A hot AUSSIE makeover...

* I'm warning you guys, you're about to witness an awful lot of my mug!
  Guess my camera spared me this time and captured me in a presentable state ;) *

Right, back to the point of this entry. As the title suggests,
a couple of months ago me and some fellow bloggers took part in a fun meet-up held by Aussie, including a hot yoga class and a hair makeover. Needless to say, my transformation gets an A+: it was frumpy hair turned to sexy locks in a matter of minutes!

Lipstick Wardrobe blog Evi Hot Aussie Makeover!

So, the event took place in Hot Yoga Athens, an out-of-the-ordinary workout place where you can attend hot yoga or hot pilates classes. I should inform you though, the "hot" aspect of the story is not referable to the instructors' looks (heck, they might be hot but I can't confirm it!); it merely indicates that the classes are practised in a heated room
of 40C. It's said that the hot, humid air during a hot yoga class helps the body to release more toxins and heal its injuries faster- which is great news, right?

Yet, it didn't lure the exercise hater in me to give it a try (too hardcore, man!), so I shamefully stayed outside watching the rest of the girls stretching and posing to yoga postures :(

     The heated room. You can tell it's hot in there by the foggy windows!

     Practising hot yoga...

     Waiting in the lobby with the company of these babies :)

Now, for the fun part: the hair makeover!

The Aussie team offered to treat us with a hairstyle of our choice, using the new Aussie Take The Heat range that is the perfect companion to blow-outs, hot tools, anything that damages the hair with heat. My flat, boringly straight hair called for only one option:
f l o w y   w a v e s .

Boy, did I get some wave in my hair, weee!!!
See for yourselves:

Lipstick Wardrobe blog Evi Hot Aussie makeover before
     Before: my frumpy hair lacking any character...

Lipstick Wardrobe blog Evi Hot Aussie makeover after 1
     After: my sexy new hairdo! The loose waves added some (much needed) life and
     movement to my hair... I can't stop touching it!

Lipstick Wardrobe blog Evi Hot Aussie makeover after 2
     Last photo guys, I promise ;)

Here's also a vid from that day, click "play" if you want to see me smiling really awkward at the camera... Blogger won't let me upload it in a bigger resolution, if you prefer a larger format you can watch it at my Facebook wall:

So there, my hair makeover was a hit. Will I be able to replicate it at home? Probably not, only because I'm such a lazy **s, snif... Anyhoo, watch this space as there will soon be more about the Aussie Take The Heat range!

Anyone been in a hot/Bikram yoga class?
Also, if you happen to know a quick&easy way to style loose waves, let me know!

Evi   xx


  1. πολύ όμορφες photos και πολύ ωραίο Video! Σου πηγαίνουν τα μαλλια έτσι να προσπαθείς να τα κάνεις και μόνη σου

    1. Thank you! Αν και είναι δύσκολο να κρατήσουν μπούκλα τα μαλλιά μου, αμέσως ισιώνουν πάλι :(


  2. Πρέπει να ήταν πολύ όμορφο event :)
    Και τα μαλλιά σου φαίνονται πολύ όμορφα!!

  3. You look so gorgeous, Evi! I love your hair afterwards. My friend is becoming a yoga teacher and really enjoys bikram yoga xxx

  4. Egw twra an soy pw oti ta mallia sou mou aresoun perissotero stin prwti photo? Exoyn perissotero ogko. Pantws eisai koukla opws kai na'xei!

    1. Η πρώτη-πρώτη φωτό είναι μετά το makeover :)
      Ναι, έχουν πιο πολύ όγκο στη συγκεκριμένη!


  5. this is lovely and you look very beautiful doll! your hair looks gorgeous!!! :) xxx


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