Quick update and a shout-out, please check it out!

I'm terribly sorry for being absent from Blogger these past few days;
I had planned to write so many posts but, alas, I got sick...

I'm feeling a lot better now, so I thought of getting back to you ;)

Please excuse this quick and random post for today;
tomorrow I'll be back with a proper post, photos by me and everything!

One quick shout-out before I go:

If you're greek, chances are you already know about the freakin' amazing Vasilis Theotokis, aka Glamournessmygod.

In case you haven't heard of him before, he's a greek make-up artist who did some hilarious make-up "tutorials" on his Youtube channel. I strongly urge you to check him out, his English cracks me up everytime I watch his videos!

He has recently made his own website, Glamourness.gr, where he also does some funny "celebrity makeovers" and some new make-up videos in Greek.

So that's it for today, more posts to come- starting tomorrow!
Mwah :*



  1. I love Mr.Glamournessmygod! He is hilarious, I can't stop laughing everytime I watch a video! I wish he did more videos :)

  2. Perastikoulia :) Oloi arrwstoi itan/einai afto to diastima (nai, nai k gw to idio!)

    Hahaha ton exw ksanadei afton, ta agglika tou einai OLA ta lefta!!!!


  3. glad to hear you're feeling better! can't wait to read your posts <3

  4. Perastikaaaa kouklitsaaa!!
    O glamourness einai 8eos.Apla!Exei trello gelio!
    Polla polla filakia k perimenw to epomeno post sou!

  5. Hehe, συμφωνω απολυτα, μερικες απ τις ατακες του εχουν μεινει (τα εχω δει τα videakia του πριν απο καποιο καιρο)!
    Παω να τσεκαρω το site του για νεα posts..!

    Eλπιζω να εισαι καλυτερα! xxx

  6. Elpizw na eisai kalytera twra koukla! Nai o typos exei trelo gelio alla einai k talantouxos. To make up ala Michael Jackson einai koryfaio!!! Filakia!


  7. @nataliedouka, yeah he's so funny! He started making some new videos on Glamourness.gr, it's good that he stays active!

    @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, ωχ ναι, κι εσύ; Περαστικά μας!!!

    @Jennifer, aw thank you honey! I'm feeling perfectly fine now ;)

    @Ria, ναι ναι, ο τύπος είναι απίστευτος, έχει τρομερό ταλέντο!

    @Tina, τώρα μου πέρασε η γρίπη, επιτέλους! Αξίζει να δεις το καινούριο του site, έχει κάνει πολύ καλή δουλειά!

    @Arietta, ναι, είδες; Φτυστή ο Michael, η κοπελιά! Το αγαπημένο μου makeover είναι η Μανωλίδου με τα "φρύδια του ηγέτη", τι γέλιο!!!


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