Don't judge a book by its cover.

Do not be fooled guys, this post isn't as deep as you might think-
it's more like when old sayings apply to cosmetics...

We've all been there: a cheap concealer that turns out to be amazing, a high-end lipgloss that's totally crap, or an eyeshadow that looks gorgeous in the pan but lacks pigmentation. Looks can be deceiving; and between us, it's the #1 rule in dating too!

But, I digress ;)

Sometimes it happens that a false, or rather a biased/prejudiced perception we have on a product may actually refrain us from ever giving it a try. I'll share my most recent experience: Dior's Pure Poison perfume.

If you're familiar with the original Poison and Hypnotic Poison perfumes, then you'll either belong to the "OMG, love it!" or the "too-heady-it-gives-me-headaches" camp. Me being the unfortunate kind, I fall in the latter group. Believe me, I've had some serious migraines after detecting either of perfumes on girls in the tube! It was only natural that I didn't give Pure Poison a sniff. To me, 'Poison' equaled to a sickly sweet and intolerably spicy, headache-worthy blend.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I got to smell it after a recommendation from a friend: oh, the beauty of Pure Poison is hard to be captured with words! Starting out with a clean and fresh scent, it then settles to a gentle white floral bouquet with a hint of musk (to allude to the 'Poison' tag, I suppose). It was then that the clouds parted, the sun shined bright and I realised the blunt truth of the matter: looks ARE deceiving!
* In this case, the 'Poison' tag *

Same story with the Max Factor nail polishes.
I'll explain myself:

When I shop for nail polishes, I need a story (or a theme, if you wll) to inspire me and make a purchase. It can be anything, like "I'm cheap and lovin' it", "posh ladies only", "the dupe of a dupe", "I'm the pro""grandma effect", etc. With the Max Factor nail polishes, all I got was... "whaaa?" It was nada, nothing.

Needless to say, I was more than surprised when I got to try out a couple of them. If I had to give the Max Factor nail polishes a nickname, it would be this: the Dependable Bobs. They may not be that enticing to look at and certainly aren't first ones that spring to mind when it comes to nail polishes, but they're reliable, guarantee an excellent "service" and more importantly: they succeed where others fail.

To get into nail polish terms:

Finish: gel-like with a bit of transparency (especially the cherry colour),
          on par with high-end nail polishes
Wear: both lasted a full week with no chipping, except a slight tip wear
Colour opacity: one coat and you're good to go. Fact.
Xtra details: the long, matte cap that makes for a secure grab.
                  Hands down, the most convenient handle I've come across in a nail polish.

I now value highly the nail polishes of a brand that's not known for their nail polishes in the first place, but rather about its stellar mascaras and foundation. Plus, the shade 85-Cerise has become my most favourite fire-engine red (ditching for good my plans to search for that perfect red among high-end brands).

Any of you having tried the Max Factor nail polishes?
What's your "looks are deceiving" beauty product story? Do share!

* Pr samples. Sharing my honest opinions, as always.

Evi   xx


  1. ουαου το candy rose μου εκλεισε το ματι νομιζω...:D
    ειχα αγορασει πολυ παλια(πανω απο 5ετια) Max factor βερνικι και ηταν πολυ χαλια οποτε δεν κοιτουσα καν τι αποχρωσεις ειχαν πλεον.
    και εισαι πολυ τυχερη που σου κρατανε κ βδομαδα! ουτε και σε επαγγελματια αν παω δεν κρατανε τοσο!

    1. Εγώ τώρα τα ανακάλυψα τα βερνίκια Max Factor, έχουν ωραία βασικά χρωματάκια στο μεγάλο μπουκάλι κ πιο trendy αποχρώσεις στα μίνι μπουκαλάκια!


  2. Replies
    1. Yup, ίσως δεν τους φαίνονται αλλά από ποιότητα σκίζουν!


  3. Πολύ ωραία χρώματα! Και ωραία λάμψη!

    1. Ειδικά το κόκκινο βερνίκι λάμπει απίστευτα!



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