Talking about chocolate...

A totally random post for today, cause I feel like it ;)

Now come on, admit it:
you're a chocolate w**re and you're lovin' it!

I won't lie for myself; if chocolate was a man, I would marry him right away!
Me, who feels kind of iffy about the whole concept of marriage...
But that's another subject- K. if you're reading this, I still love you baby!

I think of chocolate as one of God's most exceptionally soul-pleasing flavours, and sometimes I wonder how those ancient civilizations like the Greeks or the Romans lived their lives without ever having tasted any of chocolate's goodness!

     Nope, chocolate didn't have a part in Julius Ceasar's diet...

Facts about me and my relationship with the aforementioned God's food:

1. As much as I enjoy eating chocolate truffles, I don't usually opt for chocolatey desserts. If I had to choose between a moist and gooey chocolate brownie deep-dish and a good old-fashioned lemon cheesecake, I would go for the latter.

2. Same goes for bars of chocolate- I don't loathe them per se, it's just that I'm more fond of small chocolate treats rather than a whole bar of chocolate that makes me feel full just by the look of it...

3. I've also come to realise that I don't fancy those mass produced (and world-wide advertised) chocolate candies like Mars, M&Ms, Kinder chocolates, etc. I'm sorry to spoil it to their fans, but this stuff isn't the real thing... It's pure sugar with a hint of chocolate essence :(

4. Nevertheless, I don't say no to the old-fashioned Ion Noisetta or Paulidis Tzokonda chocolate sweets, as I have grown up with those cult flavours; a bite of these brings me back to my innocent childhood years, when my grandparents used to treat me with these ;)

5. The best (in my opinion) widely available chocolate candy is Baci truffles. They have the perfect balance of bitter cocoa, sweetness and praline flavour. Oh, and the little sheets wrapped inside the candy which read famous sayings about love can't be overlooked, either! I'm always in the hunt of Oscar Wilde's paradoxal quotes ;)

Now, I'm not gonna hide any longer;
the reason behind this euphemistic post on chocolate is this:

These are little treats that my sister brought from her trip to Belgium!
The cute little box with the red rose on the lid is aaaaall mine!!!
Ain't gonna share it, sorry mum...

She also brought some mouth-watering Godiva truffles but there was no evidence left to photograph it, we ate it all!

Now tell me your chocolate favourites, I'd love to know!
I hope I didn't make you crave for something sweet in the middle of the night, I hate that feeling...
Especially when there's nothing sweet in my cupboards :(



  1. I was reading this while eating chocolate fudge :P lol

  2. You had me at the title...And then the images...And then the words.
    And the chocolate coffee I'm having at 12.20 am.
    LE sigh!

  3. Chocolate - one of the best things on Earth! Ohh yum.
    If I could eat this post, I would.

  4. @Carlinn, oooh yummy! I'd like some of that ;)

    @Ria, aww hang in there, sweetie! Exams suck...

    @Sophie Isobel, he he you tell me, every time I watch a documentary on chocolate I want to jump into the tv screen!

  5. Godivaaaaa yes that's chocolate! I discovered it at the airport in a trip two years ago and i ate half of Godiva Chocolate Spread Hazelnut on my own during the flight :P
    and you are right about bars of chocolate. I remember how crazy i was for a Pavlides chocolate bar with strawbery filling and now i'm just happy with a small chocolate sweet or a mini chocofreta (well, if there is a word in english for that).

  6. Mmmm delicious post!
    Love the random posts!
    And of course i'm in love with chocolate! :)

  7. Hey :) this is a bit unrelated, but i wanted to let you know i ordered a korres eye cream lol....


    i guess the price isn't that bad :P am flipping excited about trying it tomorrow morning!

  8. Sokolates Marabou apo to Ikea, Twix kai fysika Kinder olwn twn eidwn! Ti mou ekanes prwi-prwi!

  9. Eilikrina ti mas ekanes!!Eidika tetoia wra pou to davazw meta to faghto pou etsi ki alliws thelw glukooo!! Egw pantws eimai in love me dark chocolate....... Apla latreuw.........


  10. i dont know how to react to the post!!! :p sorry to say that but unfo i simply "hate" chocolate :( i don't know why.. just came up one day !!! i don't know!!! U do well eating chocolate!! but for me is a way for a stomach "disorder" ;o)


  11. @evi, αχ ναι ναι ναι!!! Πώς ξέχασα τη σοκοφρέτα; Λατρεία!!! Τώρα μου ήρθε λιγούρα για κανά δυο σοκοφρετούλες ;)

    @Artemi, aww I'm glad you liked it, hun! It sure was a random post

    @Jennifer, oooh great! Which one it is, though? Maybe I've tried it, so I can give you my thoughts on it ;)

    @Froso M., χα χα καμία επίσκεψη στο Ικέα δεν είναι ολοκληρωμένη χωρίς σοκολάτες!

    @Signorina Christina, ναι κι εγώ τώρα τελευταία αρχίζω να εκτιμώ την πικρή σοκολάτα, καταλαβαίνεις κακάο βρε παιδί μου! Τη λευκή σοκολάτα από την άλλη, ούτε να μη μυρίσω...

    @Katerina-Zeta and Mitsaki, oh gosh, really?!? You're probably the first one I've heard who hates chocolate! I'm sure you have other favourites... Lemon, maybe? Cause it's my second favourite "sweet tooth" flavour ;)

  12. ....yeah ..!!! def yeah !!! lemon is my first choice!!! simply love it!!!! ;o)
    i dont know whats the thing between me and chocolate!!! :(

  13. exo na proteino kai afti se lefki i mavri. poli aromatiko to kardamomo. http://rococochocolates.com/products/chocolate-bars/cardamom-organic-white-chocolate-artisan-bar.html

    ti allo thelei o anthropos gia na perasei oraia? sokolates kai beauty time....xaxaxa

  14. See, I don't really discriminate, I'll eat them all!!!
    One of my favourites is Ritter, as well as Ion.. and Ferrero Roche... and Cadbury's... lol! ;)

  15. Aaww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥
    Bisous!! xx

    ...OH MY VOGUE

  16. ahh what an awesome post... yum yum yum is all i have to say!!!!!!! loved the pictures and how strange, I would also pick a cheesecake over something chocolatey haha (looooove cheesecake!!!)

    I have tried Baci, they're awesome!! My fave is Lacta (the original) because it brings memories heehee.. also Roses from Cadbury which are english little chocolates. mm also Kinder sokolates tis latreva gia kairo!!!! kathe fora parakalaga ti mama (mexri kai simera xaxa) !!!

    also, I find chocolate to have many sides like an erotic side to it, the food of love!!!! when you share a piece with your loved one, when he gives chocolates to you ... (okay I'm inspired by this day lol because I'm missing my boyfriend, xixi)

  17. @λειντι ντι, πω πω τι ομορφιά είναι αυτή; Θα λυπόμουν να χαλάσω το περιτύλιγμα!! lol

    @Tina, I know, there are so many delicious chocolates out there that a girl can have a hard time to pick a favourite!!!

    @Henar, I'm glad you liked it, hun ;)

    @dust bunnies and make-up; ❤, exactly! There's probably nothing better than a cute box of little chocolate sweets to give to your loved one... Only thing is, he has to share it, lol!!


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