Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection review

Dear readers, if you have oily skin and have always had difficulty finding a good quality daily sunscreen, this post is dedicated to you!

Staying true to my summer resolution about wearing a cream with high SPF daily, I searched around and opted for this city sunscreen by Clarins. I've been using it about a month now- and for what it's worth, I found it approaches HG quality!!!

[If only for one little detail that I'll explain at the end of this post...]

As you may have encountered yourselves, having oily skin makes it so hard to find a sunscreen lotion that doesn't feel greasy or clog the pores, with both factors leading to excessive oiliness and acne breakouts. I'm happy to report I've come across an excellent solution to this problem!

Before I get on with this review, here's what you firstly need to know:

This product is not water-resistant, which means it can only be worn in the city. Also, it has almost zero moisturising properties, which makes it suitable to all skin types as long as a proper moisturiser is applied underneath.

Not your typical sunscreen lotion, eh?
Moving on to its pros...

Sun protection: has a high SPF 40 that covers both UVA and UVB rays. In particular, the "PA+++" inscription means it offers the highest protection possible from UVA rays that cause premature ageing and skin cancer. Please note that it carries only physical filters of mineral nature, not chemical. It also contains a powerful antioxidant that comes from organic cantaloupe melon, making it even more effective as an anti-ager.

Texture: as mentioned before, it's suitable to all skin types- however, it performs its best on oily complexions, as it's oil-free and has a runny texture that gets spread on the skin like a dream! Now, I'll be honest with you: it does feel like sunscreen, which is unavoidable because of its physical filters. However, once it's fully absorbed after a couple of minutes, it feels as almost nothing! Makeup goes beautifully on top, this sunscreen won't rub off a bit.

   Its little flaws:
* It leaves a slight white film on the skin- but again, it's inevitable
* Packaging looks cheap; sister told me it looks like a shampoo sample!

But, my biggest let-down is its price!!! €40+ for 30ml of product is way too much, and considering I use it whenever I head out in the sun and always take it down my neck and decolette, this thing goes out really fast... It's only been a month and the bottle is already half-empty!

Overlooking its hefty price, this Clarins sunscreen lotion is to me like a wish came true! As much as I've looked around for affordable alternatives, I had no luck: the only comparable options I've come across were by Shiseido and Kiehl's... So, until I find a less costly city sunscreen, I'll stick to this one!

Now, tell me: what sunscreen lotion do you wear daily?
Would you consider paying more than €40 for a face sunscreen?

Evi   xx


  1. love clarins products!
    very good preview:)



    1. Thank you hun, glad you like it!

  2. i haven't tried it but I can recommend some good ones
    lancome genifique soleil 50
    elemis liquid layer 30
    and the one we all know which is much cheaper but equally good: LRP anthelios.

    i love its small packaging though. it fits in the bag.

    1. Yeah I guess the packaging is travel-friendly and all, but its price really gets me... I may have to test out that LRP, everyone seems to have tried it!

  3. Πολυ ωραιο review!! Φαινεται πολυ καλο, η clarins γενικα κραταει ενα επιπεδο που δυσκολα σε απογοητευει. Αν και φετος εχω καταληξει για προστασια για το προσωπο θα το εχω στο μυαλο μου για του χρονου.. Λιγο η τιμουλα με αποθαρρυνει μονο..


    1. Ναι ρε συ, δεν είναι η τιμή λίγο απαγορευτική; 40 ευρώ το δίμηνο για αντηλιακή, πάει πολύ... Ελπίζω να βρω την ίδια υφή σε καμιά φαρμακευτική εταιρία!

  4. The price is ridiculous, but if it's working for you, then stock up when hondos is having the 25% sale.I don't like clarins, their products never satisfy me.
    Last year I used castalia spf 30 tinted creme for acneic skin and it broke me out.Now I wear LRP spf 50 tinted fluid for the past 2 months and its really light and the coverage is good.Ask for a sample.
    (asxeto) I went to inglot at the metro mall and loved it!!!The girls were very nice , the eyeshadows amazing and affordable.

    1. Oh everyone keeps mentioning that LRP tinted sunscreen, I'm intrigued to buy it myself! And the fact that it's tinted sounds pretty appealing ;)
      Guuurl you went to Inglot? Man, I really want to get my butt over there only for their eyeshadows!!!

  5. Η τιμη ειναι τραγική για 30ml αντηλιακο κατα τη γνωμη μου.Και δεν ειναι κατι που θα σου μεινει για πολύ καιρό και θα κανει "απόσβεση"!Αυτο σε ενα-εναμιση μηνα θα εχει τελειωσει αν βαζεις καθε μερα! Εγω παντως σου προτεινω La roche posay anthelios εχω μεινει παρα πολύ ευχαριστημενη με το anthelios AC (ACne-i guess) , θα το περιεγραφα ακριβως οπως περιεγραψες αυτο της Clarins!Anyway, ηθελα να σου πω πως το αντηλιακο πρεπει να το βαζεις σε απολύτως καθαρό δερμα πριν απο οτιδηποτε αλλο!Αν θελεις να βαλεις και ενυδατική τη βαζεις πανω απ'το αντηλιακό! Ουτε εγω το ηξερα, το ειδα στο καναλι του Dr Schultz στο youtube (Dermtvdotcom). Τον αγαπω! :p

  6. Im using the la roche posay athelios one atm but after reading your review i'm thinking..is it worth spurging on the clarins one? I mean apart from its texture, is it any different than any other pharmacy brands? Cause i would like to try it but 40E seems quite a lot ;) xxx


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