Elf review: Natural Radiance Blusher

After a couple of orders at Elf's website, I came to agree with the rest of the reviewers that claim the Elf products are a "hit or miss" thing. Nevertheless, they still appeal to me as there are sooo many products to choose from and in such amazing prices!

This time I'm reviewing a product from the "Essentials" range, the Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy.

* the shade I got is matte- and you know how hard it is to find an affordable matte blush...
* the colour I got is fantastic, it's a pretty baby pink shade that guys love! And it compliments olive skin like no other, from now on it's officially my top favourite blush colour. Ever!
[FIY, it is said to be a dupe for Mac Wel Dressed blush]
* costs only 1,70 , a bargain by definition.

    swatched                                     blended

*  the joke of a packaging! I almost cried when I first tried to open it, really tested my patience there... FIY, the top part slides over the pan :/
* the size- too small for my brushes to pick up some product!
* only 2 gr. in it, although I can't really complain for the given price...
* medium staying power
* medium pigmentation (which may not be a bad thing for makeup beginners)
* and if the above weren't enough, it's a little chalky when applied...

    Look at the back... Cheap-o!!!

     Size-by-size comparison with my pressed powder compact...

But all in all, I do recommend the shade I got- it's only 1,70  and the colour is so pretty, I'm more than contempt with my purchase! Although I can't speak for the rest of the shades as they're shimmery- with the exception of Innocence which must be too light to show up on the average Mediterranean skintone.

Would you try out a blush in this colour family?
Which is your favourite blush- ever?



  1. I love blushers ! They finish the look you are trying to achieve always ! My favorite is macs dolly pink (i think its called) i also love chanel's pink explosion (which im currently using) ! I havent tried Elf yet , i think i need to get myself some stuff , ive heard great things about the products but a lot of people complain saying you dont get a lot of product !!

    kisses xo

  2. i love elf! seriously... i got the color glow, which was kind of a coral color for summer, i liked it even though there was some serious shimmer in there...(not a fan). I am trying to find a baby pink cool toned blush, omg this is going to be in my next order!! loved it ! :D
    2g are just fine for 1.70! mac blushes are about 6g

    kisses :D

  3. I have this blush and I like it! The packaging is and looks very cheap but the studio blushes(better packaging) have less color payoff! Since it's small and cheap you can easily travel with it and don't really care if it breaks/you lose it! ;)

  4. H syskeyasia fainetai ontws poly cheap-o alla isws an to baleis se mia paletta?
    Tha to timhsw se epomenh elf agora,to xrwma fainetai poly omorfo..

  5. polu gluko xrwmataki! nai ontws h suskeuasia xalaei tn gohteia tou! :/
    de peirazei tn duleia tou tn kanei! :)

  6. @anastasia, take a look at korres blushes. maybe pink (i think #16) is what you're looking for.

  7. I've always wanted to purchase some elf products but the oens from the pro range. This one seems to have more cons than pros for me. the colour seems very similar to well dressed but well dressed has a lovely sheen to it whereas this one is matte. hmmm don't know, it wouldnt hurt if i gave it a try i guess, for the sake of its price ;) xx

  8. It totally reminded me of Well Dressed when I looked at the picture!!!

    Those are great shades, perfect for blondes, as well as brunettes!

    And I'm with you on medium pigmentation on blushes, sometimes it's too easy to go overboard with a well pigmented blush - like NARS or Benefit!!!

    Great review, I think I may give these a try in a future order!!!


  9. @glittermeup, oh girl you should definitely make an order at Elf! You may not get a lot of product esp. from the cheaper ones- but some of them are so worth it! The studio brushes are of great quality, too ;)

    @Anastasia, ah Glow must be the most popular shade of this range! I was torn between Glow and Shy, only the last minute I made my mind about getting Shy... Let me know if you give it a go, luv! xx

    @NatalieDouka, I see... I've been suspecting that the Studio blushes are less pigmented, judging from a Studio eyeshadow that I got. So in my next order I'll probably skip the blush shades and go for the "Gotta Glow" highlighter instead ;)

  10. @kot-itsa, I'm glad you like it, please let me know if you try it out!

    @Artemi, χα! Φοβάμαι να βγάλω το pan από το πλαστικό, νομίζω ότι θα σπάσει! Έχε το πάντως στα υπ'όψιν, η απόχρωση είναι φοβερή για την τιμή του ;)

    @FashionSugarBubbles, ακριβώς, την κάνει την δουλειά του και με το παραπάνω! xx

  11. @evi, I just saw some swatches of it! Amazing colour!

    @fashion written with a lipstick, well if you already own the "King" of baby pink blushes, there's no need to shop around for alternatives!

    @Tina, yeah I didn't own any blush in this colour family and I was amazed by how good it looked on my skin, from now on I'm going to give baby pink blushes some love and browse around for a second one, preferably a little more well-made this time.

    I've had enough of peach and coral blushes!

  12. thank you so much for this post, seriously.

    love, rach.

  13. a blush that stays even after several hours is top priority to me, i think estee lauder wins this one

  14. That blush colour is beautiful, such a good shade- and considering the price medium pigmentation and lasting power are to be expected I suppose, shame it is chalky though. Lovely blog!x

  15. @rach., I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @stella, ah the estee lauder blushes... I have my eye on the nuance shades, they look gorgeous in the pan! xx

    @Emily Has Dimples x, yeah I totally recommend it! Thank you, hun xx


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