"Save the Donkeys" with Kiehl's

Yesterday evening, Kiehl's hosted a fun event at their corner in Hondos Center Glifada, in order to raise awareness for equine welfare in Greece. Anyone could attend it so I thought, why not?

And it was a double joy as I also got to meet two fellow greek beauty bloggers- Tina from All the Vanity and Arietta from Stripes and Scarlets!!!

    Tina, Arietta and me! photo courtesy of Arietta

As I'm so unfamiliar with these kind of events, at first I thought
"yeah yeah, we're gonna stroll around for like 5' and then go off for some chatting and shopping". Wrong! There was so much going on, so many lovely people to talk to, so in the end we stayed there for over an hour ;)

This is what we did:

We had a taste of "donkita" coctail -a mix of carrot juice and lime syrup with a shot of vodka and a celery straw- accompanied with these cute cupcakes...

We got to stroll around the Kiehl's stand and look at all the products with no sales-assistant-supervision on our back! A shopper's dream!!!

Then Giota came to our call and kindly informed us about the new products by Kiehl's and offered us samples specified for each of our skin types. I normally keep such samples for when I'm travelling but with these ones, hell no!

We were also informed from the people at ΕΣΠΙ (Hellenic Society for Equine Welfare) about the donkeys' abuse that seems to be the fixed state in Greece. Now I'm not the kind of person to shove animal rights activism on anyone's throat, but the stories we heard of maltreated donkeys really touched my heart. It would mean a lot if you took a look at their website: www.greekhorseprotection.gr

It was also exciting to see some celebrities as well- we spotted the fashion designers Orsalia Parthenis and Deux Hommes, Vicky Kagia, Alexandros Parthenis and many more- but, the highlight of my day was...

...when I got to meet and talk to Alex Kavvadias!!! *faints*

    photo courtesy of Arietta

Alex needs no further introduction; for my international readers, he is the former leader of rock band Matisse and now he's going solo; you can listen to his latest single here. He was so down to earth and willing to take a pic; I was giggling like a little girl and thinking to myself
"omg! omg! omg!!!" lol
I'm officially an Alex groopie from now on!

And here's a little Alex eye candy, back with the band Matisse:

All in all, I had a great time thanks to Kiehl's and Hondos Center! There are going to be two t-shirts sold for 15 E at the Kiehl's counters which are specially designed by Orsalia Parthenis and Deux Hommes for the Kiehl's "Save the Donkeys" campaign; all profits will be donated to ΕΣΠΙ for the protection of donkeys and horses from abuse.

Oh! and in case you want to see a really akward photo of me and the girls posing like pre-celebrities in front of the "Kiehl's Kiehl's Kiehl's" wall, click here...
I told you it was akward! tehehe

P.S.: I know this post contains some pics with my mug, apologies for that... I'm not pretending to be a massive socialite or anything, but these photos were kindly taken by my friend Arietta and I look much more presentable in these pics than any photo I could take with my own camera, so there you go... Spare me some vanity please! xx



  1. Looks like a fun outing!! :)

  2. It was fun, indeed! All for a good cause, too

  3. You all are hot hot hot!!so glad you had a fabulous time dolls!missed you!hahaha

    Kisses sweety and omg you are so beautiful!!


  4. Βαζω στοιχημα οτι περασατε τελεια!! χχ

  5. To eipa k sto post ths Ariettas alla tha to pw k edw asfalws,eiste k oi 3 yperoxes!!! Koukles pragmatikes!

    Lyphthhka poly pou den mporesa na pareyrethw alla eixa ena rantebou pou den ginotan na anaballw :(

    Tha sas syntoma elpizw!

    Polla filia!

  6. @Blushingloves, awww thank you sweetie... I missed you too! Yeah it was so nice to meet with Tina and Arietta, finally! xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles, ναι ναι περάσαμε πολύ ωραία! Κρίμα που δεν ήμασταν πιο πολλές! xx

    @Artemi, σ'ευχαριστώ Άρτεμη μου! Ήταν και για μένα λίγο κουραστικό μια που ήταν πολύ μακριά από το σπίτι μου κι εν μέσω απεργιών... Αλλά άξιζε τον κόπο! xx

  7. It was so lovely meeting you sweetie! And why are you apologizing for showing your gorgeous face (and bod!)? You deserve to be in the spotlight and stop being so modest, please!!! Kisses and hugs!

  8. Awesome coverage koukla!!!
    Was amazing seeing you again!!!
    And Arietta's right, you're being silly if u ask me. More. Pics. Consider yourself warned!!!

    Mwahz!!! xxx

  9. As I wrote on Tina's wall too, so annoyed I missed this especially as I only live around the corner!

    Maria xx

  10. koukles ontws!!!tyxeroula....

  11. i'm really glad you had a good time doll! you look gorgeous and there's no need to apologize for the pics...i want to see more! :)
    and OMG you too like Alex Kavvadias! hell yeah!

    also, on a beauty related topic, do you reckon that you'll make a post reviewing the samples you got? i'm intrigues to know the results :) xx

  12. omg!!! Great event...-i looove donkeys so i was really touched when i read that people still treat them bad.. :-(

    by the way kiehls' products rock!!!

    ps:you're a DOLL!!!


  13. @Arietta, thank you girl for your kind words! I would totally make more posts with my face if I had a camera like yours! xx xx

    @Tina, haha I'll try my best! Kisses doll xx

    @Maria, aww you should have come there! We had an amazing time! xx

  14. @kot-itsa, thx sweetie!

    @fashion written with a lipstick, Alex Kavvadias HELL YEAH! He was so sweet- he wore these sunglasses in the pics because he wasn't wearing any eyeliner to show off his blue eyes... Awww!!! Have you listened to his new single?

    Yeah, I'll def review the samples! I'm excited to try them out! xx

    @makeupbymarias, yeah it was so much fun! All for a good cause. Thank you, sweetie! xx


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