it's now reformulated and available with the name "Radiant Highlighter".
H&M 36-colour eyeshadow palette: ok, so the quality sucks... But, I got to experiment with so many colours that I'd never thought they suited me! I would recommend this kind of palette to all beginners in make-up like myself ;)
Art Deco liquid liner: it's waterproof, glossy and super black. I've been using it day&night!
Art Deco lipstick in #40: I love this colour so much! I apply a sheer wash and it gives me a natural finish. A couple more layers and I get a pale nude pink- very friendly for my skintone, no freaky concealer lips! I'm mostly pairing it with Jasmine lip butter by Korres.

Korres secret new product: full review coming up asap!
The Body Shop Aloe face cream: Last month I switched my skincare routine; this is the stand-out of all the new products I got! My skin is combination to oily and although this cream is meant to be used to sensitive skin, I find that it helps to soothe my acne spots.
Apivita Aloe face mask: another winner, this is a moisturising mask that smells fantastic and feels cooling on the skin. The Apivita mask sachets never cease to amaze me!
Korres Plum lip butter: Another addition to my lip balm stash... This one gives a very flattering red wine tint on the lips. And it smells so sweet! When I'm at home, I apply a light wash on my lips (and perhaps a touch of cheek stain by the Body Shop, but don't tell anyone!) and I instantly feel more glamorous ;)

What were your favourites for November? Anyone tried the above products?

P.S.: Last night I couldn't sleep because of a freaking mosquito buzzing around my head! I mean, come on!!! Mosquitos during December? When are we going to get some winter days in Greece? Christmas is coming, for God's sake!



  1. The Korres balms are soooo good!
    I don't think I have favourites, I use different things almost every day, in order to give everything a turn. I don't want my cosmetics complaining :p
    Also, I was at Starbucks (Kifisia), 8am, COLD outside, Christmas songs playing, and a mosquito bumped on the window. Le pif!

  2. Lovely favorites :) You're going to make me buy that artdeco eyeliner lol! And that Korres lip butter is so nice, I've swatched it at a pharmacy! :)

    Hahahaha the weather has gone crazy!! We will celebrate Christmas at the beach this year!


  3. That face mask looks like something that I would like to try!

  4. ahhh more Korres! would love to try their stuff someday and also Apivita!

  5. Need to remind myself to pick up a couple of Apivita face masks at the pharmacy next time!!! ;)


    PS: Can't wait for u to reveal your secret product..although I think I may have an idea..!

  6. καποια στιγμή είχα δει σε ένα body shop to glow enhancer και το radiant highlighter(το οποιο και αγόρασα) και μπορώ να πώ ότι το πρώτο έδινε απλά μια λάμψη ένω το δεύτερο έχει μέσα shimmer το οποιο είναι ωστόσο "λεπτοκομένο"! Οι μάσκες apivita είναι υπέροχες, μου άρεσε μια με μέλι πολυ!Αλλά σαν την μάσκα άγριο τραντάφυλλο του κορρε δεν είναι καμια!
    ΥΓ:ο κορρές έχει κυκλοφορήσει πακετάκια με διαφορα προιόντα μακιγιαζ,τα οποία είναι σε σουπερ συμφερουσες τιμες!!

  7. please reveal the korres secret product soon! :) Im excited to find out what it is :D


  8. δεν έχω αγαπημένα του μήνα... αλλά! αγόρασα το βίντατζ από το ζάρα, μετά από το ποστ σου και μου αρέσει πολύ!!! θενκ γιου!

  9. @Ria, you do? I have a hard time using different things every day, it takes me much longer to do my face :(

    @Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover, ha ha I know, the weather is crazy!

    @Chic Geek (Devs), @Jennifer- alright, so maybe I'll add a couple on a giveaway ;)

  10. @tina_mbc, yeah do that! What I love the most about these sachets is that you're not commited to a 50 ml jar of mask.

    @afro, α μάλιστα, δηλαδή πρόκειται για διαφορετική σύνθεση. Μόλις μου τελειώσει αυτό που χρησιμοποιώ τώρα, θα πάρω αυτό το radiant highlighter.
    Ναι έχω δει αυτές τις προσφορές και είναι πολύ δελεαστικές, αλλά είμαι λίγο επιφυλακτική με τη σειρά μακιγιάζ του Κορρέ. Τα λιπ γκλος όμως με κεράσι είναι τέλεια!

    @Raech ❤ilvoeshopping❤, ah don't worry, I'll make a post about it!

    @efi, ωωω αλήθεια; Χαίρομαι που σου αρέσει! Παρεμπιπτόντως, χρησιμοποίησέ το πριν αρχίσει να μυρίζει "οινοπνευματίλα"!

  11. To bodyshop glow to exw k egw, yperoxo proion, opws k ta lip butters tou Korres.

  12. Ναι τα lip butters του Κορρέ είναι από τα αγαπημένα μου!


  13. hi girl! new follower here..i totally adore your favorites post!!! best of 2010 rocks!!!

  14. Hi lovely! I'm glad you enjoyed them! xx


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