1/9/2011 haul; and I found a new hobby!

It was a hot and humid day, today.
And what better way to keep my spirits high than beauty hauling!

Seriously now, I don't need any excuses to shop on beauty products...
Just thought that ANY introduction than the meaningless "hey, look what I got" is always nicer!
No? Didn't work? Eh well, I'm still working on my English writing skills :P

Garnier 7-days body lotion with Aloe Vera: I'm so glad Garnier improved their bodycare line and came up with this! Anything with aloe vera "hits a nerve" on me, so naturally I was sold the minute I saw it on the shelves...

TBS Elderflower eye gel: back in my teens, I would dream of becoming older so as to be eligible to use this particular product! That's right, the Body Shop got me hooked in their skincare so early in age... I've read mixed reviews about it though :/

Apivita Bee Princess bio-eco lip care: tres, tres cute! I finally spotted it on my closest Hondos Center, as it was sold out in all pharmacies near my place. Specially packaged for little princesses, like myself! lol

Korres Mandarin lip butter in Pink: a repurchase! Mentioned it before and I'll say it once again: I simply adore the new revamped packaging of the Korres lip butters in the stick form. I'd also love to see a similar pattern on Jasmine lip butter...

TBS Seaweed face scrub: hmmm... Not that it's crap, but it seems that it has the same liquid base as the regular Seaweed cleanser with the sole addition of Jojoba stones... Not very thoughtful, if you ask me!

Apivita face mask sachets with Prickly Pear: what can I say, I'm hooked to Apivita's express masks! No further explanations here...

And to justify the latter half of this post's title:


It's a pocket-size sketchers' box filled with 12 water colours.
Yep, I'm gonna start playin' all smart and sophisticated, strolling around the city and capturing the moment with my charming drawings...
*pukes from excessive cheesiness*

Ok, it's not as exciting as bungee-jumping but suits me fine!
I'm the extreme opposite of a thrill-seeker at heart ;)

What are your hobbies, old and new ones?
I'd love to know!



  1. The Korres Lip Butter stick is the best out there!
    Watercolors are so much fun,have fun painting dear

  2. Congrats and Have fun on your new hobby! :)

  3. Einai uperoxi i body lotion tis Garnier!
    Zwgrafiki e? Polu wraio hobby.. Egw asxoloume me tin fwtografia.. Exw edw kai ligous mines pou ksekinisa na parakolouthw kai kapoia seminaria!! :)


  4. hahaha I love watercolors! Just don't use them on the walls...like me XD
    When i was like 9? i took all my watercolors, wore gloves, dipped my hands in and made a collage of my fingerprints on my walls :p (of course my mum screamed:p) It was impossible to remove them, each time we painted the room , each time the fingerprints came back :P

    then i took up other crafting hobbies, (safer) like making jewelry with beads and shells.

  5. I love apivita's masks and lip balms theyre so good !! Lovely haul and great hobby :) xo

  6. have fun with your new hobby doll!!and what a great haul!!
    love tbs seaweed products!


  7. I also have that princess lipbalm! hahahaha but it hink out of all the apivita lipbalms (me and sammi bought every single one) the camomile and the black one are the best tasting and texture. I was so dissappointed with the flavor of this one. However i love the packaging!!!!

  8. Eimai polu periergi na dokimasw ts apivita express masks! k m aresan k oi nerompogies!!! ;)

  9. love your new hobby! also

    is the garnier lotion worth to purchase? i've been having my eye on this for a while?

    and you should try TBS seaweed face lotion, i was left quite pleased after i used it :) xx

  10. that TBS eyegel was the first eye cream i'd tried back then in my study times. well all i needed was hydration so it was fine. I also like the cooling sense of the gel on my skin.

    not any exciting hobby, just the usuals and i'm in to postcrossing(send and receive cards from all over the world) lately. check their website if you like. www.postcrossing.com

  11. Love your blog!! Check out mine and follow! I'll follow yours back! :D http://thefollowersoffashion.blogspot.com/

  12. I think I might try that Garnier body lotion. I use tons of body lotion and I like to try new ones (aloe vera is a good reason to buy it like you said). Good for you for taking up drawing. I think it's a lovely hobby, very creative and relaxing. My hobbies besides blogging (that takes a lot of time as you know), are dancing (tango) and singing and I enjoy them very much. xxx


  13. It is so rejuvenating finding a new hobby! Keep your enthusiasm!

    Froso/ Style Nirvana.

  14. Haha, really loved your "small font" disclaimer! :) I'm waiting for your thoughts, especially on the Garnier body lotion and the body shop eye gel! Kisses dear :)

  15. @CookingChinchillas, I love my korres stick lip butters, too! xx

    @Raech ❤ilvoeshopping❤, thank you hun!

    @Claire D. T, ωραία! Με ενδιαφέρει η φωτογραφία, μέχρι στιγμής όμως δεν έχω παρακολουθήσει κανένα σεμινάριο :(

    @Anastasia, ha ha! Naughty girl... xx

    @glittermeup, thank you sweetie!

  16. @Blushingloves Irene Greece, yeah the Seaweed range from the Body Shop is fantastic! xx

    @Tali, the Apivita camomile lip balm is one of my favourites! I haven't tried the new eco-bio honey balm, it will be my next purchase! xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles, να τις δοκιμάσεις! Εξαιρετικό value for money ;)

    @fashion written with a lipstick, well I find the Garnier body lotion to be quite good! Definitely recommend it. I've also tried the Seaweed toning lotion and it was fab! xx

    @evi, wow postcrossing sounds so nice! Thanks for sharing, girl- I'll have a browse at the website ;) xx

  17. @The Followers of Fashion, you have a nice blog! Keep it up!

    @Arietta, aww girl how I envy you! I wish I had the GUTS (and the talent, of course) to sing in front of an audience or have a dancing partner! Sadly my bf is the opposite of what you'd call a "smooth dancer"- shhh don't tell anyone! xx

    @Froso M., well it definitely feels rejuvenating! xx

    @dimitra, haha thanks honey! The Garnier body lotion is growqing into a favourite, I love its smell! The eye gel is fine, it's a pleasure to use. i can't see any improvements in dark circles or fine lines, it just moisturises the eye area ;)

    @Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST, thx luv xx


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