Exploring Greek brands: Erre Due Wet&Dry sparkler for cheeks

Hi lovelies!

This post is going to be first in a series on Greek high street make-up products.

The reason behind this?

It's simple:
I've come to a decision to explore those well known affordable brands like Seventeen, Erre Due and Radiant- because, as of now, I'm only familiarised with their nail varnishes...

I'm really hoping that their products can compete the likes of drugstore brands like Maybelline, Bourjois, etc.- but I can promise you this, I'm not going to be all "soft" on them, just because my mind set is in their favour.

I have high hopes for this project, so I hope I'll discover some great
make-up products from Greek brands-
because after all, there's nothing better than supporting your country's companies!
And here's my little complaint: other than Greek companies doing well at their sales statistics,
it would be so nice to see a "made in Greece" tag on a Greek make-up product...
For the record, the majority of Korres make-up products are made in Italy! Why?!?

This time, I headed to the Erre Due stand.
I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected variety of product formulas and colours!

Now, Erre Due makes baked (or, dare I say mineral?) blushes and eyeshadows that they claim they can be used both wet and dry-
which I won't argue, but (and do correct me if I'm wrong) water ruins all powder compacts, so I'm not willing to waste my blushes or eyeshadows with water in any case...

As you can figure out by the post's title, I opted for a baked blush.

Although I was immediately hit by this particular colour,
I admit I had a hard time choosing between the available 12 shades...

So after a significant amount of time, I settled to this:

    #410, a beautiful orange baked blush with a hint of gold shimmer

* the clean-cut transparent packaging
* contains 2 gr of baked product
   which is fairly decent, considering that the Bourjois pot blushes (which seem to never end!) contain 2,5 gr
* very pigmented!
* easy to blend on the skin
* its golden shimmer is very subtle,
   so it works perfectly fine even on skin with visible pores
* fairly long lasting
* 12 shades to choose from
* it's made in Italy
   obviously, it's not made in Greece- but come on, it could be a lot worse!
    The common "made in EU" tag always alarms me about the product's backround...

* hmm, its price? I paid around 13 euros for it and I must say,
   for a greek "affordable" brand like Erre Due, it feels a lot...
   The similar Bourjois blush pots are definitely cheaper than that!

Let's see how it compares to other orangey blushes from my collection:

    Clockwise from top left: Seventeen blush, Elf blush&bronzer compact,
    Erre Due blush, the Body Shop Peach Shimmer Waves 

   Left to right: Seventeen blush, Elf blush&bronzer compact,
   Erre Due blush, the Body Shop Peach Shimmer Waves

As you can see (left to right),
the Seventeen swatch is weak in pigmentation.
The Elf swatch is light and matte looking,
the Erre Due blush is the most pigmented of all,
and the Peach Shimmer Waves compact is the most shimmery of all.

So, would I recommend this product, or any other shade from the range?

Yes. And no.

The Erre Due baked blushes are very well made and they definitely
deserve a peek.
They have passed my quality standards for a blush, but I think they're a
tad overpriced.

I truly believe that, with the economic austerity we're faced nowadays, the Greek companies should lower their prices for competitiveness reasons.
Why would I pay 13 euros for a blush by an "affordable" Greek brand, when I can have a Mac blush for around 16-17 euros?
(provided the 25% sale Mac offers frequently)

So there you go, these are my thoughts on this product.

Have you tried any of the Erre Due Wet&Dry sparklers for cheeks?
What are your ultimate faves from Greek make-up brands?



  1. omgggg! mac has 25% off sales in greece?? shit i NEED to move there !!!! HHAHAHAA

    MAC never has sales here...even though their price is a bit close to the US prices...

    13 euros for a blush is alright, i mean we have 34 Euros for a Jill Stuart blush...lol but i'm with you on one point, if i'm to pay 13 euros for a less-known brand, why wouldn't i pay 15-16 euros for a known brand?

  2. I've tried the Erre Due Wet&Dry eyeshadows and they're quite nice. I prefer them wet because they have a lot of fallout when used dry. And don't be afraid to use water. If a product is manufactured to be used wet (as well as dry) then it's ok. (Apla pare skia me to vregmeno pinelo sou apo tis akres gia na eisai sigouri). The blush looks pigmented and has a nice sheen to it, but I agree with you about the price. They could be a lot cheaper! xxx

  3. Poly kalo review!
    Symfwnw apolyta gia thn timh..
    Tha eprepe na meiwsoun tis times opwsdhpote..

  4. Bravo sou pragmatika gia auth sou tin kinisi! Pistevw oti the prepei na stirizoume tis ellinikes etairies, oi opoies pistepse me se polla proionta tous einai kalyteres ap'o,ti oi ksenes.Px th Maybelline, th l'oreal th nivea, th bourjois kai polles alles, tis thewrw poly kakes poiotika se polla ap'ta proionta tous. Merikes protaseis:

    Erre due: mones tetragwnes skies satineye(aksioprepestates,pigmented kai an thimamai kala se kalh timh) kai blush auta pou einai se morfh perlas(lol)(px auta poy phres thewrw oti den einai katholou pigmented-mporei na etyxa stin periptwsh den kserw) pigmented , me poly wraio teleiwma oute poly mat oute poly gyalistero, kai den teleiwnoun POTE.Kai ennoeitai molyvia matiwn KAI liquid liners.

    Seventeen: blushes (pigmented kai se megalh poikilia xrvmatwn) , skies- para poly kales kai lipsticks(auta poy einai sti mwv kai th mavri syskevasia se megalh poikilia

    Radiant: Oi skies ths einai paaara poly kales kata ti gnwmh moy, polla kai idiaitera xrwmata, polla 'teleiwmata' kai poly wraia ifi-oxi poly "poydre".Moy aresoyn idiaitera oi 'diples'. Lipliners poly malaka.Concealer me aplicator aksioprepestato.
    Sorry gia to katevato. ;)

  5. @Jeniffer, lol!!! That's right, Mac usually offers a 25% sale when new collections are out.
    Lucky us, Greeks ;)
    Well, the prices of Jill Stuart products may be a little steep but the blushes must be amazing! Their packaging is unbeatable!

    @Arietta, so that's ok to use them wet, since they're manufactured like it? Great, I'll try this out next time to see how it swatches!

    @Artemi, ναι με ενοχλεί πολύ όταν στην Ελλάδα, τα "drugstore" καλλυντικά πωλούνται ακριβότερα από τα αντίστοιχά τους Barry M και Sleek στο UK...

    @dimitra, κανένα πρόβλημα για το κατεβατό! Μου αρέσουν!
    Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις προτάσεις σου, θα τα ψάξω όλα στο Hondos Center! Θέλω να κάνω ένα μικρό αρχειάκι με αυτές τις μάρκες, ελπίζω να βρω εξαιρετικά προϊόντα και να τα διαδώσουμε από blog σε blog!

  6. adorable colour indeed! ;)

    1. It's pretty indeed! Which reminds me, must dig it out of my makeup collection and put it somewhere where I can see it and use it! xx


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