Mac Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

When it comes to eye makeup cleansers, I'm the last person to appreciate the virtues of oil based bi-phase liquids; they claim to take off all traces of eye makeup fast and easy, but you can't avoid the oily residue afterwards. So naturally, I was expecting to loathe this product.

As a matter of fact, I wasn't impressed when I first used it, as it didn't do much at leaving my lashes mascara-free. Well, it turns out that it wasn't the cleanser the one to blame but the mascara itself- the formula was almost waterproof and as such, it was a pain in the **s to properly remove it! Now that I've switched mascaras, I can write up my honest thoughts on this Mac cleanser:

I love this product. Since it's oil based, it takes off all eyeshadow traces with a single swipe! Regular mascara, no problem- easily removed with a few strokes. Excellent performance, I'll tell you that...

You may now add that hey, all bi-phase removers work exactly the same, both drugstore and high-end ones! But let me explain what it is that most cheap eye makeup cleansers fall short of:

When you shake the Mac eye makeup remover, water and oil mix to produce a semi-white liquid. The X factor lies on the fact that it actually takes some time for the two formulas to separate, and that I think is what sets apart a drugstore and a pricier eye makeup cleanser. Cause if oil and water separate within two seconds, you end up with traces of water here and some oil there on your cotton pad... Oh no, the liquid has to be unified until it reaches the cotton pad!

To conclude, would I repurchase this product?
Very likely so, although I'm more keen on my trusty Yves Rocher cleanser that takes everything off without leaving an oily film.

So, what's your favourite eye makeup remover?
What are your experiences with oil-based products?



  1. Sounds great honey! It doesn't irritate your eyes, right?

    I don't have very sensitive eyes, so dual phase eye makeup removers work great for me and don't irritate my eyes. Lately I've been loving the Garnier one :) After removing my eye makeup with that I take a cotton pad, spray it with some rose water and that removes any residue :) x

  2. i love the neutrogena eye makeup remover! I've also tried the MAC oil based, but i dont like how it makes my sight blurry when a small amount gets into my eye/s.


  3. oh, and the 3-in-1 cleanser by Vichy is really good :)


  4. In all honesty i never got the idea behind lotions and make up removers. all i 'm doing (oily skin-acne prone) is using a gentle foam cleanser all over the face and then my la roche posay micellar water. When i had severe acne it was really painful rubbing cotton pads against my skin! My routine removes everything (i never use waterproof mascara,the regular one, some fluidline and a hardcore waterproof foundation!) everyone keeps saying good stuff about bioderma sensibio though...

  5. Polu kalo,sigura tha to dokimasw molis teleiwsei ena galaktwma ts Yellow Rose,episis polu kalo,xwris na xreiazetai na triveis ta matia s gia na vgaleis to mascara! ;) k murizei uperoxa mpanana! polu wraio post agp mou! :D

  6. Sounds lovely! I use baby wipes to remove all of my makeup, it works well enough for now. x hivenn

  7. I gave you an award on my blog, please go and check it out!


  8. Σε ευχαριστούμε για την πρότασή σου,αφού το ντεμακιγιαζ ειναι το άλφα και το ωμέγα φια την πραγματική όμορφιά!

  9. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, nope, no irritations whatsoever! Unlike the Bourjois bi-phase makeup remover :(

    @Raech ❤ilvoeshopping❤, ah you mean the Vichy miscellar lotion? It must be a worthy product, I've tried the Korres equivalent and it was fantastic!

    @afro, well if it works for you, there's no reason to switch your routine! I always feel a little safer when I double cleanse my face, must be a psychological thing ;)

    @FashionSugarBubbles, ωωω με άρωμα μπανάνα; Το θέλω! xx

    @Jazzy E (hivenn), haha baby wipes are the best! Especially when travelling!

    @Jacq, awww thank you sweetie! I'll have a look ;)

    @Glayki, ω ναι ο σωστός καθαρισμός προλαμβάνει την πρόωρη γήρανση της επιδερμίδας! xx


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